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The property listing service has started emailing users to alert them of the impending shutdown. According to the message, the Windows app will no longer be supported after October 27.

Thank you for using We want to let you know that after October 27th the Windows App will no longer be supported. The good news is that you can continue your mobile home search at — you will get the same up-to-date home listings and access to your saved listings and saved searches on our terrific mobile browser experience.

The app allows users to browse property listings to search form homes for sale or apartments for rent. It's been available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices for some time, but it very much looks dated at this point. A number of the most recent reviews for the app also mention broken features, including trouble logging in. Given the state of the app, its retirement isn't completely surprising.

There's no word on whether the app will still be available on the store after October 27. However, without any updates, expect the experience to degrade further over time.

Thanks for the tip, Vince!

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  • That sucks, I'm kind of surprised about it dropping on the PC side too.
  • Website is all thats needed on desktop.
  • True....I never use apps on PC.
  • Back in 2015 Mary Jo Foley, Paul Thurrott, and others stated that UWP made no sense without mobile. I don't know how everyone but Nadella saw that, but the blinders on him are massive. Just one bad quarter in Microsoft cloud growth, and the collapse could be dramatic.
  • That's why the rumored foldable Core OS pocket mobile device is very important for the W10's mobile future.  It would run all the W10 apps, the web apps and the progressive seb apps.
  • That's not totally true. UWP makes the most sense with Mobile in the picture, but applications that can automatically scale to fit the screen still make sense on both tablets and PCs that can range from 11 inch screens to 70 inch screens used on TVs in meeting rooms. Perhaps more importantly, UWP is a new API meant to replace Win32 and all of its archaic APIs for writing outdated applications that cannot scale to different DPI. Most applications that I use on a daily basis are not written in UWP, but the ones that are all perform much better on larger screens, particularly with switching between them (look at video games for a very nice comparison). The problem for Microsoft is marketing. They have not marketed UWP as a successor to Win32 even without Mobile very well. There are very few applications being written for Microsoft platforms beyond video games and "me too" apps and that should scare the hell out of Microsoft. I think that Microsoft is gearing up to have UWP be transpilable so that you can write it for Windows and deploy it on macOS and even possibly Linux, as well as iOS and Android. Hopefully that is why they bought the company behind Mono (Xamarin), which made tools for that strategy. If they can do that, then they will take a lot of marketshare and solve a lot of developer's problems (fragmented codebases and delayed releases of cross-platform behavior) relative to any future application development. The longer that it takes Microsoft to get there, then the less likely that this will actually happen or even be useful though.
  • Thurrott manages to be on all sides of every issue over time. That way he can always write that he foresaw whatever particular outcome is topic of the day. 
  • So why were apps ever used? phones had capable browsers long before they had app stores. apps allow for a lot more than can be achieved on a flat webpage. The bigger truth is that they are still supporting iOS and Android, so what they are saying is you can use their app on kids toys, but not the single biggest consumer computing platform in the world.... how much sense does that make?
  • Last report I saw showed Linux/Android as the largest computing platform, not Windows anymore. Smartphone web activity on website logs far surpasses desktop now and Nadella isn't getting that.
  • I would say for something like this website is also enough on mobile. Apps are only usefull if there is some offline functionality (writing or at least reading something). For anything else, a pinned webpage does the trick.
  • Try doung a drop down menu with a touch screen without an app. That use case scenario alone justifies apps until someone can fix that in browsers.
  • Not a problem Edge will give you a full screen list off all entries. On Win10m and on Android also. 
  • Except that experience is poor on touchscreens devices which are now more popular.
  • The website works fine in EDGE my 950XL. Does not need an app. IMHO
  • What works for you, won't work for everyone.
  • This will be a common occurance as many have predicted, because there is no need for apps on CPUs. You have website for that. You need apps on small form factor devices like smartphones and small tablets. Without a true mobile presence, companies will abandon support for Windows apps.
