Razer Blade vs Razer Blade Pro: What's the difference?

If you're looking for a great gaming laptop then the Razer Blade is a fine choice. One of the best you can make. But with the announcement of an all new Blade Pro you might find yourself wondering which is right for you.

Let's compare what you're getting from both.

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CategoryRazer BladeRazer Blade Pro
OSWindows 10Windows 10
Display size14-inches17.3-inches
Display resolution1920 x 1080 (non-touch) 3200 x 1800 (touch)4K (touch)
ProcessorIntel Core i7 6700HQIntel Core i7 6700HQ
CPU CoresFourFour
GraphicsNVIDIA GTX 1060NVIDIA GTX 1080
StorageUp to 1TB PCIe m.2 SSDUp to 2TB PCIe m.2 SSD Raid 0
RAM16GB 2133 MHz DDR432GB 2133MHz DDR4
Battery70 Wh99 Wh
Dimensions345mm x 235mm x 17.9mm (13.6in x 9.3in x 0.7in)424mm x 281mm x 22.5mm (16.7in x 11in x 0.88in)
Weight4.16lbs (1.89kg non-touch) / 4.3lbs (1.95kg touch)7.8lbs (3.54kg)
PortsUSB 3.0, USB-C Thunderbolt 3, HDMIUSB 3.0, USB-C Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, Ethernet, SD card slot
Optical driveNoNo
PriceFrom $1,799From $3,699

Razer Blade

The Blade and Blade Pro occupy the mid and upper tiers of Razer's lineup. There is also the Stealth, but we've written that out here based purely on the fact it isn't a gaming laptop on its own.

There is much to consider. The first is the size, because despite the relatively svelte form of the Blade Pro, It's still a 17.3-inch notebook. That size is either something you want or something you don't, it isn't really something you might be ok with.

That also ties in with the price. The Blade Pro is much more expensive than the Blade at $3,699 and up compared to a starting price of $1,799. Neither are cheap, but the Blade is cheaper.

From there on out the question to ask is how much you actually want from your laptop. The Blade Pro is very much a full on desktop replacement, while the Blade is still something you could well consider a secondary device to your main rig. How you're going to use it will help you decide which to get and how much to spend.

With a GTX 1060 the Blade is still a remarkably capable gaming laptop. The processor is the same as the Blade Pro and the standard 16GB of RAM is still more than ample. The Blade Pro is just insane, but it's also all the PC you could possibly want.

If you want something portable and powerful, the Blade is a great choice. If you want a single laptop that can replace everything and be your only high end gaming PC, maybe hold out and go for the Blade Pro.

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