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Read this: The inside story of how Microsoft came to buy Nokia

Monday night was supposed to be the end of a holiday here in the United States. Not the start of one of the biggest tech news of the year. It was just two days ago we learned of Nokia agreeing to be bought by Microsoft. Over the course of the evening and subsequent days we read, analyzed, and discussed the issue.

Over at we learn the inside story of how the Microsoft/Nokia deal came to be from Ina Fried.

We’re not going to copy and paste the article, it’s totally worth reading. But we’ll highlight a few interesting parts of how the deal came.

  • It all started in January 2013 with a phone call from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa
  • Both Nokia and Microsoft were frustrated with the single digit marketshare of Windows Phone, despite both companies pouring money into marketing
  • Four main meetings resulted in the deal
  • Steve Ballmer at one point tripped over a glass table during meetings, resulted in a gash on his forehead
  • Deal stalled over both sides not seeing eye-to-eye on how much Nokia was worth and the value of HERE services

It’s an entertaining read and gives a behind the scenes look at how 8 months of talks lead to this point. Hit up the source below, read it, and come back to discuss.

Source: AllThingsD

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  • My only comment is:
    Turns out, Elop wasn't the Trojan horse. In fact, he had very little to do with this. T'was all Balmer and Siilasmaa.
    Go figure, (not that I believed the conspiracy theories)
  • News to me as well, Mr. Elop's been fairly quiet on what happened. I hope he can secure the rest of Microsoft's cooperation so the level of innovation remains at a high level.
  • How can you be so sure? How do you know if Ballmer and Elop haven't communicated outside these meetings and behind the back of Siilasmaa. 
    This article gives an overview of the process. I am sure Siilasma alone did not make the decision. There were other involved too. There is always more than what meets to the eye. 
  • Very true, but in a venture this large, if the higher ups find out you are shopping one of their top employees at the same time, you could very well be jeopardizing the entire deal, if not more.
    I don't believe the "trojan horse" idea, but then again stranger things have happened.
  • Why does Balmer always look like a crazy ass junkie (or an evil genius) on all photos when he tries to smile?
  • wow, +1 :)
  • Kinda reminds me of Gru. First Nokia, then the Moon...
  • Single digits market share. No surprise. For 2 years Nokia failed to deliver a single phone with modern design: thin, light body, aluminum premium look and feel, expandable memory, min bezel, 4.8 to 5.5 screen. Sadly that's the true. Nokia got it right with entry level device (520). Never got it right with middle and top end. Not that 920 is a bad phone. Clearly is not good enough when compare to the best seller like SG 3 and SG4. Hope MS will fix it and deliver more premium hardware.
  • Lumia 925
  • +925
  • Oh please, no great selling highend flagship phone on the market meets all the spec that you said so in other words you are full of crap.  Galaxy S4 don't have aluminium look, HTC One has no expandable memory, iPhone 5 is less than 4 inch big etc.  You don't speak any truth but just projecting your own desire instead of what the market really want.
  • And what phone do you consider better...because I've used nearly every mainstream phone available in the US and they have all been crap compared to the 920.
  • Design wise original ATIV S is better. I also think SG4 design is great: no bezel, all screen, light body.
    Don't get me wrong. I am. WP user and care about the platform. I just hope that Nokia will make 'that' high end phone everyone will want. Same as 520. We all know that there are capable.
  • WP fans take note how bezel will soon become the new knock against us now that we have quad core and 1080p support.
  • What drugs are you on, and where can I get some? Nokia did a stunning job with their top-tier phones. But it doesn't matter how great the phones are if there is no promotion on the sales floor ([cough] 925 [cough]). Some examples: the Forbe's reporter asking Elop about AT&T's disgusting treatment of all Windows Phones, my example above with T-Mobile US. Of course the SG3 and SG4 are huge sellers: the sales floors are still heavily pushing them, and usually still with misinformation about Windows Phone.
  • Wpguy, really no need to be on drugs to state FACTS.
