Readit app adds user tagging, cloud sync and more in latest update

Readit, the popular third-party Reddit app for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, has received a massive update. It adds, among other things, user tagging, cloud sync support and more.

Here's the long list of new features:

Subreddit/post tagging

  • Tag subreddits like in RES
  • Adds a tag to a post if it doesn't contain the specified text (only on front page/all and multireddits)
  • The tag text is inserted at the beginning of the title just like RES

User tagging

  • Tag users/ignore users like in RES
  • Use the ellipsis menu for posts on desktop or right click a post in the post list
  • Use the app bar for mobile or press + hold on a post in the post list
  • Use the more menu for comments to tag users from a comment
  • Add a tag via the advanced settings page
  • Adds a tag to the user right next to the username of posts/comments so that you can tag/ignore trolls, friends, known users, etc.
  • Keeps track of total vote count - how many up/downvotes you have applied to that user since tagging them
  • Keeps count for any user you have voted on ever

How the tagging "ignore" feature works

  • Self text for comments, messages and posts are replaced with a message stating that the user is ignored
  • If you really want to see the self text of it, the ignored message contains a link that you can click to load the original content

Advanced Settings page added to the settings menu

  • Manage user tags and subreddit tags
  • RES Settings Import
  • Import settings directly from a backup of your RES settings - imports user/subreddit tags and associated data such as vote tracking numbers for users

Cloud Sync has been enabled

  • Syncs data using the roaming storage of your MS account (< 100 kb of data)
  • Will sync between all devices (desktop/tablet/mobile) as long as you are logged into the same MS account
  • Only syncs when an account is added/removed or on app launch
  • To force a sync, lock your device that is syncing the data to the cloud and wait 3-5 minutes. MS controls this. After the wait period, check your other device and it should have the data.
  • A sync to the cloud occurs if the local file timestamp is newer than the server version
  • A sync from the cloud only occurs if the server file timestamp is newer than the local version
  • Will sync the following:
  • /r/all filter
  • Read posts (gold not required)
  • User accounts (no passwords stored ever, not even in local storage)
  • Only syncs users down to device if there aren't any logged in
  • Subreddit tags
  • User tags
  • New comment count since last visit of posts
  • Settings are not synced due to device differences

In addition there are a couple of bug fixes

  • Fixed all filter in a certain languages
  • Fixed titlebar disappearing on navigation for the desktop UI

Download Readit from the Windows Store

QR: Readit

John Callaham