Razer's concept laptop has three 17-inch 4K displays. Your laptop does not. Your laptop sucks.

The Razer Blade Pro has a great 17.3-inch 4K display, but what if it had three 17.3-inch 4K displays? That's the idea behind Project Valerie, a bonkers concept design unveiled at CES 2017 from the mad scientists at Razer.

The base of Project Valerie is the current top-end Razer Blade Pro, for all intents and purposes. It has the same 6th-generation Intel Core i7 Skylake processor, the same high-powered NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU, the same custom vapor chamber heat management system, and the same ultra-low-profile mechanical keyboard with Chroma RGB lighting that we fell in love with. All of this is wrapped in a black aluminum unibody chassis — it just happens to have three 17.3-inch 4K displays attached.

The two side displays slide behind the center one, which then folds down over the keyboard just like normal. The entire package measures in at 1.5 inches thick when closed (honestly, thinner than I expected) and weighs in at 12 pounds (nearly double the 6.8 pounds of the single-screen Razer Blade Pro).

And as this is a Razer laptop, the entire thing's geared towards gaming. The trio of 4K displays are all IGZO panels with NVIDIA G-SYNC built in — the two side panels even have Chroma light strips on the underside. Combined with NVIDIA Surround they can generate up to a 180-degree view of your gaming environment, all without any fiddling on your part. Or you can load all of the tabs in your browser of choice. And should having the equivalent of a 46-inch 12K 48:9 überwide monitor not be enough for you, that Core i7 and GTX 1080 combine to make Project Valerie potent VR-capable rig.

Project Valerie is a showcase right now — Razer's mum on the possibility of putting the beast into production or how much it'd cost. They didn't even have a fully functioning device for us to check out, there were two: one a polished design prototype outfitted with the angled hinged displays and Chroma lighting, the other a rougher engineering prototype with a pair of sliding-on-rails-but-functional displays. And battery life? Likely measured in minutes, thanks to all those pixels and backlights. The single-screen Razer Blade Pro already has a 99Whr battery that's just under the FAA limits for what they'll allow to be brought on airplanes. Previous Razer concept designs have made it to production — 2012's Project Fiona became the 2013's Razer Edge gaming tablet (opens in new tab), for example.

All I know is that I want one. I want to take it to a coffee shop, set up on one of those little 2-chair tables, and open up its glorious 4-foot wingspan and start fragging in 12K while I sip my latte. It's the dream, people.

Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • WHAAAAAAAAAAAA?! Damn Razer, you crazy.
  • Wait until you see the even crazier price tag 
  • It's a concept device. It doesn't have a price.
  • *When and if it ever gets released.
    I don't see why I have to spell out something so obvious since it is indeed a concept just like the title says...
    My point was: it's going to cost like 6 to 8k or more if they decide to sell it.
  • Of course it'll be expensive. Doesn't mean it's any less awesome. If you're here complaining about the price I think you kinda missed the point!
  • I regret commenting soooo much... Goodbye
  • If you need to see the price, then you don't need one.
  • Lol, so true xD
  • nah it looks good but the bezels between the monitors destroy the whole experience for me
  • Wow, that is clever. Mark Guim needs to get this for his video editing :)
  • I was thinking about video editing with this, too.
  • Ok, excuse the term but, that is F&83king EPIC. No other way to put it. As the Derek said, I dont need it but, I do WANT it. Think of going to a LAN party with one of those....LOL... WOW, what a cool concept and even though I know I could not afford it (I am sure it's BIG MONEY with 3 4K monitors alone)
  • Now i realize why my laptop sucks😐
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!😂😍😆
  • And battery life of a wopping 35 seconds.... LOL... I dont think you could even run that via battery unless your dragging a generator with you.. I reember the Alienware laptops, if you were doing gaming (and it was impressive for it's day) one of the guys I worked with had one and I got to play with it. Gaming, if you have 1 battery expect 25 min, or 2 you could get close to 1 hour on battery. LOL
  • Not to mention how much the thing weighs, and given Razer build quality isn't the best what happens when you have an issue with one screen. I'd rather a laptop with a 1080, and 3 display ports.
  • So companies should just stop trying to do new things is what you're saying?
  • Who ever said trying something new was bad? Even though technically this isn't new, there was a company that crowd funded a similar product (obviously not with a 1080 in it)
  • "I'd rather a laptop with a 1080, and 3 display ports."
    Luckily that's so pedestrian you can get one of those a few years ago. So you're all set! For the rest of us, however...
  • And like 6 years ago someone tried a 3 monitor laptop, "the rest of you" didn't seem to want it that bad then.
  • Right:  
    "Here at Computex 2010 we've found a wonderous creation from a company called Storage Systems Inc. This monster is a 3-screened "Laptop", although it features a full ATX motherboards and 2 graphics cards. It is fully customisable with any standard PC hardware, and even sports a detachable keyboard for when you just don't have to energy to lift it. It weighs in at a less-than-portable 15Kg, and mericfully doesn't include a battery or that weight would probably double." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2ZXagqnOL8
  • Well, screens are quite a bit thinner and lighter than 2010 - so this is actually something you could carry around.
  • Shut up and take my money!
  • Love the idea, though the keyboard doesn't look great. Can you choose to use 2 screens at a time? Or is it only 1 & 3 as suggested in the video?
  • It's Good. How much it weigh to carry around in our hands... Probably I think it's not like most of laptops.. As far gaming is not concerned , though this is a new way of gaming.... probably If i have it, rather than playing game, i would use to work on it... best for me...
  • Valerie?
  • Finally someone decided others had the right idea all those years ago. For example http://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/kohjinsha_d2_dual-di... As a gaming device this is mediocre as it simply cannot power the best in that small case. As a mobile workstation it's far better suited. Go somewhere, work there a few days then move on. Laptops/Notebooks, even this beast, are for people who have to move their workspace around a lot. If not, they offer more downsides than upsides. Ergonomics for example. Hugely underestimated in most cases. Thoug this one seems better than most, with it's touchpad on the side instead of front and center.
  • It's also entirely a prototype.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2ZXagqnOL8
  • This would be amazing for DJing with too....
  • Damn Razer, that's an AWACS or somekinda solar panel on ISS..
  • They should have solar panels deploy behind it to help power and charge.
  • I have actually hit up several manufacturers over the years to build something like this. I have to setup at remote locations for my job (travel about 85% of the year) and am constantly dragging two dell displays and a DP hub with me so I can work. I plant my Alienware 18 in the middle of the two Dell monitors - but having a laptop with three built in screens would make life SO much easier than having to lug around three screens and a heavy ass performance laptop.
  • Onkyo had a two-screen monitor some years ago.
  • Looks epic... But, but, what about if your out and about travelling? A screen of that size wouldnt work very well e.g on a plane or a train, half your screen will be on the persons lap next to ya lol
  • Screw those people. They're peasants without three screens ;-)
  • Awesome, a laptop with 2 hours of battery life!
  • Came here to say the same
  • You mean like all other serious gaming laptops? If you want battery life don't look at gaming rigs, go with an ultrabook without a dedicated gpu.
  • I would actually prefer to see this with 3 x 1080p displays
  • Exactly. It would drop the price significantly and 1080p is still a great resolution. At least a 1080p option would be great.
  • Wake me up when there are six, 4k screens... /s
  • I'll bring this to my next fsociety meeting.
  • At 12lbs, this thing leaves what I would call a "Laptop" and enters the category I define as "Mobile Workstations." I doubt I'm going to see someone sitting crosslegged on the floor with this 12lb behemouth in their lap while updating their Blog. Plus the battery on that probably depleates before you can get Windows 10 fully booted. ...Still want one though.
  • Pretty sure my college laptop was close to that weight.
