Windows Phone progress update published on VLC Kickstarter project

The VLC team has updated its Kickstarter project page with an announcement on how progress is currently being made for both Windows 8 Windows Phone 8. While the roadmap is currently focused on Windows 8 and RT, the Windows Phone version is found to be much more feasible than previously thought.

We previously covered the project when it was started as an upcoming Windows app, but the team is now focused on Microsoft's mobile platform as well, which will please consumers who are looking to invest in new hardware by supporting partners. The team also notes that Windows Phone is less restrictive than it desktop brethren and thus some existing code will be included and run as is.

"We've been in touch with Microsoft representatives, who are thrilled about our endeavor and ready to collaborate with us. They are looking into ways of supporting us directly through non-financial matters, notably hardware, technical and design help. This is great news."

As well as the above, the VLC team has been in touch with several designers and chip venders about the project, which is surely gathering traction with the interest from both Microsoft and consumers - the Kickstarter project has accumulated over $20,000 thus far. It's proving to be a challenge to have the app ready for it to be successfully published in the Windows and Windows Phone stores that Microsoft actively polices (to a degree).

It's reported that a significant number of backers have asked about legal implications of the potential publication of VLC on the Windows Store, but these have been responded with confirmation that the store terms and conditions appear to be compatible with GNU GPL. Also, when published the team hopes to be able to distribute codecs through the store.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future updates on the Kickstarter project page, where the team plans to publish imagery of current UI mockups, as well as video demonstrating ideas for Windows Phone. Exciting times ahead, folks.

Source: Kickstarter; thanks, Evgeny, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Fantastic!!! :D
  • +1 Glad to see VLC come to WP8/W8.
  • I put my money where my mouth is and pledged 10 pounds. It is a risk, but it's ~ $16 US. I know that iPhone users don't have to support app developers like this .. but hey .. that's life.
  • A whole $16? That's not really a "risk".
  • Quit being a prick. $16 is a fair amount of money when it comes to apps, that's like spending $6 on an iOS app and $10 for it's desktop counterpart. 
  • You're not paying for an app, you're paying to support a project and dev team. If you think that equals the price of an app, you're approaching the subject completely wrong. That's the shittiest, most entitled attitude you could take: "I PAID $16 AND THATS A LOT OF MONEY NOW I WANT MY APP".
    You don't understand that you're donating to a cause, not paying for a product.
  • I'm alot more excited about it with W8, video on my surface can be a bit clunky at times.
  • It's nice having the full version of Windows. I use the traditional VLC on my desktop on Windows 8, and stuff like that is why I don't want to buy into RT. I hate giving up functionality while spending lots of money.
  • Rafael Rivera suggested people not support this project and made a reasonable argument about it. That's all I needed to hear.
  • What was the argument?
  • VideoLAN doesn't license certain formats that they bundle in VLC. They operate out of France, which they say does not respect software patents. If Microsoft is playing a part in the distribution of this potentially illegal program, they could get into hot water.
  • ^THIS^
  • I would think Micrsoft knows what they are doing if they also support this?
  • I was just reiterating the argument pitched by Rafael. I would hope that Microsoft knows what they are doing, it's possible that the app will just omit unlicensed formats in countries such as the US. It will still be able to provide support for say, .mkv, which is an open standard and doesn't require any licensing.
  • Nothing wrong with being cautiously optimistic.... If a lot of us each pledge a little, we can actually see how this goes.
  • MS is working with VLC to an extent, that's all I needed to hear.
  • "[...]progress is currently being made for both Windows 8 Windows Phone 8."
    I think there's a certain word missing from this sentence, but... nope, it's gone. And  it was right on the tip of my tongue!
  • I need this to come to WP.
  • Going to pony up the cash. Gotta play my videos!
  • Hhh I hate vlc, and I would hate for it to be the only solution for not transcoding.
  • Used it all the years. Glad it came to windows. And it would be exceptionally great if it came to windows phone
  • Nice. Students love VLC