A quick tour of Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2

The latest mid-range smartphones from Microsoft, the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, pack in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, the latest iteration of the Windows Phone operating system.

Let's take a quick look at all the new features that this update brings and a video tour as well. At the moment, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 is only available out of the box on the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, but Microsoft has confirmed Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 'GDR2' for select handsets, including the Lumia 735 and Lumia 830. Availability is currently unknown, but it's in the works.

All Apps

Right away, you'll notice that the right arrow at the bottom of Start screen has changed. You now have an 'All apps' moniker with the button, tapping on to which you get the list of all the apps on your phone like before.


The Settings section is revamped, and it's a welcome change from the long, never-ending random scroll of settings. Seriously, the existing scheme of things was ridiculous with no order and no way to sensibly navigate to specific settings.

But all that is changed now. Individual settings are now grouped in categories, and the new UI provides easy navigation across the different set of settings. You can also search for a setting or pin an individual setting to your Start screen. This is pretty handy for quick access to settings that you need to access frequently, like Internet Sharing.

If you head to the About setting, you'll find another nifty feature. You can now edit the name of your Windows Phone device right there, without plugging it to your computer.

App Permissions

One of the very useful additions is the App Permissions setting that allows you to view and configure an app's access to phone's features like microphone or contacts. You can bar an app to use a certain capability like camera, or turn off the access to a certain feature like Contacts for all apps.

While Microsoft has confirmed that a few more phones will get the Update 2, soon all Lumia users would start counting days for the Windows 10 upgrade anyway!

  • Thanks for the news and update
  • Microsoft is known for its OS..... Surprising how they didn't give an option for auto rotation lock earlier and also gave us the worst settings page in the world(earlier)
  • Thanks for your humble opinion. As if anyone cares.
  • Ever heard of software increments? Android isn't perfect either
  • Lol, at their increment rate, they'll catch up to everyone else somewhere in 2025 if the rest of the competition does nothing until then.
  • They're actually doing fine. It all depends on how much timely feedback we give them, because they're apparently relying on that.
  • Wrong. Is about how much they agree with the feedback we HAVE given over the YEARS. While Android and iOS push up needed features by the users, we have weird updates like a new hamburger menu.
  • So what is it that they are lacking compared to the competition?? Nowhere that I can see
  • Off the top of my head:  Call blocking, DLNA, WiFi Synch, OS integrated Sensor Core abilities You don't notice it on Lumias because Nokia and MS filled these holes but they're not a part of WP 8.1.  If they were, they would be present on other OEM's hardware.  They're not.
  • Call blocking is available on my Lumia. DLNA can be done through the Lumia PlayTo app. Please explain the other two.
  • WP is on more devices than Lumias.
  • Well, then you have to blame the OEMs for not enabling those features.
  • Wrong, those features should be part of the OS.  You cannot enable what isn't there to begin with.  Play To and Call blocking only exist because Nokia was granted access to the OS beyond the app layer.  That version of the OS isn't what's shipped to OEMs.  Are OEM's expected to write their own code every time the OS is missing basic functionality present on all the other competitor's OS?  Should we just expect HTC to rewrite WP entirely to their liking?
  • Isn't that exactly what HTC and other Android OEMs do with Android? They spend time customizing the OS, if they feel the need to. I do agree with what you're saying though. If there's anything I don't like about WP it's that it's too locked down. Maybe there's a good reason for that, but I just don't get it.
  • Well, one of the strong points of WP and the negatives of Android is forked versions.  MS wants control of OS updates. They don't really allow other OEM's to issue OS updates of their own, only firmware updates.  MS doesn't want all those forked versions running around creating instabilities and ruining user experience.  Yet, that's exactly what they've done with these Lumia specific features is create a "Lumia fork" of their own.  Problem is, these are excluded basic features that should already be present before anyone forks anything.
  • Hmm I really hope Windows 10 has better APIs. The OS should should open up a little not just for OEMs but for devs too.
  • Well Samsung also have a "Play to" app of their own on WP, but it will only work with other Samsung products like fx. a Samsung tv.
  • If I recall, that "Play To" of Sammy's is just Miracast.  I don't believe it supports DLNA.  Now, my HTC does have Miracast support but Miracast is only half the package.  It doesn't include protocol and hardware configurations if you just want to do audio.  That's what DLNA support is for.
  • Samsung and other OEMs does include basic functionalities like multi-screen....then what WP OEMs have problems in doing that...
