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PSA: New Microsoft Edge can auto-hide your address bar in full screen mode

Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The new Microsoft Edge can auto-hide your address bar when you're in full screen mode.
  • The feature can be enabled through Edge's experimental features flags.
  • Mousing over the address bar area will show it again.

The new Microsoft Edge has plenty of experimental features to check out, all of which are somewhat hidden in its flags menu. One feature that may have flown under your radar is the option to auto-hide and reveal the address bar in full screen mode. If you frequently browse the web sans distractions, this is a pretty neat option to have.

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To enable this feature, you first need to head to the edge://flags menu via your address bar. From there, look for the setting labeled "Enable Fullscreen Dropdown" and switch it to "Enabled." Once it's set up, going into full screen mode will automatically hide the address bar. To access it once more, you simply need to hover your mouse over the address bar area.

This feature is currently available across all versions of Edge. That includes all three Insider testing channels, along with the release version of the new Microsoft Edge.

Thanks to GreenShades for the tip!

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  • I am on the Dev Channel and the flag does not work.
  • I came here prepared to hate this, but it looks good. The flag is there in the stable, but it doesn't work.
  • I wasn't aware that this wasn't a thing. Firefox has had this for as long as I can remember.
  • And I thought it was a forbidden feature due to security.
  • Chrome has it as well by default.
  • Hopefully it will work sometime. But there are some other handy items there as well. I just noticed you can enable DNS over HTTPS there. Also it has a dark mode option with 8 settings. I just added edge://flags/#enable-force-dark to my Favourites Bar so I'll able to easily experiment and toggle it off or on.
  • Wasn't this one of the things that was wrong with the original full screen edge app in Windows 8 or did that actually have an address bar?
  • Windows 8 never had Edge. The metro version of Internet Explorer had the address bar at the bottom.
  • Wow, what are you talking about? Windows 8 is where Edge was first forced upon users. It also came in two different versions (at least graphically) with a traditional browser interface and the other being a full screen touch app that sucked a big one.
  • eduardobragaxz ist absolutely right, Edge was introduced in Windows 10, Windows 8 only had Internet Explorer. At least get your facts right before berating others.
  • "Berating others"? Get real, I was simply stating what I remember to be true. I would have bet serious money on it. Memories can sometimes be false. Looks like I stand corrected as to the browser, but that doesn't make my original point less valid as to the full screen app. I guess I'm probably wrong about what I remember about that too.
  • Okay, "berating" was perhaps too strong of a word, it's just what your first sentence came across as to me at that moment. In any case I apologize.
  • Can you reaccess the address bar by touch or does it only work with mouse hover? I've been dragging my finger all over the top bezel with no luck!
  • Now we just need the similar thumbnail tabs like on Edge UWP edge and make this mode available for Tablet Mode (without going full screen mode).
  • What MS feedback board do I need to write on to get them to add Ctrl-L support to bring up the address bar like in Original Edge? That's much more convenient than using the mouse when you want to hit Ctrl-T to spawn a new tab and then enter an address. Still this is better than having to exit full screen like before.