Here is Microsoft's OneClip sharing app for Windows Phone

Earlier this morning, news about a new app from Microsoft called OneClip started to make the rounds. The app is analogous to Kopy on Windows and Windows Phone today, and it lets you share photos, screenshots, text and more from your PC to your phones.

OneClip is in development for iOS, Android, Windows and Windows Phone. We will have a hands-on video detailing how it all works coming up very shortly, but for now you can take a look at the Windows Phone app, which runs nicely on Windows Phone 8.1.

Interestingly, the Windows Phone version has an option to pin a OncClip Camera to the Start screen. This quick-action lets you snap a photo, which then quickly saves to OneClip (using OneDrive as the mediator). This ability seems to be a unique feature of Windows Phone, as Android and iOS do not offer this option.

Overall, the app's design language is very Windows 10-ish with a hamburger menu, large fonts, and translucent UI elements. Unlike Android, however, merely taking a screenshot does not automatically save to OneClip. This inability is presumably a limitation on Windows Phone, which does not let apps run in the background. However, users can simply use the universal Share picker to post content to their OneClip account.

The actual app itself is part of Microsoft's 'Internal Beta' account, although users can download the app. However, you will need a @microsoft account to log into the app unless you had already set up and paired with a PC.

You can download the necessary files from MEGA. However, we should caution that installing apps from unknown sources could pose a security risk.

Download OneClip internal beta for Windows Phone (See above requirement though)