    Agree that sell teams are not pushing WP devices. Also agree that with 925 Nokia is heading in right direction. However,
    That doesn't explain huge margin sales in terms of quantity between S3 and 920. Lets be realistic here. In terms of design: S3 is hugely lighter and thinner, have bigger screen and yet is almost identical size to 920. Not even mention about bezel.
    That's massively important and undoubtedly contributed towards 920 poor sales (in comparison to S3). Just hope MS will get it right.
  • It all marketing bro, fuck your bezel theory. I sell phones, everyone except for techies uses their phones for 3 or 4 basic thing...calling, texting, email..maybe pictures or GPS if they're feeling adventurous. WP hits all those check boxes perfectly but still can't manage to sell in the US. Why? Because think that the Galaxy line is the best. They have no reason to think so but they do nonetheless.
  • You would not believe the number of iPhone and Galaxy users that have literally "fondled" my L928 in just the last two weeks since I got it.  Most even appreciate the heft.  Even the L822 I now keep as a work spare has drawn some attention.  Plenty of those thin, light aluminum premium look and feel are pretty darn impressed.  Their problem is - in NA - they're tied into their contract (that's where I was) or, particularly with the iPhone, are too heavily invested in the iTunes world to attempt a switch.
    Besides, how many of those premium look and feel devices get stupid cases thrown around them, to the point you have to take a second look to see what kind of device is actually hidden inside?
    It's not the design that's really the issue - it's more inertia from perceived lock in with the ecosystem in which they are invested.
  • 925 - 4.5 '
  • Nice ;)
  • Not nice. This story is just an account of how long it took to agree terms on what would be included in the sale of Nokia to MS and for how much.
    It starts with an assertion that WP/Nokia Lumia sales were not growing fast enough and that the reason for this was somehow linked to the relationship between Nokia and WP team / MS.  From what I can see, sales for Nokia Lumia WP devices are growing very nicely in many parts of the world. It's just the US and China who are lagging.  MS and Nokia should have put more effort into finding out why. Didn't they see that the growth in WP sales is all with Nokia and not with Huawei/Samsung/HTC. What should this tell them? Nokia branding is the driving force in most of the world, less so in the US. I think that MS are jealous of this situation, it makes them look 'less' than Nokia in some way.
    They just needed to work out an alternative strategy for marketing within the US to satisfy the vanity of MS.
    From a consumer/fan point of view, the issue that has been holding back WP sales is inertia within development of the OS, and that responsibility is all down to MS. Sill basic functionality missing. Separate system/ringer volume controls anyone? Notification centre? Close programs from multi-tasking view? - this back, back, back, back, back thing is a hideously bad UX.
  • I agree with you.
  • Well said. People bought Windows Phone inspite of the OS only because they were Nokia phones. These were people (like me) who used a series of Nokia Phones over the years (3310, N86, E72, N97 etc) and therefore wanted to try out when Nokia started making WP phones.  To an average consumer, it always seemed that Nokia made phones with a lot of passion and committment. and in many parts of the World like India, South America and Europe people still love Nokia for that. What I always loved about Nokia was the care and attention they give even to the $20 phones. MS is an efficient company, like Samsung or Googl, but lack the emotional connect lot of people have with Nokia.
  • I agree with the problems listed with Windows Phone and that MS needs to address them. I also think Nokia is a great company (and hope MS chooses to keep the brand name on the phones for at least the next few years like they're doing with the Skype brand).
    However, to say that Nokia deserves 100% of the credit for the rise of Windows Phone and MS is the only reason it's not growing faster is provably false and not an accurate description of the whole situtation. Nokia's market share with Symbian was in a death slide. It was only after shifting to Windows Phone that it stabilized and has now begun to grow again. This is a credit to both companies working well together. It's clearly not all Nokia's brand name, or they wouldn't have been in the situation that required licensing Windows Phone in the first place.
  • So they "had" to buy it. WP moved slower than expected even though we thought Nokia had the momentum. Good luck filling that shoe Microsoft AND getting better results. Makes me nervous.
  • You're right to feel nervous, but keep in mind that Microsoft can take much bigger risks with products than Nokia ever could.
