Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion: Everything we know

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is on track for its next major update, wrapping up the game's third year of post-launch content. Following stormy shootouts in Operation Grim Sky, Operation Wind Bastion promises blazing conflicts in the Moroccan heat. Ahead of the full unveiling, we've wrapped up what you need to know.

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Operation Wind Bastion reveal: Time and date

Ubisoft has formally revealed Operation Wind Bastion, followed by regular teasers of upcoming content. We've received a brief look at the "Fortress" multiplayer map, alongside new Operators Kaid and Nomad.

Operation Wind Bastion is currently on track for a full reveal at the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals on November 18, 2018. The live stream can be viewed live on the official Rainbow Six Twitch channel at 2 PM ET (11 AM PT / 7 PM UK / 8 PM CET)

New Operators: Kaid and Nomad

Ubisoft frames Operation Wind Bastion as a "classic" seasonal update, packing two new playable Operators tied to the season's Moroccan theme. Both hail from Morocco's Groupe d'Intervention de La Gendarmerie Royale (GIGR) counter-terrorism unit, under the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces. And as with prior seasons, there are new recruits for both attacking and defending forces.

For those with Rainbow Six Siege's Year 3 Pass, both Operators should be available at no additional cost with the launch of Operation Wind Bastion. Seven days later, these Operators will be open to the public using Renown or R6 Credits.


Kicking this season's roster is Jalal "Kaid" El Fassi, a new defensive Operator, bringing an electrifying twist to locking down the objective. As the resident Commander of a sky-high mudbrick kasbah, he's renowned for great leadership, framed as the "traditionalist" among team Rainbow Six.

As featured in his initial reveal, Kaid leverages a high-voltage "Rtila Electroclaw," firmly grasping on surfaces upon deployment. This gadget can electrify reinforced walls, hatches, barbed wire, and other player-deployed equipment, potentially as a reliable alternative to Bandit's Shock Wire. While details on how the gadget functions are limited, this is likely a way to electrify surfaces from below.

Rainbow Six Siege - Kaid Operator Trailer


Sanaa "Nomad" El Maktoub joins attacking forces in Operation Wind Bastion, as a student of the kasbah under Kaid. Her signature "Airjab Launcher" gadget is shaping up among the game's most creative yet, seemingly propelling foes forward with a sharp shockwave charge. The reveal shows the device mounted to a Kalashnikov rifle, likely as an alternate firing mode, comparable to Buck's Skeleton Key shotgun.

Rainbow Six Siege - Nomad Operator Trailer

Ubisoft is set to reveal these Operators via a dedicated segment during Operation Wind Bastion's reveal on November 18, 2018.

New multiplayer map: Fortress

Operation Wind Bastion also brings a new multiplayer map named "Fortress," in-line with the season's Moroccan theme. Following an agreement with Commander Kaid, team Rainbow Six will battle it out in a mudbrick kasbah among the Atlas Mountains.

Based on existing footage, Fortress appears to primarily center around close-quarters combat inside the complex. However, with "unprecedented roof access" promised and examples of long sightlines, the map could offer welcome variety too.

Like previous content drops, access to the new locale will be free to all players regardless of owning the Year 3 Pass. And during the initial launch period, a dedicated Fortress playlist will serve up 24/7 access to get familiar.

Operation Wind Bastion release date

Ubisoft is yet to discuss a release date for Operation Wind Bastion, beyond its inclusion in 2018's roadmap. The update is currently slated for a full reveal at the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 8 Finals in Rio de Janeiro, on November 18, 2018. Viewers at home can watch the unveiling live on the official Rainbow Six Twitch channel.

The November 18 reveal will be followed by a brief testing period on the pre-release Technical Test Server (TTS), ironing out various bugs prior to public availability. This makes a final release date of early December 2018 expected; likely Tuesday, December 4.

In the meantime, Rainbow Six Siege is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PCs, priced at $35 on Amazon.

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Updated November 18, 2018: Refreshed with details on the full Operation Wind Bastion reveal.

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