New screenshots prove that Pure Pool is almost ready for Xbox One

Earlier this summer, UK-based developer VooFoo Studios and Ripstone (who also published Stick it to the Man) announced That Pure Pool would be coming to Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program. Pure Pool is set to be the first pool game (and I don't mean the kind of pools that The Sims 4 lacks) on Microsoft's latest console. The Playstation 4 and PC versions landed in July, but the Xbox One version has seemingly been stuck outside of the pool hall, waiting for the bouncer to let it in.

It looks like the line has been moving for Pure Pool after all, because we just got some fresh Xbox One screenshots in today. The creators even promise that a release date will be announced within the coming weeks. I'm betting mid-late November. That's prime pool game season, if you ask me. Especially because it'll be too cold to hop in the pool outside by then. Keep reading to check out the new screens and details!

Play a mean game of pool

Developer VooFoo Studios knows a thing or two about the game of pool; they previously released a pool title called Hustle Kings for Playstation 3 and Vita. They also created a game called Pure Chess on pretty much everything but Microsoft platforms, and consider Pure Pool as a continuation of that series. At long last, VooFoo will show Microsoft systems some love with Pure Pool on Xbox One!

Besides the obvious graphical improvements that new-gen consoles make possible, Pure Pool will also tout even better pool physics than its predecessor. Still, it does look nice! Just look at those shiny balls. The developers describe the environment as a living, breathing pool hall. You can see people standing around at the bar and such as you play, although they're out of focus. Got to keep players concentrating on the table!

As a single player game, Pure Pool offers an expansive career mode. Players can earn up to three stars from each match – one simply for beating it, and others for completing side goals such as making specific shots during the game. Challenge games take place between regular tournament matches, requiring different tactics such as speed runs and precision tests.

Pure Pool Xbox One screens

Real-time and asynchronous multiplayer

Pure Pool will bring some classy multiplayer features to the pool table. For one, you get head-to-head online play against another player. You can also participate in pool leagues, battling it out against a wider variety of competition.

The game also offers asynchronous multiplayer. It will build an AI profile based on your play style, which friends can then match up against it when you're not around. Kind of like the Drivatars in Forza Horizon 2. If my profile plays anything like I do in real life, expect the ball to go flying from the table more often than it makes it into the pocket.

The AI profiles actually make real-time online multiplayer better as well. If an opponent drops out during an online game, the game won't just end. Instead, that jerk's online profile will automatically take his or her place. There's no avoiding the whoopings of your opponents in Pure Pool.

Pure Pool Xbox One screens

As we mentioned earlier, Pure Pool doesn't have a specific release date just yet. Hopefully pool fans won't have to wait too much longer, The Xbox One version doesn't have an official price either, but it's safe to assume it will sell for $12.99 like its Playstation 4 brother.

Do we have any videogame pool fans in the house? Hopefully some of you guys are better at it than I am. I never was much of a swimmer.

Paul Acevedo

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