Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass: Everything We Know

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege soon obtains its first dedicated Battle Pass, dropping all-new challenges to conquer, and laced with dozens of limited-time cosmetics. Hitting Ubisoft's hit shooter later this year, the new progression system brings heightened depth to its tactical sandbox. Freshly-unveiled alongside Operation Ember Rise, the Rainbow Six Battle Pass delivers new reasons to play in 2019.

We've wrapped up all the Rainbow Six Battle Pass essentials we know so far.

What is the Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass?

The Rainbow Six Battle Pass delivers Ubisoft's spin on an increasingly common tiered rewards system, serving up exclusive in-game items for completing specific milestones. The popularity of this progression-tied monetization has skyrocketed in the wake of Fortnite's free-to-play battle royale, since mirrored by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Apex Legends, and other modern blockbusters. The Battle Pass aims to drive further incentives to play, via additional challenges outside of core gameplay.

The Rainbow Six Battle Pass debuts during the upcoming Year 4 Season 3 update, Operation Ember Rise, slated for September 2019. In its early incarnation, the Battle Pass will split into two distinct stages, aptly dubbed "Phase 1" and "Phase 2." While Phase 1 will provide a small-scale taste of Ubisoft's Battle Pass plans, Phase 2 will follow in Year 4 Season 4.

With Rainbow Six already packing a vast lineup of cosmetics, the system will provide new opportunities for exclusive weapon skins, charms, uniforms, and other items. Players will earn "Battle Points" while playing Rainbow Six Siege later this year, all contributing toward seasonal earnings.

Ubisoft hopes to push its narrative content via the Battle Pass too, diving into its Operator backstories. "Battle Pass is a great opportunity for us to develop our universe," says Emmanuel Bajolle, Rainbow Six narrative director. "Harry is our new narrator, the one who will convey all the stories that revolve around our Operators. Harry is at the center of this microcosm, where all our heroes gravitate."  

Rainbow Six Battle Pass 'Phase 1' and 'Phase 2'

Phase 1 of the Battle Pass will be titled "Call Me Harry" themed around the newfound leader for the counterterrorism squad, Harry "Six" Pandey. Call Me Harry will be a seven-day event after the Ember Rise launch, available for free to all Rainbow Six Siege players. Milestones will span seven unique tiers and rewards, wrapping with an exclusive Harry charm upon conquering the final level.

Rainbow Six Siege's Season 4 unveiling is expected this November, detailing new Kenyan and Indian Operators, alongside the Theme Park map rework. The currently untitled season will host the second Battle Pass wave, framed as the "full-fledged" experience by Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Phase 2 branches into "Free" and "Premium" tracks and provides two ways to earn Battle Pass cosmetics. Like many existing Battle Passes, the free tier will be accessible at no additional cost to Rainbow Six Siege players for a new list of rewards. The optional premium track will cost a fixed price, unlocking exclusive milestones and earnings.

Ubisoft plans to share more details on Phase 2 at the Season 4 unveiling in November. Tease for further phases has been teased for 2020, with more promised for the Six Invitational next February.

Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass release date

Ubisoft is yet to detail a release date for its Rainbow Six Siege Battle Pass, beyond plans to launch during Operation Ember Rise. Expected to commence this September, running through December, the seven-day event could drop any time throughout the season. Expect more from Ubisoft in the months ahead, when Phase 1 will commence.

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