  • Not to mistake I love windows 8 and the rest of the android user filled world doesn't so they can only make big for now I am saying they need to get there shit together now I hope they do cause windows 8 is solid missing a lot of apps and features and functionality but solid and I hope thy add all of it and become successful and keep improving the os cause I find it fun to use!
  • Hollywood's done movies based on the Somalian pirates (starring Tom hanks), they also have a WikiLeaks movie coming, I want to see a Microsoft buys Nokia movie, that's the only story I will believe ;-)
  • lol, good one!
  • Bring me a 5.5" lumia 925 like design and i will forgive you Microsoft lol, no but seriously, bring a 5.5" lumia 925 variant :)
  • Hopefully the fact that the new phablet is reportedly to be called the 1520 means there's room for a 5.5" 1220 or 1320. :-)
  • Yeah but i hope it's going to be high end, very high end, quadcore FHD etc .. :( wireless charging perhaps, hopefully built in ...
  • With a very good graphic chips.
  • Yes!
  • Smart move by Nokia. However, I always wanted to see an Android Nokia device in the future. I love Nokia designs over HTC and Samsung phones. Although im an WP8 customer, I feel Android would've crushed any competition with a Lumia device built for Android.
  • No.
  • YES!
  • Never !!
  • I have high regards for Nokia but I doubt they could ever hope to crush Samsung in Android because of Samsung's deep vertical integration. Samsung can always undercut them in prices, especially in low-ends. Nokia will lose the performance advantage of 520 since both will be competing in low-end crapdom that is Android. Samsung has the financial clout too to spend on advertising. And I doubt Nokia would get financial backing from Google, nor an offer to buy, not with Google still struggling to turn Motorola around to profitability. But they'd have no problem crushing HTC though, since both will be fighting from cash-strapped positions.
  • Yes because Nokia disappearing all together as a device manufacturer was a much better option..
  • they would have disappeared either way. they wouldn't be able to compete head to head with samsung. we've seen that htc more attractive hardware lose out to samsungs plastic phones. microsoft kept nokia afloat during their reatructuring. without microsoft, they would have lost a good chunk of their cash reserves. they would have enough to market their devices worldwide. the have never been much of a name in the US. they need spend considerable funds to enter the US market. Microsoft gave them financial backing and helped with marketing. google wasn't willing to hep at all because they dont need nokia. they might have sold more handsets with android but still would have gone bankrupt. plus good luck putting android on low end hardware.
  • Blasphemy!
  • Surface (Microsoft'stablet/glass table).....fall (autumn months/Ballmer's misshap).......8 months (Windows 8/Lumia WP8) HERE (Nokia's mapping service/where i am at this very moment) *X-Files themetune*'s a f#cking conspiracy!!!!
  • You, sir, just won the internet!
  • Gotta learn to read between the lines. This is spin for the fact that Balmer has Early Onset Alzheimers and is why he tripped over the table. He thought he was playing on the Slip 'n Slide with his kid brother on his 8th birthday. So now we know the real reason for his resignation. 
  • He fell on his head? HA!
  • It's really not funny to laugh at someone who fell...
  • Oops! I didn't know it was a hard fall. Didn't read the whole thing. My bad. I know, I'm ashamed of myself.
  • Really?
  • Esh! Sorry. I'm very tired. I'm sorry I didn't read every little word...
  • My reply was that you didn't catch the sarcasm.
  • Oh, sorry. :P It's hard to catch sarcasm in text.
  • My reply wasn't sarcasm....
  • His, he meant. And I already apologized. Can't you read?
  • This agreement will be good for us at the end :)
  • Seems like it had to be this way.Nokia was running out of money.
  • I think you're going to see Windows 8 embedded with HERE services in a lot of cars sometime soon. Ford was looking at W8 to replace MyFordTouch awhile back.
  • Microsoft sync + Here Maps
  • Oooooh, I didn't think about that. Interesting...
  • Knowing MS, they will be implementing this on all 2011 Ford Focuses. This will be announced at the release of the 2014 models.
  • They should. Have always wondered why they wouldn't use main systems that people are already familiar with instead of creating frustrating user interfaces like iDrive, Command, MyFordTouch, MMI etc Just makes sense to modify an existing one to fit cars. Not to mention it'll run smoother as well.
