If you haven’t already checked for a firmware update that's rolling out today on your AT&T Lumia 920, you should go ahead and do that now (or when you are near Wi-Fi). The update is a maintenance fix, bringing a lot of little changes and tweaks to your phone after Nokia received feedback from field testing.

The biggest addition to the 1308 firmware is the custom Storage Check tool made by Nokia that allows users to visually graph the allocation of storage space on their device. In addition, with a simple touch of a “Clear” button, users can now dump their temporary memory of the device, which for some means regaining a few gigabytes of space back.

Other changes include camera improvements, changes to the proximity sensor and laying the groundwork for more additions with future Nokia system updates. To check for yours, go to Settings > Phone Update > Check now for updates.

Other Lumia 920s and Windows Phone 8 Lumias are expected to get the same update in the coming weeks. Head to our Lumia 920 forum to discuss today's changes or for tips and advice!