  • Play to and call filter existed from Symbian OS, but has right should be standard applications on a OS and not options according with the manufacturer , if want more OEMs user your OS needs lure and do things easier for them that includes make the play to, call filter an standard and not options
  • Not really. 2%don't matter.
  • Even I don't get a wi-fi sync is. Sensor Core has to do with hardware of the phone as well. It is very much there in most (if not all) newly launched Lumias.
  • OTG, a proper BT stack...
  • I guess then you think that all features of all Android phones are available on all devices too. Not. It's the manufacturer who skins the heck out if it to make things magically appear as if they were part of the OS. Try a GPE device and then tell me what you are missing... Oh wait, I can, EVERYTHING.
  • look at how long it took android to get where it is, i'd say windows phone is a lot quicker
  • Watch the video on YouTube comparing 640 xl and Samsung galaxy E series. I love WP and hate Android but it is unfortunately obvious in the video that They are light years ahead. Makes me realise why those users won't switch to our platform of choice!
  • Just curious why criticism can never stand on it's own. Sai never mentioned Android in his comment. You know, criticizing one OS (whether you deem it valid or not) does not automatically imply that another is perfect. 
  • Android had app to sd support in 2.3, removed it in 4.0., and it is still not available in lollipop. WP has app to sd since last year. I can go on all day.
  • Lol! For all its glory, Android sucks when it comes to storage.
  • Android has Audio profiles for different scenarios e.g.
    Silent, Vibrate, Outdoor, etc. Just as it was on feature phones. Android vibrates and rings at the same time. WP vibrates only once then rings. If you're in a noisy environment, you miss the call. Android dedicates a visible folder for Bluetooth received files.
    WP hoards 'unknown' received files including PDF and prevents you from deleting them. Android has the basic copy/cut/paste/select all for basic text editing.
    WP only has copy/paste. Android gives you the luxury of choosing a media app to act on a media file (e.g. mp3, mp4) once you click on it in file explorer.
    WP forces you to use a basic (limited) audio/video player. Android allows you download office files to any location on your device.
    WP seizes the file and makes it exclusively accessible via Office hub. I could go on all day ;)
  • What version you tried?, Android never had profiles of environments, Android pure that is also Android 4 versions can't move apps to SD which makes a low end and mid end phones became crap if wanted download or enjoy the millions of app due that many put restrictions to the usage of free memory
  • @olumide one more point you left to say.. Android can bring all those Ads and malwares and hackers , where in WP It's completely safe..
  • You're complaints are genuine, and those problems have troubled me in the past. As usual, the hope is W10 will fix all of them. It's not like we haven't told them on uservoice. There are workarounds to some of the problems you mentioned though, none really satisfactory.
  • To the best of my knowledge Android 4.0 did have the abilities to move applications to the SD Card, the functionality was removed probably in 4.4 KitKat. Developers have been complaining for quite a while about how much of a pain SD cards are, be it the read/write speeds, or random errors, or an SD card being pulled out of the device while it's running and causing issues. Google took the criticism and made SD cards behave differently than they did previously, here's something worthy of a read: http://www.androidpolice.com/2014/11/04/android-5-0-makes-sd-cards-great... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I believe rotation lock was there since wp 8.
  • The new settings layout is much needed and overdue. Good job.
  • Its actually better than settings menu in Windows 10 mobile
  • Nooooo, this one looks ugly.
  • Yes it does, but it's still a welcome change. Next up they need to sort the setting by name, so they are even easier to find
  • By name? So you want About on the top of the list?
  • This is more confusing than the current one. But I do like the ability to search.
  • As Abe Lincoln said more eloquently than i will you can't please everyone. The platform is evolving and we must adapt.
  • Well I prefer the settings on Windows 10.
  • give this man a cookie
  • Maybe they could try Abe's method and just kill half a million of their users? Might shut the rest up.
  • Do you even realize that w10 still in alpha phase ?
  • but design language is done. They just need to create apps and adjust OS UI. So #notUpgradingToW10 is an option for me.
  • Then don't..
  • I like the OPTION of this menu layout... Not sure I want it to be the only one...
  • I like win 10 settings page
  • Maybe they could add a toggle for "Switch to classic view". Hhmm!
  • Maybe they could have different sorting options, like sort by alphabetical, categories or nothing like the old one.
  • W10 settings menu is much better
  • Eagerrrrr.......
  • By the way, is this WP 8.1 update 2 official from Microsoft? Or is it in beta? Because I got this update when upgrading my phone to windows 10
  • It's official
  • The article mentions that it comes out of the box on 640/640 XL.
  • I have bought a 640 yesterday,its has this update and its very  smooth.