  • Well MS always could have put in more money. It was not because of money but because WP was not competitive enough and fast enough to make a difference.
  • This is the right move for Microsoft and Nokia. Hardware and Software as one. Now just do the work.
  • I agree. I luv this move.
  • Maybe biggest reason I came to wp8 was because of Nokia. Now who will be making the new wp8 phones and when it comes to brand who do I look for ? Samsungs are ok HTC meh ok I guess .nothing like my NOKIA Lumia 920.all my friends are crabbing at me (jokingly) "told you Nokia couldn't compete with Samsung. Galaxy phones are better that's why Samsung wont sell out !!" and I have nothing to say about that except I hope your wrong ( while praying in my head) .because if not I have to eat a ton of my words : |
  • You need to stop looking at "brands" when you buy smartphones and evaluate them on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes HTC makes a great phone and sometimes they make a junk phone. That statement can be applied to any company with any product.  And in regards to Microsoft/Nokia... the phones you get a year from now will still be made by "Nokia". It might not say Nokia, the team building and designing the hardware may not be Nokia, but it will be the same DNA you get today. But it will be better since that hardware team will work one on one with the software guys at Microsoft (because those hardware guys are now "Microsoft"). 
  • Honestly I don't think you understand him Sam, honestly if you think about it do you think Microsoft put as much effort as Nokia into windows phone? No. Its for that reason (the support given) that people who love Nokia, LOVE Nokia, the name Nokia means so much more to them than "Microsoft"
  • Yes. Microsoft is putting a freaking ton of effort into Windows Phone. Just because you don't see that effort doesn't mean it's not happening. Effort does not always equal features you want in a phone. Go read this post on the Nokia Conversations blog. Here's the quote if you don't decide to read it:
    "Microsoft and Nokia have very similar values and vision when it comes to product quality. It’s what has made Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone such a great match. We value great hardware quality and a seamless user experience. I recall a recent product workshop where we split into Nokia and Microsoft teams to describe our vision for the next generation of Windows Phone. When we came to compare our lists, they were almost identical. Design at Nokia is our approach to product making and embraces engineering and manufacture. It’s the expertise in that approach that distinguishes Nokia and made it something that Microsoft wanted."
    Microsoft and Nokia have been working together for a long time. This deal between the two is just going to remove any artificial barriers between the software and hardware teams.  How is Microsoft not serious about mobile or Windows Phone? They just spent 7.1 BILLION dollars to add 32,000 employees to their phone business. They also spent 7.1 billion dollars to make their own hardware. That shows effort and a committment to Windows Phone today and tommorrow. 
  • This, exactly!
  • +920
    An excellent post Sam!
    The only thing I am nervous about is loosing the Nokia brand on the smartphone front.  Nokia has worked really hard over the years, and with WP to gain a massive amount of brand recognition.  Nokia = solid nie-invulnerable build quality.
    In every other aspect, I am excited for the deal, since Microsoft will be able to poor far more resources into pushing the platform, the relationship with carriers, advertising, and so on. 
    And yes, the Nokia team will still be firing on all cylinders within Microsoft.  As a part of their new "devices and services" transformation, I think Microsoft could not have scored a bettter acquisition.   If only there was a way to retain or smoothly translate that legendary Nokia "brand".  Ironically, Microsoft has a long list of excellent hardware products under their belt.... but for whatever  reason, it's not at the forefront of the "Microsoft" brand in most people's minds.
  • Sam, and others...take a look at this article. Its a LONG read but explains the internal mess that is Microsoft. Shows why we don't have basic features and apps. I'm not bad mouthing MS but they have lots of work to do to get to Nokias level. The good thing is that if Elop takes the reigns maybe he will drive Microsoft like he drove the teams at Nokia.
  • Sam, past doesn't support this. Zune, Kin, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7. Everything good has died a pityful death.
  • You can't just lump those four together. One, Zune didn't die. It evolved (devoled?) into Xbox Music. It's really still there and going to be getting back to it's former functionallity soon. Same with Windows Phone 7. 
