Put your feet up and relax with TVPlayer, now on Windows 10

UK service of all things television, TVPlayer, has finally arrived on Windows 10 with its brand spanking new universal app that's available for PC and mobile.

If you're not familiar with it on other platforms, TVPlayer is free to use for certain channels and has a paid option for some of the premium offerings and the catchup TV option. Free channels are what you'd find on terrestrial Freeview, with some of the paid ones including Comedy Central. It'll cost £5.99 a month for everything but you get a one-month free trial to get your chops around it first.

It's a pretty basic app without too many features, but that's not a bad thing in this case. It's really easy to navigate and finding something to watch is a breeze. You can check up on what's on right now by hitting the "Live" tab or browse the channels one-by-one. And when you are watching, a simple tap or click will bring up programming information so you can see what's coming next.

I've used TVPlayer on other platforms for a while now, including on things like the Fire TV, and it's actually a really solid service. It's not the highest quality video you're going to find, but for on the go watching or even just in rooms where there's no hookup to a TV aerial or cable box it's just the ticket. With the added bonus of a phone app, you really can watch some of your favorite shows wherever you are!

Grab it now from the Windows Store link below. And yes you will need to be in the UK.

Download TVPlayer from the Windows Store

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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