  • Can you confirm the option to lock screen by double tapping the navigation bar?
  • Haven't heard anyone mention that one...:/
  • i can confirm that
  • Yup..u can do that..!
  • I stayed with wp8.1 update2 for a few days and it gave me enough trouble on 1520.. The main problem was occasional shaking of the start screen which made the phone hot and unresponsive and had to restart ot soft reset the phone not less than 5 times a day. I decided to proceed to windows 10 and believe me all those problems are gone.
  • I'm not experiencing that with my 1520, update 2
  • Good.
  • Got the update on my Lumia 1520, and never did W10. This was a much needed update, makes you wonder what took Microsoft too long to make it happen. (p.s: I've been using WP for too long, so I kinda remembered where everything was exactly, now it's a mess for me when it's organized) lol
  • Lol. I know.
  • Exactly.. Getting used to it now :D
  • Lol. Same here.
  • It's funny how our minds adapt to stupid things! Haha
  • I updated to 10 with my 1520 to play around, and then flashed back but I don't recall having update 2. Is there a how to for doing it? Not looking to go to 10 again, but would like to try the update 2
  • I updated using Windows Insider. I selected fast ring, and then looked for updates. I downloaded this update and it was WP 8.1 GDR 2. Now my phone keeps notifying me about W10, but I never downloaded it.
    So, do as follows:
    - Remember to check off the option to "automatically download updates if my data settings allows it"
    - Open Windows Insider app, select FAST RING.
    - Look for updates in settings>phone update.
    - When the update is downloaded and installed, this is 8.1 GDR2, don't download any next update, it will notify you about W10, don't download it!
    - Update: I already had Denim on my phone, and first step is to actually turn off preview for developers to get this.
    - Update 2: I did the earlier mentioned steps the same day that Microsoft pushed W 10 through the insider app, not sure if anything's changed now.
  • Did Denim come with?
  • I already had Denim before updating to GDR 2
  • Is it applicable to Lumia 520 as well??
  • Thumbs up man.. Thanks for the tip... It worked on my L730.. Now Rocking WP8.1 Update 2 :D
  • You're most welcome, glad I can help :)
  • You didn't update to 10 because you heard people who don't even have 10 on their phones say it is buggy, I have 10 on 1520 for a week now... 8.1 update 2 is buggier than 10
  • In windows insider app I didn't find any fast ring option,from where I want to select plz tell me,Thanks in advance..
  • How can I select fastring option in windows insider app,I didn't find any option like that..plz tell me I want to update my phone with gdr2
  • please do i need a connection to wifi before i can use the Windows Insider to Update my phone to WP 8.1 GDR 2 ?
  • This update came first for me then 10 followed. When I flashed back, I started the install again to get Update 2 and didn't take 10 this time. I still get pinged about the 10 update but its no biggy, the benefits from this are worth it.
  • Delete the inside app, then the servers should not see your device as one which has access to W10. I have update 2, but don't get any reminder for further updates.
  • Check if you are on the fast ring, if you are, then I don't know what might have changed.
  • Why did you flash windows 10 is very fine on 1520
  • How did you get update 2 on your 1520? When I tried Windows Insider it went straight to Windows 10 without any other installs.
  • I guess you were on the slow ring. Read my comment above, maybe you did something else.
  • I think it'll go to Gdr 2 first only in certain markets. Not USA as far as I know
  • Update 2 shows up only if u upgrade from 8.1 update to w10. If u are updating from the previous build of W10 it won't (I guess)
  • I think so too..AT&T L-920 went directly to WP 10 Technical Preview..had to utilize the Nokia Recovery Tool to flash back to WP 8.1 Update..(successfully-lol)..after playing around a touch with the 'alpha WP 10'..
  • I think they fixed it(Microsoft)
    Now you only get technical preview.
  • I followed the instructions and ended up with 8.2 update 2 last night so nothing changed.
  • Yup...
  • Have it on my 930 too, sweet as a nut!!
  • On Lumia 1320 update is cool....and I find the graphics and transitions are fluidic ever
  • *Fluid than ever.
  • Can you please tell me how to get it on 1320?
  • Could you tell me what is your ROM?
  • The app permissions and settings redo is much appreciated. It's a shame MS hasn't just pushed this through the Developers Preview program for all devices.
  • @cannon#WP:
    Having manual app permissions settings finally is great. But they forgot (or maybe left out deliberately?) the most important one: access to GPS. That's the first option I would deactivate for several apps. Couldn't care less for access to calendar on the other hand.
  • Windows 10 is mouth watering.
  • Have a lumia 730 got an update!