  • Sam, can't you recognize marketing spin when you see it. That story about Nokia and MS working in two teams and coming up with the same 'values' is likely to be 100% bullshit.
    I predict that MS will smother the Nokia ethos and we'll just end up with bland dogma. MS want to be 'more like Apple' it would seem, with integrated devices and software. They envy the profitability of Apple, but have to accept that MS will always be a volume business and cannot become a niche high margin player. They'll probably copy and just produce one over priced crap phone a year, thinking this is the secret sauce.
    Apple have already run headfirst into a dead end and are about to fail big-time, unless they can build $99 off-contract phones. There's no point in trying to copy. All the money will be in volume at the low end before long, exactly where MS should be able to excel, and where Nokia were kings for a decade.
  • Both Zune and WP7 received high praises as devices/software - it was certainly not due to MS not putting in enough work but poor release timing of the product onto the market.
  • Except you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of "bad" Nokias while others...
    Also, is there any guarrantee that Microsoft will pour the quality into their phones they did into the Surfaces? They spend a lot of money on the Surfaces quality build and they are, indeed, amazingly build. But their sales are a disaster. So I'm ready to bet the Surface 2 and other Microsoft hardware will be "cheaper" in terms of construction, just in case it backfires again. As for the "it will be better since that hardware team will work one on one with the software guys"...come on, Sam. Not even you believes that. Here's what'll happen: one of them will stall the others. Currently you have Nokia (hardware) pushing Microsoft (software) to evolve, perfect, inovate. With Microsoft controlling both that's highly unlikely to happen. Unless, of course, they fire Belfiore and the entire current WP team and replace them all with the Nokia developer team and we see a 180º degree change in the modus operandi of the software guys.
  • Microsoft just spent 7.1 billion dollars on Nokia. I don't think you need to worry about any sub-par products coming out. Quality should be the last concern. What is going to matter is how fast the two can work together. 
  • Money doesn't mean support, its like saying money can buy happiness!!! Nokia didn't just pour money, they were also the only OEM that really cared for windows phone! They made so many services and apps just for WP, were the reason 600 apps came to windows phone! They were the reason many developers came to windows phone, when Microsoft could barely keep up with Nokia! Just like with gdr2 and the Lumia 1020, I'm not hating on windows phone, but Nokia is the reason I love windows phone
  • So Sam, you think the amount Microsoft paid for Nokia shows something about the platform? Look no further than Skype. Microsoft paid WAY more for that than this acquisition, and look at the state it has been on their own Windows Phone platform.
  • Yes.  What about Skype? Should it be better? Always. But neither you nor I work for Micrsosoft and don't know the current technical limitations Skype brings. Althougth Windows Phone 8.1 and Skype should be very interesting ;)
  • Well that sort of my point. Microsoft does know the technical limitations. Both are their own products and they have sucked when mated together. It's no secret that Microsoft, internally, doesn't collaborate well. I don't need to be a employee to figure that out. The other platforms for which Skype is on has had a better overall experience.
  • Gotta agree here. You are correct when saying "It's no secret that Microsoft, internally, doesn't collaborate well" But that is what they have been on a mission to change since 2011. Since live services were gone, since zune was gone, even something as small as microsofts website now they finally look like they are one big company that offers Office, Windows, Surface, Windows Phone, Xbox, Skype, and Bing. They are getting there, slowly, but they are moving lol im loving the integration with Outlook and Skype for example. Or skydrive and outlook and skydrive and windows 8. Microsoft 10 years ago would of never had that integration that's for sure.
  • Dear Sam, Microsoft spent more on Skype and owns that company and yet, Windows Phone is the last OS that gets any new Skype features. This goes on to show that Microsoft spending money on something doesn't necessarily mean better product for users.
    Not seeing improvements for the Microsoft user base where money is spent leads to the more likely outcome of Microsoft enforcing a faulty leadership on a superior team (whose key members may choose to leave, as some have already done) and bringing it down to their level. I think there is no argument that Nokia, unlike Microsoft in WP, had a superb team that was very agile in providing both great hardware and superior software and accompanying updates, while Microsoft was the big software guy with all the money and kept on not providing anything tangible to the users.
