PUMA's new $105 'Active Gaming Footwear' ain't it, chief

PUMA Active Gaming Footwear
PUMA Active Gaming Footwear (Image credit: PUMA)

PUMA Active Gaming Footwear

Source: PUMA (Image credit: Source: PUMA)

Gaming continues its global influence, with brands and personalities exploring the space, hoping to leverage the fast-growing multi-billion-dollar industry. The impact of esports raises parallels with the traditional sports scene, as sportswear staple, Adidas, onboard streaming icon Ninja, and PUMA partners with Cloud9 on gaming apparel. PUMA now extends those investments into footwear, debuting the hotly-anticipated… Active Gaming Footwear?

For countless hours of desk-bound gaming, there's nothing more pointless essential than securing the traction and comfort your feet deserve. Being last-man-standing in Fortnite apparently takes a toll on those soles, with PUMA's new gaming-focused creps now available for £80 in the UK, around $105. They're designed for indoor and in-arena use, providing you an irrefutable excuse to stay in the house too.

"Created with console gamers in mind, the gaming sock is the first edition Active Gaming Footwear," states PUMA's item description. "Designed for indoor and in-arena use, it delivers seamless comfort, support and grip so gamers can adapt to different active gaming modes and game their best."

PUMA also touts the following features; "Medial wrap-up grip in SEEK mode, Lateral wrap-up support in ATTACK mode, Heel wrap-up stability in CRUISE and DEFENSE mode." Yeah, we've got no idea either.

It's an unexpected path to break into the market, but of all the essentials to improve your gameplay this holiday, we're sure these top the list. They're an otherwise discreet and sleek silhouette, with a knitted breathable upper, mimicking the sock-style fit on the rise. Sadly, no RGB-illuminated soles this time, though. But just remember, now you'll be a true gamer.

The PUMA Active Gaming Footwear are now live on the PUMA Store in the UK (opens in new tab) and Australia (opens in new tab), priced at £80 and $160 respectively.

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  • "For when you're sitting on your arse for hours on end eating Doritoes you need a footwear that is completely pointless and entirely unnecessary since you aren't actually walking anywhere, or even moving. Introducing Puma's new Active Gaming Footwear. We put gaming in the name so that you'll spend money on these instead of Fortnite cosmetics." Sarcasm aside, they're actually quite nice looking shoes and look to be a pretty comfortable around the house kinda slip on.
  • So Puma has effectively designed....and is selling... slippers? 😅
  • Wow, I like a nice pair of slippers as much as anyone, but there is no way I'm spending over $100 (unless they had RGB.) Hint, hint Razer.