Realarm, the best alarm clock on Windows Phone, just got even better

If you wake up at the same time every day and never need to set another alarm, the stock option in Windows Phone probably does you just fine. If, however, you set a lot more and want more overall control, Realarm is where you need to look. It's probably the best alarm clock app you'll find in the Windows Phone Store already, but it just got a huge update that makes it even better.

An all new design, new voice commands and some nifty new features are all waiting for you with the bump to Version 1.0. Read on to find out more about it.

What's new?

There's a pretty sizeable changelog for the latest version, and so before going much further let's see it in full.

  • [NEW] Completely new design
  • [NEW] Created top bar to indicate next alarm or application state
  • [NEW] Ability to skip alarm via button in top bar
  • [NEW] Alarms in main page now shows its state: remaining/expired/disabled/skipped
  • [NEW] Backup & Restore (OneDrive support)
  • [NEW] "Once" recurrence renamed to "Once on date"
  • [NEW] Created new recurrence "Once" which behaves exactly like build-in alarms
  • [NEW] Created Mute All page + "muted" state reflected in top bar
  • [NEW] Calendar rebuild from scratch
  • [NEW] Added "Skip next" voice command
  • [NEW] Added "Cancel skip" voice command
  • [NEW] Live tile custom color opacity
  • [NEW] Added alarms sorting methods (see Settings)
  • [NEW] Alarm Default time (see Settings)
  • [NEW] Created Welcome page
  • [FEATURE] "Round minutes to 5" moved to radial time picker
  • [FEATURE] Settings are being stored also when returning to Start from Settings page
  • [FEATURE] Live tile is being refreshed also when leaving app from Live tile settings page
  • [FEATURE] Improved About page
  • [FIX] Already passed today alarms in Agenda are now hidden
  • [FIX] All application bar icons are now 76x76px large

Plenty of good stuff, and while it looked good before, with the visual refresh it looks fantastic.

Wakey wakey


The key to Realarm is complete and total control over your alarms. Be that one you want to go off every day – to drag your lazy behind out of bed for work, for example – a one off to remind you to do something or even just to wake you up from a power nap during the day. It's simple and elegant yet feature packed and powerful. Realarm strikes a perfect balance between doing a lot and making it easy to do anything.

The list of voice commands, for example, is extremely impressive. With full Cortana integration just say "Hey, wake me up in an hour" to have Realarm do just that. If you're inside the app, a similar process of selecting an hours time for a quick alarm provides the same effect. No need to think about a time. And if you want to change it up a little and wake up to different alarm tones each time, that's possible too. It'd be nice if Windows Phone allowed the app to use your music to wake you up instead, but this makes the best out of the situation we're left with right now.

Use it like a reminders app


Realarm also gives you the ability to use it as a reminders app, too. With a built in calendar and agenda view you can view all your alarms by day, date and time just as you would in dedicated apps for that type of information. Since you're likely to set some kind of audible notification for important reminders anyway, Realarm just brings that in with waking up from a nap.

It's such a simple idea but a really effective organizational tool. Set a bunch of different alarms for different purposes and still be able to see the what and the where of your day.

The Live Tile is pretty useful, too, in this respect. It looks great with some really nice artwork to choose from as a background along with more regular choices such as your accent color, but it also displays the next few alarms and what their purpose is.

Back it up


Of all the new features, one of the best for anyone moving between devices is backup and restore. Realarm will now hook into your OneDrive account and create a backup file that you can use to transfer all your alarms between your devices.

It's a really simple process once you're logged in, just choose when you want to backup all your data and hit the button. If you're on a new device or a new install of Realarm, go log in with OneDrive to begin with, choose the restore file and you're off and running.

Ultimately Realarm is the best alarm clock app you'll find for Windows Phone. It's a superb example of an app that sounds so simple, but is executed with imagination and attention to detail. Oh, and there's one other thing. It's absolutely free. And at that price, there's no reason not to give it a try.

