Radar, Titan, Focus S and Focus Flash now listed on Windows Phone site

In case you wanted to take a closer look at their basic specs, all of the new Windows Phone announced so far, including the Samsung Focus S, Focus Flash and HTC's Titan and Radar 4G are listed on WindowsPhone.com.

The only thing "new" that we found was the mention of the Focus S's "wide-band AMR advanced sound quality", which we have no idea what it means, but we guess we should be impressed and it's down as having a 9-hour battery life (a regular Focus clocks in at 7-hours, for comparison).

Of interest is how T-Mobile Radar 4G is listed under "Other" for some odd reason and the Quantum is still listed, even though it's gone from AT&T's site.

Source: Windows Phone (opens in new tab); Thanks, Justin S., for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • At&t would have had the phones they were getting, merger or not. Calm down. Verizon and Sprint and T-Mobile can request whatever handsets they want from OEMs. They havent in the case of Verizon and Sprint so it appears that dont care as much
  • YUP agree! Now I'm waiting for Nokia if they end up on att, looks like ill be dragging myself to em smh...
  • Why are the Nokia devices hyped up so much? Their leaked specs aren't even appearing to be that good at all. So what's the attraction?
  • Why are the Nokia devices hyped up so much? Their leaked specs aren't even appearing to be that good at all. So what's the attraction?
  • So Microsoft has pretty much conceded the CDMA market to iOS and Android, eh? Oh well.
  • Its up to Verizon and Sprint, and neither seem to care about anything unless its Android or the iPhone.
  • Yeah, I know. It doesn't make it any less frustrating, though.
  • I agree. I am glad I'm not on Tmobile any longer. AT&T has been good for me in the Seattle area and they are definitely going strong with Windows Phone.
  • So when Windows Phone establishes a solid third place position in the market, don't forget who helped get them there.
  • I find it hard to believe that MS is going to leave it solely to the OEM's and Carriers to support CDMA on Verizon and Sprints networks. Verizon is the largest carrier in the US. It would be in MS's best interest to have there devices supported. I understand that the US carriers are in an IOS and Android frenzy, but for MS to be successful they'll have to actively pursue these carriers with incentives. The US is the Worlds largest smartphone market. MS can't leave things up to chance if they wish to succeed. (vested interest as I'm a Sprint customer)
  • The Focus S is listed on the Windows Phone site with a 1.5 Mhz processor, whereas it was originally listed in AT&T's press release as having a 1.4. Am I right?
  • Yeah, it's interesting if you go to Qualcomm's own website for MSM8255 SoC CPU, they show it maxing out at 1.4GHz. If that is acurate my guess is that HTC, others, and now Samsung were just rounding up for marketing sake. It's probably something like 1.4356GHz so Qualcomm markets it on the lower end, not to over step their devices and the OEM's want to market it to seem ever so slightly better. In reality all these 1.4GHz and 1.5GHz phones are indentical, it's just advertised differently. But, that's just my assumption.
  • Still no listing if they will have a 16 GB or 32 GB model. 8 GB just isn't enough for videos and music on the phone.
  • The Focus S has 16GB and from what I've read, also a 32GB variant (hopefully?).The Flash is probably 16GB but might be 8. The Titan is 16GB, the Radar is 8.
  • Thanks you! This made my day
  • Why is everyone hyping up the Nokia devices so much? Based on the leaked specs and pics, they seem to be worse than these phones are. 5MP cameras, no front facing cameras and 3.7" screens? Someone please fill me in on why the Nokias are hyped up so much. I really want to know...
  • That's for their lower end devices. The rumored specs for the Ace look to be on par with the Titan and Focus S
  • So... release dates? Please?
  • Why are the Nokia devices hyped up so much? Their leaked specs aren't even appearing to be that good at all. So what's the attraction?
  • It's Nokia's hardware. That's what people are hyped up about. For me, I'm eager about wp's chassis 3: dual core processors and better screen. there's also work on the best in class camera. im eager about the screen and camera than anything else. My HD7 guess will still serve me well until then.
  • it seems like ms is making bad bizz decisions not having verizon support their phones as for sprint F*** sprint and their bandwagon hopping A**'s getting down on their knees and giving apple the best head of its life for its iphone...