  • Over PFD or as a regular update?
  • Will they ever release this through the Preview for Developers program for any other models?
  • You can have GDR2 easily if you use the Windows insider app. It installs GDR2 on the way to Windows 10. Just uninstall the app as soon you have GDR2. That way I have it running on my Lumia 1020.
  • Not for my HTC One M8
  • That's bedside you have a HTC.
  • Did Denim come with GDR2?? I really want the EQ settings on my 630.
  • Not on my 920.
  • Wow that's a good idea, does it really work without going to windows 10. So are you are still in developer preview then? I too wish it for my 1020 DP
  • I haven't been on dev preview before. Just on denim
  • Nope.
  • Doesn't work on the Lumia Icon
  • No that is not good advice. In some markets it goes straight to W10. Don't advise people to do this to get GDR2 because they may end up with W10.
  • I don't like the new settings. All it does is make the list longer.
  • But you're scrolling less since you just press on the area you want.
  • But those areas don't make sense to me and it requires more clicks. I have to think in which section belongs this setting? And once you're in an area you still have to scroll. So you (at least me) tend to ignore those sections and just scroll more. It is faster and more annoying. But I pinned my most used settings to the start screen. That's what I do like about gdr2.
  • Neither do I.
  • But it makes it easier to find your settings
  • Neat but way to go.. 
  • Ok, when does it come out, because it looks awesome!
  • Probably the same amount of time it took for lucky wp7 handsets got tango-7.8
  • Wasn't it Mango?
  • Mango 7.5
    Tango 7.8
  • No no no.
    Photon is 7.0
    Mango is 7.5
    Tango is like a gdr to 7.5. It fixes some bugs and let 256 mb rammed phones to work with wp7 such as lumia 610 510 505.
    Wp 7.8 update has no codename
    Wp 8's codename was Apollo
  • Thanks Omer and arbetaren.
  • If you think this looks awesome try windows10
  • What about turning data off for certain apps. I'm thinking on roaming and hefty data charges when perhaps I only want to check e-mail and stop every other app's data traffic.
  • Pin "cellular data" to your notification screen to turn it on and off.
  • Block the apps from running in the background.
  • Heard of battery saver? Well, you can shut off background tasks for apps and that does what you want. But no, you can't shut off data allowance for individual apps. Maybe put their update cycle to "only on Wifi"?
  • Switch on restrict background data in data sense it saves a lot of data
  • Why did they change the all apps button. Prefer the old one but its not a big prob for me
  • Those who have a 920, do you feel the battery lasts longer with gdr2 than with gdr1 and denim?
  • Agree it looks ugly and distracting.
  • Yep. Dunno if its due to GDR2 or just that my battery had gotten better.
  • GDR2 is making phones get hot randomly I don't know why people are praising this update, 10 is better... 10 heats when you're on specific apps like photos and camera among few others while 8.1 update 2 could heat my phone when it is in the pocket
  • They dumbed it down. I guess MS thought some people wouldn't know what an arrow means.
  • Can't say that I have noticed any change in battery life. I noticed that after I installed it the scrolling improved greatly. Unfortunately the jerky scrolling has now returned. One other thing is the mobile internet, seems to be less reliable now.
  • Nobody has mentioned MKV video playback capability in XboxVideo app now. Confirmed with Lumia 625 8.1 Update 2.
  • Are you sure? Xbox Video is not detecting the mkvs on my phone.
  • WP 8.1 Update 1 -> WP 8.1 Update 2 -> WP 10 -> WP 8.1 -> WP 8.1 Update 1 -> WP 8.1 Update 2. From WP 10 inclusive every update with factory reset.
  • My 640XL recognised the MKV movie but can NOT play, it says the format is not supported
  • Relax... It's Sunday.
  • Hi.. As mention I have upgraded my Lumia 535 to GDR 2,update 2.
    Its awesome. But not that much changes are available
  • That's why its GDR.
  • I did the same, now I can record videos but can't watch them as I get the "sorry we can't play this file" error, so annoying
  • That's _one_ of the bugs I've had.
  • If you switch the video settings from FWVGA 848x480 to VGA 640x480 the videos work, but smaller aspect   Doesnt play all of the older videos I had already recorded, have tried to copy back to PC and back to phone, hopefully an update in the future will bring the videos back correctly? 
  • Anyone got on 920 ?
  • Yes. Its faster. Really.
  • Windows 10! makes me laugh when I think about it. The way Microsoft is developing it and considering how slow Microsoft is it seems official roll out will start around Q3 of 2016. So it would be better if Microsoft updates all Lumias to update 2. But again that will take ages for Microsoft!
