New Nokia 920 firmware points to camera changes, possible Storage issue fix

Yesterday on Nokia’s Navifirm servers evidently a new firmware update for the Lumia 920 briefly appeared. The current version for most users is the 1249 branch but this new version is of 1308 variety (1232.5957.1308.0004).

Unfortunately, the firmware is now off of the server meaning we personally cannot analyze it for changes. The good news is that some in our forums already did do some digging and there do appear to be changes to the camera for the better. In addition, new Storage options may give users a means to clear their Temporary cache on their Lumia.

In a nice comparison post, forum member Axefield did a before and after with the 920’s firmware (and even an iPhone 5) to show the differences. While it’s hard to know how well the conditions were controlled for, assuming they were it appears that the new 920 makes some adjustments to white balance and increases sharpness. This is especially evident in the third comparison with the flash on.

See more comparison shots below.

New Storage options and temp file deletion?

Other new features weren’t noted in our forums but on the popular social website Sina Weibo, two images have come out that show new Storage options on Windows Phone.

The image to the left shows the storage allocation with applications (green in the pic), media files (blue), OS (pink), blank (grey) in a nice, circular graph.

The second image, to the right, allows the user to go into more detail.  The first bar is for “Applications” and in this example it takes up 417MB of storage. Below it is a button for “Details”, which presumably will bring the user to another screen for more information.

Below the Applications bar is one for “Temporary” files and in this image it reads 164MB of storage space. The potential big deal here is that Temporary files is coupled with a “Clear” button to dump and clean out your system cache.

The four bars at the bottom are "pictures: 7.9MB", "music + video: 906MB", "Office documents: 586KB", and "email + contacts: 52MB". It looks like you can't do anything about the last four in terms of management.

Recently, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore tweeted that some improvements are coming to the “other” storage issue in future updates. This may be the first example of it.

Source: Sina Weibo, WPCentral Forums; Thanks, Chassit, for the translation assistance

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