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  • Is this like the built in Alarm, that it rings even if the sound is of?
  • if your phone set to silent alarm will ring
  • This ^
  • This is why I laugh at iPhones, if its on silent, the alarm is silent as well.
  • Nope. It does ring in silent/vibrate mode on iphones 
  • Alarms every which way hmmm. Psychologically speaking, using your music as an alarm tune is not will start hating the song that wakes you up eventually.
  • Yes! Any song chosen as an alarm or ringtone very quickly falls out of favour with me.
  • I've used the song, "Good Morning, Beautiful" every day for nearly 5 years, and I still like the song. Then again, it's not in my regular playlist anymore, but I still like getting awakened by it. Gets my wife and I in a "kiss each other first thing in the morning" mood pretty often, so it's all good.
  • A friend of mine had me use the Clash's 'London Falling' to wake me up back when I was a sophopmore in college (12 years ago) and to this day, when I hear the first 5 seconds of the song, it makes me think I'm waking up for class.
  • Better than the radio.. or you end up waking up hearing that you can buy beef for 1.99 -_-
  • For the past 8,5 years I've been waking up at the same time for school, listening to the same public service radio channel. I love it. Except thursdays, I fucking hate thursdays... 06:30 every damn thursday for a long long time:
  • I prefer Gentle Alarm Clock. Wakes me up every time
  • That's a lot of features in one single app. I think I need to check it out.
  • It's like the alarm in window 8.1 on the desktop.
  • It's awesome. Been using since god knows when.
  • Dayum these high-end Lumias are beautiful. :') I love the pictures more than the articles lately.
  • 830 looks pretty !!
  • Same feeling here. Lumia z the sexist phones on earth.
  • Richard, I've started to really like your articles. You're down to Earth and cool... And I'm going to download this app :)
  • buy it, integrate it with cortana,calendar,email app, make it universal and move ahead.
  • I have a clock :) no need...
  • I use Interval. Simple and effective. 
  • It's the best alarm clock. Can't live without it
  • i love the live tile of this app ..its my default alarm app  
  • +1
  • Wow! Neat! Thanks WC :D
  • I love this app so much. Thanks for the update
  • "Wake me up in 20 minutes" will work without this app, FYI.
  • Looks like a really well done app. Does this work correctly with quiet hours? Meaning will it still ring/alarm during quiet hours.
  • No, developers cannot do that at WP at the moment...
  • Thanks, its a really nice app, I am going to try it out still. I set the alarm past quiet hours by a few minutes to work around it.
  • Apolgies all, but I read the article, looked at the pics, and don't understand how this differs from regular alarm and Cortana...."it does so much more" type answers aren't doing it for me. "The key to Realarm is complete and total control over your alarms." --Such as? Serious question folks, what can this do that I currently can't do?
  • Can you set an alarm every 3 days? :)
  • But with realarm can't we select others tones which shows in default alarm app??
  • It's WP limitation. No 3rd party app can do that. If it does, then it's not regular alarm app. Once you close it, alarm will not go off :)
  • OK, that has drawn my attention...   thanks
  • Download the app and give it a try for a day or 2! You'll see it has a lot more features than the stock alarm app!
  • Another example of what Realarm can do: Set a quick alarm that will expire and remove itself from the alarm list after a day. That way you can set a quick alarm and forget about it without having your Alarms list fill up with useless alarms.
  • 627 is a good alarm app, too.
  • I been a user of 627 as well for the last few years.  It hasn't had a tonne of updates in the past but the best feature I like is that it allows for a wake up sound that gently increases in volume until I snooze it.   Does Realarm have something similar?  
  • Its Windows Phone built-in feature. From the documentation: "When the alarm is launched, the sound is played quietly and then gradually increases in volume. There is no way to modify this behavior." I really like 627 too! :)
  • I have both installed - 627.AM made a special "Alarm Ringtone" (alarm 1 - fade in) that was a bit of a fade-in to full volume because of the lack of volume control. The developer was contemplating making more of these as future features. Realarm (the previous version - I don't yet have this update) did not seem to fade-in like this documentation snippet says, but again, that could be the choice of alarm ringer choice(?). I chose: "Epic Day" as my alarm tone for Realarm because it starts quietly and builds on its own. The others were crazy loud on my 1020. Again, this was not with the current update. So it may have changed (or I'm not picking the correct tones from the list!).
  • Nothing changed with that since last update. I'm considering to look for some music artist to make some exclusive tones :) Focused on gently raising volume.
  • This is my one hesitation in switching alarm apps. I made the suggestion to the 6.27 developer for the fade-in tone and he did it perfectly. I would love additional ones though since that one tone is getting a bit old at this point. But when I asked him, he added it to the app in like two days which has kept me on that alarm app since.
  • Will this work in a Vibrate Only mode? How about with both sound and vibrate?
  • Nice update, but I see the "today/tomorrow" switch on the quick alarm screen is still there and still as stupid as ever. A smart alarm app (like most in the WP store) recognizes that when you want to set an alarm for 8am, the alarm will go off at the nearest 8am. This app instead rigidly sticks to a "today" or "tomorrow" setting and it defaults to whatever you last used. So if you're dead tired and you set your alarm after midnight, guess who won't be waking up on time the next morning?! Another reason this is dysfunctional is because it allows you to set an alarm for the past. Yes, I realize that this would be used for a reminder, but you don't create reminders on the quick alarm screen.tldr, the dev has created a very nice app where the limitations of a 1990s alarm still apply. I won't apologize for being used to innovations that happened 15 years ago. Make the alarm not stupid please.