    So no, buying Nokia doesn't necessarily mean support. It might prove to be the end of Nokia's quality, something that is not unheard of in the world of technology. Like what HP did with WebOS.
  • Skype was in other platforms first than WP... do you think they should stop supporting a platform only becuase they are adquired, that would show unprofessionalism by Bates.
    ALso they had to develop for windows a way new app, with new apis and etc etc. I know its microsoft but they have no magical programmers that can do everything at once.
    and its not like WP isnt getting the features same with Win8 app. its not like only because they are adquired by Microsoft, the technology ports automatically to Microsoft products... they need time.
  • Yes. Very obvious that it was on other platforms first. However when you pay BILLIONS of dollars for Skype and you are trying to stand up a mobile presence in the industry, you take care of your own first. Let iOS and Android marinate awhile, while you build up your own portfolio of offerings. It's exactly what those other companies would have done!
  • So what you're suggesting to MS is to abandoned all the iOS and Android users, make them totally hate MS, letting a competitor win them over, and then try at a later time to convince them to not only switch back to Skype but on a totally different platform from the same company that f*cked them in the first place?? Bravo.
  • No. What he means is those platforms already has latest and greatest of Skype which they are happy with. Stop your programmers messing about for those platforms. Bring those resources full time on WP development till all of YOUR OWN offerings on YOUR OWN platform are on par with other OS you've been serving for years. Once that's done, divide resources EQUALLY among these platforms.
  • The Skype feature update farce is proof that MS is not effectively integrated between its portfolio when they do not use new features on Skype to spotlight their OWN phone OS first. It would not be difficult to organize. 1. Ready all versions, WP8, WP7.8, Android, iOS
    2. Release WP8 & WP7.8 versions
    3. Wait one month
    4. Release Android & iOS versions Honestly, how hard is that?
  • Argh!!!! I hate your little wink emoticon! after all this disheartening news ( I feel!) about Nokia selling to Ms . Wp8.1 better deliver . I mean we can't take any more bad news.oh and about Skype not only should it be better but the best . I always said feed your family good first then your neighbor but that's another story
    Nokia phones have never let me down and I base my future purchase based on my history with that company guess what no history with a Microsoft phone.
  • Throwing money at stuff doesn't solve the problem. If it did, Microsoft would have surpassed Android by now. Also the 7 billion proposal wasn't clearly the figure MS wanted to give for Nokia but that that Nokia was able to milk from them. I'm not sure they'll want to keep throwing money as if there was no tomorrow. They won't. If WP doesn't start to make them a profit, they'll bring it down. Just like they did with every single thing that didn't brought them profits before.
    We shouldn't forget they are a business. They're in it for the money.
    So we should also think about quality. Though I'm sure they won't produce phones as well as Nokia, I wouldn't wish them to produce cheap crap like Samsung. As for the speed...yeah, exactly. And what can assure us that, just because they have hardware and software under the same roof they'll be able to work faster than until today? Nokia's hardware and software departments were pretty fast. Microsoft's software department is abysmally slow. I see a collision right there.
    Well, not to mention Microsoft isn't particularly knowned as a company whose internal divisions work wonderfully together. Just look at the lack of cooperation and shared vision that exists between the Windows division and the Windows Phone division.
    Ideally this restructuring of MS could lead to the end of that...but I highly doubt it. I think this "restructure" that they seek comes in the line of the "something must change so that everything remains the same".
    I'm personally sad to potentially see Nokia as a collateral victim of this.
  • Looks how much they spent at Skype and Windows phone is just getting Video messages after iOS and Android
    What about aQuantive ?
  • Come on dude really?Stop with all the doom and gloom.let's wait and see what happens with the first batch of Lumia's next year.
  • Let us stop assuming MS has already bought Nokia first, shall we? Because they didn't. Shareholders haven't approved, authorities haven't approved.
    All that exists now is a proposal and a declaration of principal from Nokias Board of Directors and Microsoft. But the board of directors doesn't own Nokia. So this can lead to nowhere if the shareholders vote "nay". Or imagine someone comes along and offers to buy Nokia for a higher price? Someone who wants to p*ss off MS and get a new OEM...someone like...Google. It IS theoretically possible at this stage.