  • And for those of us who DON'T have Lumias? I have the BLU Win HD.
  • It's just a OS update. Should be able to get it.
  • Will 8.1 update 2 be avaible for all lumia devices? L625 here...
  • Its still missing the permissions for Photos gallery. Hope we get this in Windows 10
  • "All Apps" kinda feels like Microsoft condescending to its consumer base.
  • Actually makes it consistent with Windows 8.1, and for those mentally challenged people that don't know what an arrow typically does, it makes it super obvious.
  • Wait, we are assuming they can read then? I would think they might just try to eat the phone at that point.
  • Maybe this is  how MS sees us :))
  • Updated my Lumia 920 to update 2 using the insider app. Uninstalled insider to prevent update to TP. So far so good. Actually getting used to the new settings layout. Bluetooth keyboard feature is pretty neat. I could connect an Apple keyboard and type in Office mobile without issues. You should probably mention about the new Bluetooth stack as well, Abhishek.
  • GDR2 is available in the Philippines for Cherry Mobile Alpha Style and Alpha Luxe Windows phones
  • Unfortunately not yet. I'M CHECKING EVERYDAY!!!! >.<
  • When 730 getting this update??
  • When this update will available in India for my Lumia 730????
  • Now u can save contact in sim also
  • No, I can not do that!?
  • when will the update be available for 735\830. thats the bug questiion
  • At least you spelled "when" correctly.
  • Wen did he do that?
  • Wen he was in India!
  • I got a Icon on DP and insider and did not get this update and have not been able to get it after repeated tries. Anyone have any hint as to why?
  • is preview for developers checked on or off. If it's on turn it off and then check for updates.
  • Will do... Yes they are both checked on if I recall. Thanks for the reply :)
  • The Lumia icon and 930 were not included in this tp release so no gdr2 until its officially released
  • Hmmm I thought I read some 930's were getting gddr-2 the day last win10 build released. Any unchecked DP and no love so wait it is lol.
  • Lol look at the screenshot in the article, they did it on a 930. But Icon users, as usual, get an extra helping of shaft.
  • Way it works I guess.. Sigh...
  • My 930 got gdr2 update even though it was excluded from W10 TP this time. I think someone said this was a glitch and Microsoft shut it down after a short time.
  • how about Lumia 720, did they get update 2?
  • Well at the moment I think I will be happy to stay on wp 8.1 update 2 for a while even after win 10 comes out...
  • And will this changes be part of Windows 10?, or most of us will never have this features?
  • Yes, these are all available in Windows 10. Love these options and settings .
  • So, will have to wait until next year at best to see it work
  • Didn't we use to be able to edit the name of the phone in the about settings?..... Or was that in WP7?
  • On gdr2 when I try to upload a pic from my gallery the gallery always crashes is there a solution to it
  • Needed update for all Lumia and other devices
  • I have this om my L1520. It's in the Windows Insider.
  • When in India
  • It would sure be nice if they would push this to Dev Preview since carriers will not bother with this or Windows 10 on existing handsets.
  • Yes. I tried 10 and reverted back a few hours later. I wish gdr2 was on DP.
  • You can get this update by registering for Insider and not taking the Win 10 update which follows.
  • Since I have the US 1020, looks like a no go for me.
  • I got it on my 1520 as an intermediate step before upgrading to windows 10. I haven't made the windows 10 jump yet. Not ready.
  • This updated on my 930 when the last builds became available for other phones. Helps during the wait.
  • Is it released for preview for developers...coz i didn't got dat update...mine is lumia 720
  • The ability to pin individual settings is useless because it doesn't have a specific icon for each setting. If you want them in the smallest live tile, it is impossible to distinguish between several settings
  • What about remote phone lock. Is that available? Not found it on my 920.
  • This is a bullshit update.... Nothing new in this.... They providing this update only for the users satisfaction....
  • Why is it 'bullshit'?
    The update adds in some nice functionality and some new stuff, which increases user satisfaction.
  • These GDR updates also fix bugs, and Microsoft usually doesn't list them all out. Updates are always a good thing no matter what.
  • "They providing this update only for users satisfaction"....isn't that the point?
  • When in Portugal? Lumia 520?
  • Settings are ugly as hell...
  • The last good version of Windows Phone.
  • That's where all the apps are, now I understand that arrow in 8.1 real innovation ms. No 8.2 available for this 930.
  • Why i can't update my Lumia 520 to Windows 10 build 10051
  • It's that MS has pulled out the TP for L520. As rolling back from Win 10 to Win phone 8.1 gets the phone bricked. As is my case. I have a dead L520 with me. Not knowing how to bring it back to life.