  • My 18x is about the same weight
  • OMG this is the craziest thing I've ever seen, just imagine the looks you will get sitting down at Starbucks with 3 monitors coming out of 1 laptop.
  • I think they can change the name to "Broadsword"!
  • Ah, finally something that makes me want a laptop! Multiple screens for working without the need of carrying monitors around! But I already have a pretty powerful desktop so... I don't need one, but I want one ;) 
  • Meh, still waiting for the Surface HoloHub Book.
  • This is exactly what I need.
  •   I guess they just one-upped Onkyo. http://theawesomer.com/photos/2010/04/041910_onkyo_dual_laptop_3.jpg
  • Make a "business" version with a numeric keypad - shrink the touchpad a litte as the main screen has touch, perhaps. 
  • I'd rather a laptop with a foldable display that expands on its own when opened, so you could have say a 15" laptop that when opened has a single (no bezels breaking the view up) widescreen 20+" monitor. Kind of the idea of taking some of the innovations for phones that are just on the horizon and applying them to laptops :)
  • Does it have active pen support? If not my laptops better suited for my needs. This is insane that they put a triple monitor display in this beast, wonder if other laptop makers will follow the idea in the future. Maybe foldable displays will give us more devices like this but much more portable.
  • Me too, i want one
  • ahhhh I love it! I dont really need one......but i want one! I run 2 triple monitor workstations, home and work, and i could soooo work on this laptop! i dont see it an something to be ultra portable like sitting in starbucks with it, but as someone said, a portable workstation, for doing real work in the field, if it goes into production I am sure it will have a hefty price tag, but for those of us professional types who could use a tool like this, well if it allows me to make more money, or do my job easier then it pays for itself soon enough
  • buying one just to piss off starbucks Mac users.  This will take up 3 seats.  go sit on the floor with ur macbooks
  • lol
  • Love it, will wait for the 13" or 15" version. 
  • Me want one NOWWWW!!!
  • Cool concept, but still unwieldy and would cost more than its worth in production.
  • Wow, Valerie looks really stupid! Seriously just stick with one monitor. There's no need for three!
  • For some, like myself, are used to using multiple screens. Being able to have that kind of productivity on the go would be awesome. Definitely not for the average consumer, but for some people, this is ideal. I didn't care about gaming on it to be honest, I was looking for at the level of productivity I could have while away from my desktop setup.
  • What do you need three screens for productivity for when one will do just fine? Pointless product and the hardware in that laptop is not going to drive three 4K monitors with any level of acceptable performance.
  • If you think the product is pointless, then it obviously isn't aimed at you. There are plenty of niche products out there. Just because some people, or even the mass majority don't find it appealing, there are those who will enjoy it, therefore a potential market that can result in profits. And whether those margins are high or not is up to what the company wishes to achieve with their mainstream or niche products.
  • Wow, that is amazing. I actually really like the effort they have put into the design of it too.
  • there was a concept on idiegogo or something similar, which was WAY better than this. why? because it was a case mounted on your laptop that you could slide 2 external displays from within. so whats all the fus about this? not to mention that...3 4k displays? who even needs that? 4k is already on the edge for a laptop (similar to how 2k is for phones), now you want 12k? 3 FHD displays on a laptop should sufice. 
  • I would love to see them refine this tech, making it lighter, thinner. A laptop with the ability to have 1-2 easy pull out screens would be incredible! I honestly want it less for games, although awesome, and more in a workstation laptop. Never have to worry again about not being able to dock my laptop!
  • Looks great, but it will be a while before a setup like that is a reality for gaming, because even with a GTX 1080, you just can't power a gaming experience on 3x 4K displays at a decent quality and fps. Maybe with a sli pascal titan X configuration, but that is not something a laptop can run; not to mention the price of something like that.
  • Yeah, I would rather see it with three 1200p displays
  • Well ive stayed in touch with Slidenjoy - you can attach extra displays to any laptop - they have delayed delivery several times an pissed off a lot of people, however it looks like they will staer shipping in Q1 - check them out.  Ive been looking for something like this for ages as I want to travel and have multiple screens, this Razer is just too heavy.
  • So crazy. I want one and use it on a plane
  • You'd have to sit in the middle seat.
  • Nice! They made a slimmer and more powerful version of this ancient generator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2ZXagqnOL8
  • I have not interest in this. Another site's write up said it gets very hot so they recommend using an external keyboard too. If that's the case, then why not rip off the Surface's design and place the components behind the main screen, add a kickstand, and have an option for a type cover. The extra screens would fold in to cover the main screen during transportation, and it will take up less space if you want to use an external keyboard. Battery life on this will be horrible. That alone will prevent it from being portable. I'm guessing you'd get no more than 3 hours doing everyday tasks and maybe an hour if you're gaming. A nearby outlet would be a must have. Don't get me wrong. I like the idea, but I'm not sure the tech is there yet.
  • I imagine the screens fold up nicely, but what's it like carrying this bad boy around? I would almost hope it'd have it's own carrying handle. D:
  • It is no larger than an Alienware 17 - and only 6.8 pounds
  • If you want to see this thing become a reality (like I do) got to this link and register your email: http://affiliates.digitalriver.com/z/555050/CD220848/&subid1=UUwpUdUcU45...
  • I don't have a laptop, so f you.