Thanks, Walking Cat and WinRazor, for the links

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Awesome
  • iOS Port
  • This has native elements to Windows Phone like the Camera app to pin to the Start screen., so no, you are incorrect. You are aware that Project Islandwood is for Windows 10, mostly games, and not Windows Phone 8.1 apps? It is also meant as a crutch for third-party developers, not Microsoft themselves.
  • Was just being sarcastic. After hearing that Revolve being an iOS port, what people say about MSFT being more supportive to other OS kinda seems legit.
  • Haven't you heard? Daniel doesn't have sense of humour on Fridays
  • It's hard when I'm this drunk.
  • LOL, true! try and comment about wmpoweruser and u'll see.
  • Can u please tell me how to activate it on my phone. In detail
  • As per the article, you can't unless you meet the criteria stated in the article.
  • No it's not as you think! , it has wp style and significant elements characterizing the WP, "pinning the Camera app to Start screen" as for example!
  • If you look at the reviews, this has been around since November 2014.
  • What's really exciting about owning an iPhone is that apart from all the features Apple announces, you are also provided support for many of Google and Microsoft's services often before they become available on their own platforms. So, yay iPhone...?
  • Waiting for iphone 6s
  • Support yes, actually functioning applications..not so much. Currently, the best Gmail client for IOS seems to be MS Outlook app. Which is kinda funny. The native services work best on each platform, Google services work best on Android, and MS services work best in WP.. enjoy whatever you have.
  • I truly wish that Microsoft services worked best on our WP's, but that usually isn't true.
  • That's why I use an android. Microsoft support is impressive.
    Continuum 2016 son maybe?
    :-D Posted via the WC App for Galaxy S6
  • That's actually true, but more so for Google services. I mean most the time Google's apps and services work best on Android. However until recently most of Microsoft's services had more polished or functional versions available on iOS, and sometimes Android.
  • I thought you were banned? Besides, iPhone still doesn't have Bluetooth share, file manager and fm, so no, ios is NOT better than Windows.
  • I am perplexed as to what you do here, you have nothing to contribute to intellectual discussion nor have you ever understood what someone else is trying to say regarding competing platforms. You've also not been able to process the fact that you too are banned from the forums. I'd request you to post something meaningful for once but I imagine I'd have more luck in trying to teach apes the art of aviation.
  • Strange they would build a Windows Phone 8 -looking app when Windows 10 is coming.
  • It's not like its coming any time soon
  • Maybe it predates 10
  • Review of the app go back to November.
  • So am I correct in assuming this is not offecial and someone pulled it from his/her phone and postedand shared it on MEGA??
  • I do not know what you mean by "official". They are all apps made by Microsoft but were private/internal for beta testing. Do you mean official as in released by Microsoft for public use? Then no. Do you mean official as in they are apps made by Microsoft and will eventually be released? Then yes, they are official.
  • I meant to ask if they were internal or it was an public release. But you clarified it. thanks
  • Most of your responses seem to be about defending something or someone. Wtheck ?
  • I have no idea what this means, but sure.
  • You really dont have install and wait for public release like me. Imo, aricle has enough warnings on the app being a beta. But you lost me with the "Wtheck".. what is that? is that bird, is that a man or is that superman... Nublet...
  • I think it's in the same animal family as the wtfuck, but this is currently unconfirmed.
  • Wtheck -> What the heck, probably.
  • Don't be so soft. It's just his personality. I actually look for his responses bc most of the time they crack me up. X )
  • It's called drinking the Microsoft Kool-aid.
  • You forgot to use 'M$' with your other cliche.
  • But, I love the Microsoft Kool-Aid it so sweet and quenches my thirst.  At least the Kool-Aid is better than eating those  Google Soylent Green wafers.   That stuff is nasty. It tastes like cardboard and dirty socks. And don't get me started on Apple, they you have drinking Lemming shakes.  I guess it is not such a terrible loss, there are so many of those  darn things marching around.  Atleast it is easy to find pieces of them. There iss a never ending queue of them blindly following each to their deaths off of tall buildings or blowing each other up.
  • Limitations. Oh wait after many years I agree .
  • Windows 8.1 limitations. Not Windows 10 Mobile limitations.
  • What does this offer over putting all your stuff in OneDrive?
  • Or just using OneNote? I though every time I hit copy on my phone or PC it would then save what ever was copied without doing anything else.
  • I would also like to know this
  • It is just a simpler and quicker way to share information. If you are on the internet, or doing anything at all, just copy. Way easier than moving files around. I find it to be the same kind of awesome convenience of the SP3 pen, that whatever you're looking at can instantly be a note to remember. I think this is brilliant.
  • Thanks
  • Microsoft needs to move some of its designers from iOS team to Windows!
  • +
  • Why is Google afraid of Microsoft mobile/Windows modern apps? Almost every month Microsoft launches a new service which works universally on Windows Phone, Windows, iOS and Android. And yet, Google does not give their services like youtube for Windows with the advantages it has on iOS and Android platform. I think Google is loosing steam in 2015, they're beginning to loose innovation, this specially was noticed when they cancelled Glass after HoloLens was announced. I really hope Google gets back into the game soon, protecting their services to be exclusive from Android/iOS is not going to help them.
  • It is fascinating to see how the two have changed sides in this game. TBH though, Microsoft's services are much cleaner and less creepy than Google's. My Samsung Edge weirds me out from all the data that Google AND Samsung collect.
  • OEMs love the options Google gives them in Android. Data mining, bloatwares, and more control over the OS. They will continue to push Android as their main OS. Windows 10 won't matter much. Microsoft needs to do much more for WP if they want bigger market share.
  • "Loosing" steam, right.
  • One more app to fill the app gap on IOS/Lagdroid
  • Sadly :|
  • For Windows Phone does this slightly overlap the function of OfficeLens/OneNote?
  • Very slightly, I'd say. OfficeLens does some actual correction for whiteboard photos, etc. and is more about integrating into notes for meetings. This app is very general: just screenshots, photos, text, but really not context. More to just quickly pass things along. It's like OfficeLens/OneNote without the actual need to create a new note, so less overhead.
  • Kopy is really handy, so I'm hoping this will be too.
  • Clippy is back!
  • Can't register, it says only for Microsoft employees
  • Everyone able to download?
  • Am I the only one who noticed that he said "unlike android" twice in the same sentence? cx
  • Love this! Installed on laptop and paired!
  • This is BEAUTIFUL!
  • Where do I download the pc version?
  • I hope this will automatically add items in Windows 10 Mobile. It will be much less useful otherwise.
  • I know I'm dense, but I don't understand why I'd use this when I have the same capabilities (and then some) with the built in OneNote.  To each their own I guess.
  • I hate this hamburger menu on the upper left corner where my thumb never is able to touch on single hand usage :(
  • May I have the background wallpaper image?
  • "iOS, Android and Windows" aka nadellabetical order.
  • I am getting so tired of people complaining about the hamburger and where it is placed. I mean how often to you use it in an app per session? Seriously, think about it. The way folks whine about this you would think they actually type with the bloody thing. The burger is here on all platforms. Time to get over it.
  • This app is sweet! I'm having an issue where if I copy something, it shows up twice in my clips. Duplicates. Anybody else have this issue?
  • how did you get it working? app just crashes on both my PCs when I try and create a new account
  • I so wanna see those studies from which they concluded that the perfect spot for a "+" should be on the freaking top of the screen. Seriously, are these people even using their own apps on a daily basis?
  • Windows app crashes when I click to create an account.
  • Same for me on Windows 10 or 8.1
  • same here
  • me too :(
  • Me too. I tried it on my laptop and my tablet. Both crash immediately when clicking the "I'm New To OneClip" button.
  • Why is it asking for a microsoft email im using Gmail not microsoft
  • does this work only on windows 10? because on win 8.1 it crash every time i tried to create pairing with my phone
  • What build of Windows 10 are you on? (I'm on 10122) All i can do is start the app but when i click the "I'm new to OneClip" button, it fails...
  • I'm not on Windows 10 I'm trying app on Windows 8.1 and I though that it is crashing because it's designed to work only on Windows 10 but it seems there is some bug elsewhere... :-/
  • Ahh - yeah, well i tried compatability mode on Windows 10 without luck, plus my 8.1 machine - still no luck,,, oh well.
  • Nice
  • How the hell is anyone getting this to work? ive tried the desktop app on THREE machines (2 windows 10, 1 windows 8.1) and it just crashes when you try and set up a new account.
  • I don't know. Hopefully, someone figures out a workaroud to get the workaround working. I wonder if Microsoft figured out what people were doing and server blocked it.