  • You need a ressurection stone
  • Hey guys any news about windows 10 new update for all the phone
  • What about app lock on the start screen ?
  • I chose fast track for my HTC 8x (a back up phone) and it offered me the update, which it installed, I thought, but it must have uninstalled or not completed because I am still on Update 1. On my regular HTC 8x, I checked today and it wouldn't even let me get to the place to choose fast track or slow track.
  • You didn't mention about the option to double tap on the on screen buttons to lock the phone.
  • Cant get that to work on my 735.
  • Really? That sounds nice!
  • It is what wp8 should have been:'(
  • Is this update available to Lumia 730 dual sim as well?
  • This update has nothing to show any significance. Really? Ability to rename your phone and folders for settings and called that worthy of a name Update 2?
  • Agreed!!
  • It had a few other things, too. But MS added those features instead to Update 1.
  • So the new Bluetooth stack and the other software tweaks we don't see, as well as the new Settings menu and other listed additions don't merit this being called an update?
    What would you call it? A patch maybe? Or possibly an addition? Or you could call it what it is, an update.
  • Finally, what I've been waiting for
  • Can anyone tell me about a Nokia Lumia 1320 ROM that upgrades to GDR2. I'm currently in W10 its all right but there are some small problems i would prefer not to have like battery lasting some 15 hrs when before it went all day long and even more, also some apps don't load. Not annoying for me but if i could i would prefer GDR2. c:
  • What about preview for developers? I am stuck on 14219.341 and getting no new updates :( Please help me :(
  • I was able to get update 2 on my L925. I had the preview for developers installed and windows insider, my phone found 2 updates. Update 2 and Windows 10 technical preview. However when installing Windows 10, my phone reverted to Lumia Cyan, down from Denim, and I never had any cell data. I live in the UK on Three network.
  • Wish I had update 2. It keeps forcing me into windows 10.
  • a useless update really ! Like tooo late to repair the setting...
  • Silly? Useless? Soo since you know what the under-the-hood changes are, care to share with everyone? /s.
  • I still only want this update to my 1520, after that I'll turn of the update process.
  • Same here...
  • Static IP support? I know its enabled select for models -.- and update 2 is also for select models right now. However if it is in update 2 then there is a good chance it should be in Win10 for Phones. However I'm not holding my breath, Microsoft could elect to make this optional for oems again (which would be an idiotic decision imo).
  • Di you know if there is openvpn support? You always have a good answer so I thought I'd ask ;)
  • Instead of the pin to start option, it should be pin to action center. All settings should be able to be a toggle, not just a shortcut which would actually take more time.
  • Have you seen the Action Center, in 10?  Add many more toggles and there won't be any room for actual notifications.
  • I'm so glad I got it on my 930! The settings menu is PERFECT now! Seriously, that's how it should've been from the beginning. Too bad it's gonna suck again on Windows 10...
  • Photos hub has become very slow. Plus the way we used to call i.e the animation of calling and disconnecting a call has changed.
  • Seriously, what is wrong with si many of you? This IS an update. It 'updates' software to a newer version.
    I really am worried about the state of Windows Phone if all so many users on here can do is get all salty because Microsoft won't release an update that changes everything to unicorns and rainbows.
  • Well said!
  • Well with denim update, what do say when WP simply refuse to detect 3G signal, not even fluctuation when non WP do it fine...
  • ugh i need to upgrade because my HTC 8x is just dead in the water, doesn't look like i'm getting Update 2 or Windows 10 Preview anytime soon. That new flagship needs to hurry on and fast
  • I have already window phone 8.1 update 2
  • the only issue i have with update 2 on my Lumia 1020 is that ever since i did the update when I try to stream music over bluetooth in the car the phone will throw an error. Any idea where i can report this? Fyi the music is on my phone, but it will throw the same error when streaming from onedrive.
  • Is it available for all lumia phone?
  • I honestly did not mind the previous settings menu. I guess I just got used to it as it was.
  • For some reason it wont work on my 930. I've tried several times with both the fast and slow ring by nothing works
  • Same here... I'm scared Microsoft might be overlooking the 930. :(
  • The last Windows Version I will use... looks good! :) 
  • Can anyone tell me if this version of the os supports openvpn? Please!?
