Programming: Windows Phone 7 vs iPhone

Being that we're not programmers ourselves, we have to live vicariously through others to discuss the subject at hand: which platform is better to program for--iPhone or Windows Phone 7?

Over at 'Don's Blog' (Don Burnett), we get a nice coding comparison between the two platforms and lo-behold, WP7 wins. The reasons revolve around newer coding language (C# vs Objective C), faster tools and just generally easier programming tools.

Actually, you can just watch Don's slick slide presentation after the break to get all the facts from his viewpoint, including timing differences and you can read his blurb right here

I Phone Versus Windows Phone 7 Coding

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Ya, this really should be using the EVO as the benchmark, not the iPhone. Not that the iPhone is a bad phone by any means, but its clearly been overshadowed.
  • I am no programmer but I may want to learn expression blend.
    Looks nice and logical the code blending with design. I have tried the windows phone emulator and is wicked faster than the previous one and the interface is one of the many selling points(Exchange,connected pictures,Xbox,Zune,office,connected hubs,panoramic view, the overall design through all apps) just all benefits over the icon-grid interface. (exept multitasking/copypaste)that are later updates iOS4 is exit in October! so it is android 2.2 or wp7.
  • all this same magic was present with winmo 5,6 and 6.5 and even ppc 2003 thanks to .NET, minus XAML of course but still had drag and drop controls
  • The advantage with Apple's approach is it results in much faster applications. The extra development cost can be recouped by additional app sales.
  • Why would it be faster?
  • The blogger has it right. iPhone is for grown-ups, Word Perfect 7 is for small children.
  • Use MonoTouch from the Mono group in Novel and you can use .Net programming tools and coding to develop and debug app that will run on Apple's iPhone. Hundred odf developers are doing this today to leverage .Net's better libraries and dev tools. Ditto for MonoDroid.
  • Microsoft did a wonderful job! It has created an excellent mobile phone named Microsoft Windows Phone 7 with its new operating system.
    Paraslim Force
  • The WP7 interface is atrocious. It looks like a poorly designed web page to me. Also, the animations are overdone and gimmicky.
    PS: I have some other good APPS from aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.