    This is all hypothetical based on experience and current scenarios. 
  • Ohh I hope you are right...i really hope something like that happens...right now...i would trust Nokia in hands of google more than MS...atleast Google wouldn't kill Nokia brand...that's for sure...and unlike Microsoft's need to control everything and everyone...Nokia could be free under anyone else...or better yet...themselves...first thing...Nokia should fire Elop...secondly...release an Android phone...n then prove to MD the fault of its ways...i read an article where someone commented that Android cannot save the world...where everyone failed except for Samsung...and partly Sony...but yeaa...if Nokia came in Android...who would go to Samsung then?? The software is ready...all Nokia needs to do is design a hardware that screams the Legend of Nokia...and boom...i mean...even if I am wrong...before Nokia sells out to MS and gets itself removed from the smartphone business forever...isnt the Android venture worth a shot??
  • *Slow clap* I agree 100% some people don't care about wp as much as they wanna see their favorite phone manufacturer produce things they love. Nokia is uniquely their own and to have it taken over is sad IMO. I wish Nokia looked at all options if it meant saving the name brand.
  • well said man ......Nokia + android = real samsung killer
    now samsung can rule the world
  • So why should you even care - you have threatened to use iPhone several times already so you must already be using it by now.
  • I'm guessing all the complainers on her are switching to IOS or Android.Nokia was the only thing keeping them on WP to begin with.
  • You are right Chad...i am personally an extreme and loyal fan,of Nokia...i have had 5 Nokia phones over the past 6yrs...with the legendary N73 Music Edition being my first phone...and I cannot remember one second...when I did not love my latest one is a Lumia 920...and is good hardware...the design shouts beauty...only drawback is the OS...which is not that bad...only thing isn't something Nokia needs to focus on building right now with its own future almost under water...
    when the whole world is filling with people using Android and iOS...and we have to accept...Samsung is using Android to make some badass phones out there...which Nokia can...but still can' will MS ever see a future...without the Nokia brand...all stats say that only reason WP8 is even on third beat blackberry...all happened...because of Nokia...if Nokia even now adopts Android...I'm sure...Nokia can easily beat Apple by the end of 2014...people want to see Nokia succeed...i can bet that more than half of the Samsung owners out there are dying to go back to Nokia...but are victims of advances in technology...the main reason why Nokia is getting screwed over between Elop and MS...i will still say...if MS removes Nokia brand name...noone can ever beat Android and iOS...BB is almost down...and this acquisition will push all other OEMs to Android...what will MS do with its Surface phones then?? Probably recognize a write down of 1billion dollars this time...
  • I'm sick of all the comments on here saying they should have went Android.There are only two companies making a profit off Android and that's Google and Samsung.
  • The deal is done.  The only avenue for google and apple to prevent the creation of microsoft's devices and services vision by acquiring nokia would be go straight to the regulators or the shareholders.  Microsoft is in the clear as they have put their most vocal opponent, value act, on ice thru a deft maneuver.  Nokia does not have an activist shareholder after them and the time for apple and google to groom one would be too late to stop the deal, and after the rise of Nokia's stock after the announcement, it would be a crazy hedge fund manager that would attempt it.  That would leave regulators.  This would be a painful and embarassing route which would pummel both companies more than they would hope to affect microsoft's rep as their points would reflect on their own business practices.  Monopoly?  WP is currently in the minority of handset numbers.  A litigation in the style of the 80's IE litigation?  IOs and Android have done similar and built an ecosystem, browsers, integrated into  their products as well.  Antitrust?  No go, and Microsoft can respond with Google's refusal to allow access to their services at the same par given to other players and Google has also acquired Motorola.   Most of the scenarios above would most likely play out in the next couple of months but they would avail nothing.  All the campaigning of Apple and Google to extinguish WP and to prevent the transition of microsoft to a services and devices company have come to naught with one itsy bitsy little deal.  You have to admire the artistry and sheer brilliance of that.  I still feel bad about it though.  I will forever cherish my 3310.