  • Years ago Steve Jobs told us that an SDK was not needed, all you needed to do was to have a web page. And the Apple fans flooded the Internet telling everyone that writing apps for different platforms was so passe, that a web page was the future. He fought tooth and nail against an SDK, he famously clashed with the Apple board of directors, eventually they overrode him, and Apple released an SDK. Now Jobs is praised for his "courage" to release an SDK, and web apps will not do on a phone you **must** have an app. It is not about the best way of doing things, it is about attacking one company while making excuses for the other one.
  • While I agree ultimately with the ideal behind your premise, I do not think millions of app users will just give up their apps for web pages. The use of apps by consumers and the profitable app developers will continue with apps for quite a long time. There is no sense of changing that status quo outside of Microsoft at this time. You do not hear Goole or Apple saying "Who needs and app app anyway. You an just go to our mobile-rendering web page instead." Nope, they are promoting apps. Alos, I would submit to you that Joe Belifore stated MS tried but couldn't get developers to buld that apps they needed to maintain a mobile presence.   
  • I think when the user experience is good enough like progressive web apps and also has handy app like advantages then it'll be fine
  • For some use cases, apps are the best. For others, a website formatted for mobile use is better. I suspect companies will weigh up what they do and target accordingly.
  • Good news. Progressive webapps are the future anyway. On all platforms. Not UWP.  Say and hope what you want. Apart from a few stock apps it is game over.  If I was MS i would start improving Edge a lot and market the hell out of it.
  • Too bad they still suck big time.
  • Lol, just coz WC says PWA are a thing, they dont become one. apparantely apps were even dead Bots were taking over.
  • Maybe this can be a sample of PWA (Progressive Web App).
  • It can't degrade much worse. Good riddens.
  • I didn't even know they had an app for Windows.
  • One of several companies that had an app but never advertised them at the end of their commercials.
  • And they bury it under several links and hoops...
  • Windows central, please just stop reporting this. Every app will stop support in the coming year. It's not news and it will only be tiring to read.
  • It makes sense for them to report on these announcements because many people say they stick with WP because it has the apps they need.
  • Why drop the PC version?! What idiots!
  • Their metrics say otherwise....
  • Add Trpit to the list too...
  • Sorry libra89, i accidentally just reported your comment lol. Damn app aint responding right again.  
  • Why the hell on PC too?
  • Nobody is using it.
  • People use apps on PC? Seriously? Why?
    Heck I don't even bother with the dearth of social media apps, easier to view on web.
  • Just as well most them don't get updated very often and are well behind in terms of features that the website,IOS or Android have. 
  • I use mytube on both mobile and Surface Pro 4 so that I can watch YouTube videos offline. Offline use is the primary reason to use apps on desktop. That may change when web apps can store and manage data offline.
  • Not to mention the adverts are not that intrusive either, I don't mind supporting devs with ad revenue but the adverts when using a browser... way too excessive. You have to use a adblocker if you don't want to spammed with auto playing video adverts...
  • No surprise
  • Confidence in Microsoft to stand by their products is collapsing.
  • It has already collapsed
  • I use Apps on PC all the time. They usually load faster, do what I want them to do faster and then I am done. To me, using apps on PC is just like using them on tablet or IPad. Of course, MS is hoping that OS apps will be replaced by Browser apps. It's their latest gambit to save Windows 10. Not sure if it will happen.
  • Why use Windows at all if you're just going to use web apps? ChromeOS is lighter and faster. Use that instead. Microsoft is screwed if they think users will use their platform to run web apps. 
  • When I was shopping for a new place to live the Streeteasy website and the multiple listing service were much more useful to me than
  • W10m is supported until the end of 2019... but how many apps will stay by that time, i would not be surprise even the most basic apps like whatsapp retire their support on w10m before 2019...
  • Why so many of the apps we come to know that they existed only the time they stop support to WM????
  • This is a perfect example of an app that never should have existed in the first place.The functionality it does is best served by using a web site.
  • Well to be honest, you won't get the concept unless you worked in real estate.