Raspberry Pi 2

Three years after the launch of the Raspberry Pi, the vendor is launching a second-generation model that comes with much better hardware. The Raspberry Pi 2 offers a quad-core CPU clocked at 900 MHz, GPU clocked at 250 MHz and 1 GB RAM, all for just $35. The device can also run a customized version of Windows 10, and will be available for free to the maker community involved in Microsoft's IoT efforts later this year.

The CPU is significantly more powerful from the single-core 700 MHz processor featured in the first-gen model. The built-in GPU can decode full-HD at 30 fps, and comes with a h.264/MPEG-4 AVC codec. The number of USB ports have been increased to four (from two), and other connectivity includes HDMI (video out), microSD, 100 Mbit Ethernet port and 3.5 mm audio jack.

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The architecture has also seen an increment from ARMv6 to ARMv7, which allows the Raspberry Pi 2 to run full-fledged operating systems like Windows. The Raspberry Pi 2 is on sale now, with 100,000 units on offer initially. Head to the link below to purchase the device from one of Raspberry's distributors.

Source: Raspberry