Rainbow Six Siege Wind Bastion Operators nerfed ahead of launch

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is soon on track to receive its next major update, with the release of Operation Wind Bastion. The Moroccan-themed season debuts new multiplayer content, including two playable Operators, one multiplayer map, and various balancing tweaks.

Operation Wind Bastion isn't slated to launch until December, although early testers can now get hands-on via the Technical Test Server (TTS) for PC. While Kaid and Nomad are yet to hit public servers, Ubisoft is already nerfing the duo in response to tester feedback.

With the latest TTS update, Kaid and Nomad's abilities are weakened, alongside a small upgrade to IQ's scanner. The update reduces Kaid's loadout to just two Rtila Electroclaw gadgets, while Nomad's Airjab charges faces a well-deserved set back too. As with all TTS changes, keep in mind that balancing can change further ahead of the public launch.

Catch the full balancing patch notes for the November 26, 2018 update below:

  • Kaid
    • Lowered number of electroclaws to 2
    • Players now only receive 2 points for deploying electroclaw
  • Nomad
    • Airjab will no longer detect targets while traveling
    • 1s delay on warhead between the moment it sticks and the moment it will activate
  • IQ
    • Increase to IQ's gadget detection range from 15m to 20m (back to pre Y3S2.2 balance change)
  • Misc tweaks
    • Lowered damage taken when meleeing electrified barbed wires from 15 to 3/damage tick.
    • Increased recoil for .44 Mag Semi Auto

For full details on Operation Wind Bastion, including impressions on upcoming Operators Kaid and Nomad, don't miss our early hands-on. In the meantime, as Rainbow Six Siege's final major update of 2018, there's no better time to get started, starting at just $27 on Amazon.

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