  • WP is irrelevant, without Google services it is a DOA OS. The WP platform has been stagnant for years, their app store is a complete and utter joke, app developers are staying away like the plague, no matter how much money Microsoft is offering them, when your mobile OS has only 3% market share, it is not feasible for app developers to invest resources on that platform. Microsoft went out and bought the Nokia Mobile division and has done nothing with it, people need to give it up and face reality, WP is irrelevant, and will be until they get their app store up to speed, and sign licensing agreements with Google like Apple did, that would be a good start, since no one cares about Bing or Here maps. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What app exactly do you need on wp that android has and wp doesnt?
  • Fuck Google and their services. Think maybe some of us use WP to get away from google crap?
    MS not "doing anything about it"? I believe they have already released some phones with their name on them. Did you know it takes 12-18 months for a phone to go from drawing board to the store?
    Ain't a thing wrong with Bing or Here maps. Why are you here? Is this trolling Sunday or something?
  • Troll alert. Troll alert. WP is relevant enough that you feel the need to go to one of its fan sites, register, and post!
  • 3% market share, Yea, LOL. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I've update2 on my 735, UK O2. got it with windows insider, didn't update ask the way up to Win10.
  • Works great on my 1520,,Very smooth and a refreshing layout in SETTINGS,,One issue is when I open my SMM to text and want to attach a picture to it my device takes a while to find my SD Card,
  • In one of the pictures in the article it has the phone name as Lumia 930. Does that mean update 2 is coming to my 930?
  • In coming months for other phones.
  • Win 8.1 is good enough for me. Win 10 doesn't seem like its going to be very good.
  • Android still sucks.
    Dull boring static home screen? No thanks.
    Every point you made here is either wrong, can be dealt with or you just plain don't know how to get around WP. Why are you here if WP is so horrible?
  • Time to leave that WP OS, and see what the rest of the world is using, and it's not WP. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Enjoying update 2 here on my Lumia 920! :)
  • I'll rather stick with update 2 for now until I'm comfortable with the way Windows 10 is going
  • Would be very interesting to install 8.1 GDR2 through Insider on my Lumia 920 but from Microsoft suggestion it's not recommended:
    @mcalistri accdg to @GabeAul : "I do not recommend using Windows Insider to try to get GDR2 for phones that haven't had it deployed yet."
  • Update 2 is working fine on my Lumia 920, you can always roll back if it gives problems.
  • It also (finally) supports bluetooth keyboards... a pretty big deal for me and I'd have thought worth a mention. It was the thing I was most hoping for from W10 and it's good to have it already (like others I've used the Insider app to upgrade my humble 630). Now all I want is a decent email app - one that integrates properly with IMAP like they do in Android. Then again I used to like Android until Lollipop turned my slick Nexus 7 into a stuttering nightmare. Five months on and Google still hasn't sorted it. I mean I'd understand it if they'd just said "older models like the Nexus 7 won't support Android 5" - I'd have been annoyed but I'd have understood. But no, they pushed out the update as if it was going to work. It doesn't and that's just amateur hour. So it's going to be Windows for me for the forseeable...
  • Got it on my 930, but can't seem to upgrade to W10 preview, even though it says its available...
  • MS should release it through DP officially.. It's a shame that they are wasting time..
  • Where is keyboard joystick??
  • Can anyone tell me...should I upgrade to windows phone 8.1 update 2 or wait for official release of Windows 10 for phones?
  • Argh, I want this on my 920 right now. Bluetooth keyboard support! I have zero desire to put WP10 on my daily device though, and don't want constant nag messages telling me wp10 is ready for update. It's a shame microsoft aren't pushing this throught the old preview for developers.
  • Just curious, what Lumia will be available for this update?
  • Can I get the Update 2 on an ICON?
  • Will this be on Lumia 530?
  • Too little too late.
  • Meh. I wish they would've bothered to fix some of the things that 8.1 broke like games in the app list or the system tray that no longer auto hides. The settings menu is still an endless list just with categories. They should've just put more categroies in the pivot. They changed the animation for when you hang up in the phone app. It looks like crap now.  
  • Going on my 2nd week running GDR2 on my 1520. Love the new settings menu, it's very easy to locate things now that there is organization. Also, the blue tooth issue that Denim brought, audio skipping, has been fixed. It was so anoying to me that I actually went back to Cyan until I could get GDR2,,lol
  • I have a HTC One M8 Windows 8 phone and of course it is not on the supported list.  I like Windows Phone but I really dislike this phone and HTC's support...which doesn't exist.  High cost, low value.
  • Hlloo guyss I m thinking to upgrade myL730 to 640XL......do u think it is my right decision or not??help me plz
  • Don't if you are in a developing country, nuff said..
