Rainbow Six Siege's latest Outbreak zombie teaser explores its narrative

Ubisoft has uncovered its latest teaser for "Mission Outbreak" – the new limited-time zombie mode on its way to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Following a series of teasers for the month-long cooperative event, this latest trailer further establishes the mode's premise, while touching on its surrounding storyline.

Composed entirely of pre-rendered cinematics, the trailer provides a glimpse of combat among SWAT soldiers outside of the in-game Operators. Focusing on the terror of the zombie-style parasite, the trailer shares a first look at their silhouettes and how combat may play out.

The second half of the trailer follows Ash, an existing Operator from the base game, on a call with the deputy director of the Rainbow Counter-terrorism unit, "Six." Requesting backup from Thermite, Doc, and an unnamed Russian Operator, the scene lays the foundation for a more prevalent narrative throughout Outbreak. Without a single-player story mode, (or much of a narrative throughout the game at all,) this should be a welcome aspect for invested fans.

Rainbow Six Siege's Outbreak event makes its debut on March 6, before concluding four-weeks later April 3. For more information on Operation Chimera, make sure to check out our article on all the news so far. While many details have already been shared, a full unveiling is currently on track for the "Six Invitational 2018" in Montreal, between February 13 and February 18.

Matt Brown

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