  • You can't set quick alarm to the past. There is message box saying that. There is "today/tomorrow" for simple reason: If it's 6AM at the moment and you want an alarm for 7AM tomorow, "nearest" method would choose today. But yes, I agree, most common case is nearest. I may consider to remove "today/tomorrow" buttons in next update. Thanks for feedback :)
  • "If it's 6AM at the moment and you want an alarm for 7AM tomorow, "nearest" method would choose today.​" With all due respect, that's exactly how I should expect the "quick alarm" function to work. Anything more involved can be set up outside of the "quick" area. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Pardon the, probably, noob question, but with Windows 10, will neat apps like this automatically be available for PC? I see a lot of nice apps in the phone store that I'd like to have but they aren't available for Windows 8.1.
  • It's amazing But I'm fine with the default app
  • This app is a kind of heaven.. Damn gorgeous...
  • Nice, I also like the design.
  • This really is a nice alarm.
  • Will give it a try
  • Was hoping for a big fat snooze button but no, really miss this from my Android days.
  • What I would really like to see is WP open up the API to allow alarm clock apps to simply use system alarms. What's the harm in giving apps a "read-only" access to these alarms, where a user would be required to add alarms the same way the do now?  Also, in addition to that, I would like to see the big, fat snooze button like CGA111 was hoping for. I think the big fat snooze button needs to be part of the Windows 10 built-in alarm.  
  • No problems with the stock Alarm, works with Cortana, does not need to run into the background (using up battery)....Prob a cool app but, I dont need it...
  • 627.AM is a good alarm app too.
  • I don't see anything here that I don't get from the native alarm app, except of course for style points on the interface. I like that they use the same type of radial interface as you see in the windows 8.1 alarm app.  Hopefully windows will get to a place where it will be possible change the default app for various things, ie an alarm. So rather than saying hey, set an alarm. You can just say set an alarm or wake me up at 6 am. Similarly for playing music, maybe if you have a default music app you want to use instead of xbox music such as spotify etc you could just say play this and that etc. Just an example though as I don't use spotify so I don't now if they even have any voice commands on WP.  
  • Richard, is that a photo of the Lumia 930 or 830? Just wondering. -Rich
  • great design and good app also!
  • Another reason I love this app: The developer, Viktor Szekeress, is extremely open to feedback and many of the changes implemented are often due to suggestions from users. And you can see that he has been here answering questions. These are the kind of developers that make Windows Phone great.
  • I, too, am content with Cortana and the default alarm option. "Turn on my 6:30 alarm," or variations thereof, is plenty no-fuss for me. 
  • Regular ol' Windows Phone Alarm works for me. I've never had a problem with it.
  • When I installed this, and tried to use Cortana to set an alarm I got an error code 8000ffff. I uninstalled the app and now I will continue to use the regular alarm app.
  • Bump to v1.0? So it was essentially in beta before this, right? Just wondering.
  • Wish it had an option to gradually increase the volume.
  • I've used this from the day it was released. Not just best alarm app but one of the best apps of any kind. I use the voice commands a lot. Its interesting how the trigger word(s) changed with this update. Before you said "OK Re-alarm" followed by the command. Now you can just say "Hey". I'm curious how apps with voice commands keep from stepping on each other. Obviously no other app is likely to want to use "OK Realarm" as a trigger but "Hey" is pretty generic. Does MS now maintain a registry for apps to claim the rights to trigger words? And if not, what happens when some other app is written to respond to "hey" (or what any other app may already be using)?
  • I love being able to skip my next alarm. I like the default app just fine, but I have to set an additional alarm to remind me to turn my skipped alarm back on, so this is much easier. For example, I have an alarm set for every single Saturday morning to remind me when it's time to leave for work, but this Saturday I am going someplace else, so I just set my Saturday alarm to skip one. And OneDrive backup is great. Another super thing about this app is that the voice commands work just great even with Cortana/location turned off, which is not true for the default alarms.
  • Wow. What an awesome app. Thanks! I had no idea it existed. I'm also new to WP. I've been a user for a total of 2 weeks of my life! Since Denim, I love WP! :) Thanks MS! Thanks Alarm program, because it is FAR more complete than the one that is included with WP. 
  • I there a way to save the Alarm sounds from this program to the phone so I can use them as a ringtone?
  • No longer free. Now asks for $1.99, even if you installed prior to it being changed.
  • Until someone works around the limitation of Snooze and Dismiss button sizes, I'll grudgingly stick with the ugly Windows 10 alarm. Surely--even if there's a limitation in the UI, some smart person could figure something out. Put 4 of the default "Snooze" buttons together in a big square, maybe? Something? I'm so sick of not being able to see, or accurately press, the tiny buttons on all Windows alarms from across my nightstand.