  • one of them will stall the other? come on. this is the last push for windows phone. the other oems are gone. it's microsoft and the nokia team. microsoft just spend $7 billion plus a lot more on marketing for the last three years and for the next few years. shareholders want to see results. i think the employees on microsoft team and the nokia team realize that if they don't succeed soon, they will all be out of jobs. some of the more talented designers might find jobs at samsung or apple and some of the systems engineers might find jobs at google or ios. however, most of those 32000 employees and however many work on windows phone will be put of work for a long time. Desperation and a nothing more to lose attitude can bring greatness. Apple only became great after they were on the brink of bankruptcy and started to take more gambles. we have to wait and see, but i think everyone at microsoft windows phone division knows how important it is to succeed now. the people we should worry about is the office and windows teams. they are still rakimg in the cash and aren't nearly under the same pressure. if the wp teams needs somethig from them, they migjt not deliver. we'll see if they can cooperate to realize the 3 screen  vision and merge wp and win8.
  • NOKIA will still be making the phones, but with MS Branding most likely.
  • I know what you are feeling Paul...i have a Nokia Lumia 920 myself with the exact same bet I've made on Nokia with my friends...maybe the deal is good...but I'm afraid of just one thing...MS should not destroy the Nokia brand name...if it does that...i think they will officially kill any hopes for WP to ever succeed...
  • It was a good read. But I had thought Dan Rubino had brokered the deal.
  • Sam Sabri's hit solgan "Let's check it out" is not in this article⁉
  • Hmmmm? I'm going to check it out.
  • Its after the break
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  • Idk, at first when this happened I was EXTREMELY happy but after all these stories of what really went down,the possibility of Nokia having gone android and more, I feel really worried for Nokia, before I first got my Lumia 900 I really had no idea what a windows phone was and I forgot Nokia existed, but ever since I got my 920 and I witnessed how much support they gave, I fell in love with the company, and now that Microsoft cant use the name Nokia on future smartphones, I feel like Nokia just died off and its really quite heart breaking
  • 2016, the phoenix rises again. Worth the wait, good chance Nokia buys back the division or starts anew.
  • Not likely. They will be like IBM after sold off their computer business to Lenovo. Smartphones are becoming a low margin business, just like computers. Apple has the clout to command premium pricing, even though even that is starting to erode. Samsung is vertically integrated and can still make good profits. the rest are fighting for scrapes. Nokia isn't going to try to reenter this market after a 3 year absence, especially since their brand isn't strong in the US and weakened in Europe.
  • I am excited about the Surface Phone that gets updates without carriers approval
  • THIS!!!
  • Why fight so hard for HERE. M$ but especially Nokia should have paid whatever it takes for Waze!
  • If "we bought Nokia because WP wasn't growing enough" was the reason...I wonder what the shareholders who criticized from day one Eflop's decision of going with WP instead of Android will say about that. And how will they vote knowing that... 'cause that's basically the same as saying "Nokia will be killed because of WP lack of success". Also, if Siilasmaa was complaining about MS's offer...and now MS is TRYING to buy Nokia for such a low price...I wonder how ridiculously low was MS's initial proposal. Finally, Microsoft buys Nokia because they were frustrated with WP's lack of fast growth? By that logic it should be Nokia buying Windows Phone and not the other way around. If there's a problem with Lumias it's the operating system and the LACK of FEATURES and Apps. Nokia did more than her share trying to fix something that was Microsoft's responsability.
    If Windows Phone doesn't appeal to more people, Microsoft and their sloth-team are the ones to blame. So I don't see how the source of the problem buying and destroying the only thing selling their product will help the product grow. Actually, I can even think of a few many reasons while it will work the other way around. Now on a less serious note:
    "Ballmer had not seen a clear glass coffee table and had tripped, hitting his head and leaving a gash on his forehead, just above the eyebrow." In other words, God was giving them a sign of how stupid the idea is and none of them understood. I honestly suggest that God throws a Nokia 3310 to their heads next time.
  • I agree. This article is a b******. This was planned all along.
  • Even Stevie Wonder can see all of this was planned -- it kind of makes sense (now) why they changed Nokia Maps to Here Maps, which left people wondering why!