  • I would say just wait for a 740(which I am sure in the works). If it comes with a pureview camera, then you will love it a lot :-)
  • Hey is it available for 520 as well bcoz today I did installed a fast ring update and now it isn't showing anything like GDR2 update, nor I have got new settings page.
  • Waiting for Update 2 for my Lumia 620
  • Is this update supported for Lumia 730? :/
  • Update 2 Is On My Lumia 630
  • Untill they provide manual locking of network(3G only, 2G only) I ain't buying any Lumia....
  • OK you could have bought a Lumia already, in fact you could have bought a phone with WP7 as well as that feature has been baked into the settings forever.
  • Just as pathetic as it is...
  • Non availability of force network/field test makes it horrible as a smartphone, Untill they provide manual locking of network(3G only, 2G only) I ain't buying any Lumia....
  • I am not trying to be a smart a$$, but have you ever used a Lumia? Because that feature is available even with my Lumia 900.
  • Oh really I'm using one right now to comment, took me ages to load the comments with 2G because this Lumia simply just refuse to receive 3G signal after Denim update
  • Give freedom to users to choose the network instead of deciding for them automatically is what I meant.
  • I run the windows 8.1 Update 2 on my Lumia 535. Works fine. Good job Microsoft.
  • Anyone tried 8.1 update 2 on a 925?
  • Make an update to gdr2 on Lumia 925 and battery seems to keep more.
  • I have it running in my Lumia 920. First, upgraded to Windows 10. Liked what I saw there and shared lots of feedback and feature requests for 5 days. However, age of empires castle siege was not working with Windows 10. So reverted to 8.1 and using the Windows Insider, upgraded to Update 2. I must say that the Lumia Camera is also a tad faster with the Update 2.
  • Is that lumia emerald? Or still lumia denim?
  • And here I'm still waiting for denim on my 920
  • It's still denim update 2
  • I have paint issues with GDR2 on Lumia 930, font rendering is buggy when scrolling. It is barelly noticable but if you look closer sometimes the text looks cropped from above or below after scroll.
  • I got GRD 2 on my 920 last week! Was trying to get windows 10 technical preview but hey I can't be happier!
  • Maybe this suggests those devices will receive Windows 10 first, and this is Microsoft's way of easing us in.
  • I need vibration feature when call is answered
  • This is the minor update from Microsoft but it will take too much time to update all lumia devices running on wp8.1 denim.Why Microsoft is lazy?
  • Hope this comes to the 920! I, for one, am not counting the days until W10, but would love to add these features. Also, I thought that bluetooth keyboard support was part of GDR2, is that correct? 
  • Hey Microsoft.. Please push GDR2 to US L920s.
  • How does the reset protection thing work because I already tried it on my 640xl but doesn't ask for any account info.....?
  • Got the update2 on my L 830, using the insider app
  • The update I got on my US 1020 when I selected Slow Ring must have been Denim. It still says 8.1 Update and not Update 2.
  • how come i havent seen update for 920 att.... do i need to get windows 10 preview so i can get updated 2?
  • Can't wait, just picked up another 830 and am so looking forward to playing with it.
  • When this update will available in India for my Lumia 730????
  • Im realy new in windows phone just like to ask if its possibe now with this update have options to lock or unlock windows phone by wifi nfc bluetoot... android lollipop call that "SMART LOCKS" tnx
  • Hi All Tried installing W10 on a lumia 1320 and after update the phone won't come out of lock screen. A soft boot gets it operational but as soon as it goes back into lock screen it won't respond again. Any ideas on this? Love Win 8.1 GDR 2 looks good  
  • I just purchased Blu Win Jr LTE and it updated to WP 8.1 update 2
  • what about lumia 1520 ?  
  • To bad MS has not restored the feature to store Here Maps on SD card! Many people have asked MS to bring this back since the "lumia-storage-check-beta" app is no longer available in the store. I hoped that this would be one of the changes in this update but it isn't. Waiting for Windows 10 is now our fate and hoping that MS will bring back this much wanted feature of the Lumia phones
  • Great, the thing I was looking for, cause I like doing video montages all the time, defenitely need to try this apps, Thanks.
  • Can anybody tell me how to get the windows phone 8.1 update 2 on Nokia Lumia 525? I had also searched on internet and I found the way to install by insider app. The steps are :-
    1. In the phone update settings uncheck "Automatically download updates if my data settings allow it".
    2. Download the insider app and register for technical preview as fast ring.
    3. Now go to settings and tap "check for updates" and when the update is downloading,delete the insider app so as to avoid windows phone 10 TP
    My question is that suppose I got the update 2 by this method then I will get future updates or not?