The rebranding of Nokia Music to MixRadio; say hello to Ike

It's common knowledge that Nokia has rebranded its popular music streaming service to MixRadio, but what's behind the new icon, called Ike? Design Studio worked with Nokia to produce the new logo, which is a "negative space headphone-shaped smiley face device." The goal was to create something youthful and fun, while sporting an authentic look.

The new logo received mixed reaction from consumers, but the end result hasn't been crafted without care. For example, Nokia was the party who suggested using both smiley face and headphone icons. The two companies have also worked together in the past, which helped reflect other branding and work produced for Nokia.

See a handful of ideas below: 

Nokia MixRadio

Some icon ideas for the rebranding

For Design Studio, Ike (the new icon) is an emotional representative of Nokia MixRadio. A new wordmark was designed and both combine to form the new logo. Ike can be rendered in any texture and can also be used across numerous media, an obvious requirement for the branding of a product or service.

Nokia MixRadio

Are you a fan of Ike?

Source: Design Week

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  • No. I hate it. I hate everything about this entire redesign and rebranding. I loved Nokia Music as it was the perfect replacement for iTunes with that extra Mix stuff (which I honestly don't use). Ever since the redesign, they rendered the service completely useless. I'm no longer able to buy songs as not only the App doesn't work in my country for some odd reason, but the website doesn't work properly.
    With Xbox Music being a mess full of errors everytime we try to buy anything, I've been forced to return to that iTunes crap. Damn it, Nokia. Damn it. (Also, the logo is horrible. There's a psychopathic killer look to it that gives me the creeps)
  • You just seem to want Nokia to not move beyond 2005. You dislike any change Nokia makes.
  • When the change is for the worse, yeah.
  • +720,, old was far better,, this new crap sucks... !!
  • I've listened to 97 hours of Play Me and haven't had one song played to me that isn't what my taste is like. This thing has the cleverest algorithm ever. I don't see how that is worse.
  • Read my comment again. I've said why I don't like it ;)
  • 3390 Gold baby! 3390 GOLD!
  • And you're clearly the most obnoxious fanboy on this entire website. MS and Nokia can't do no wrong, right? For God's sake, develop some critical thinking.
  • Although I agree to the psychopathic killer look...
    Dude, you hate everything lol
  • Well, these companies aren't really making it hard, are they? =P They had a music service that worked wonderfully - Nokia Music - they made severe changes that rendered it am I supposed to like that?
    Worse...they force me to go back to iTunes because of that...iTunes with its bloody m4a songs.
    The other option would be to not *buy* the music...if you know what I mean. And I don't really like to do it the other way. As for Xbox Music...these bugs have been around for ages. They still haven't been fixed. wth?
  • The Xbox music team is the worst...
  • I'll agree that the Xbox Music Apps keep getting worse and worse, but I consider the service second to none, especially if you own an XBOX 360.
  • I enjoy Xbox music quite a bit. Right now my only complaint is managing cloud from phone.
  • Agreed....can't believe how terrible it still is on WP8 - and it's really not much better on W8. I'll be holding onto Zune for as long as I possibly can - or until they properly make a Zune replacement.
  • I seriously doubt that you consume any Windows Phone or Nokia services.
  • When a phrase like "completely useless" is thrown in, I know the writer is being unreasonable. "Not doing something you want it to do" is not the same as "completely useless". It still plays music, either from a mix or your own collection.
  • I'll quote myself, but alas..."not only the App doesn't work in my country". I don't even have access to the App in the W8 Store. It's not there, even though the country is supposed to be supported. And even by changing regions, the app doesn't work properly. If you have a big music library as I do, it takes forever to load your own library (something that doesn't happen on Xbox Music and even less on Windows Media Player) and still doesn't allow you to use its other functionalities.   (By the way, I should have mentioned this: I'm refering ONLY to the Windows version of the App. Not the WP version which I never used as I don't use my phone as an mp3 player)
  • Why are you on here complaining?call Nokia and tell them your problem. If the mix radio doesn't suit your needs,just don't use it.simple as that.
  • WPC asked us to post our opinion.. He's bitching, but he was asked to voice his opinion..
  • L get that but tell ur opinion and just let it go.but he crying like a bitch won't solve the problem.l mean,so he trying to say everything about Nokia mix is bad?not even one good thing?c'mon seriously
  • You just lost a great opportunity to keep your mouth shut and spare yourself passing as a moron.
    Not only you didn't read the article, you assume stuff you don't know. Well, I have news for you: I actually took the time to write Nokia about it even before this article was posted. See? Now you just look dumb. (Actually, FYI, I always contact developers before complaining or giving a bad review. So, there you have it...)
  • Well l just assumed how girly you could be over this. If Nokia doesn't suit ur needs just move on stupid. Lmao
  • Friendly advise: don't assume things if you don't have a working brain and/or can't read.
  • Crying like a bitch.. Lol❕
  • Seems like User error to me. I don't have a problem using any of those apps. Though if you're just using music on your desktop and nowhere else, I'd give The ZUNE software a whirl. There's also WinAmp which I use to transfer music to my Sony MP3 Player. The only logical reason why you would be having problems with those apps may be due to DRM.
  • People still use Winamp? Where can I dl IRC and MSN Messenger too?
  • Yeah, I know I do. It is still the only music player I have ever used where I can create a completely custom playlist on the fly, basically as quickly as I can type a few letters. I can also sort my music exactly how I want it, Hell, even just the ability to sort music is alien to most music players. If what you want is to listen to music, NOTHING comes close to Winamp, if you want bullshit with your music listening feel free to go elsewhere.
  • I just don't like the term "Mix Radio" which seems to be used more frequently. I understand the concept, though Nokia Music was more of a prouder branding than the generic MixRadio name. I guess where you can't specifically pick what songs you want to listen to is a "Radio" ala Slacker, Pandora, doesn't ring well for Nokia. The icon is just lame.
  • On top of this Nokia MixRadio allows you to listen to music stored on your phone, so it isn't specifically a "Radio" only app, so your criticisms are warranted. Nokia Music, while generic, was more accurate in what the application is, an all encompasing (to an extent) music app designed by Nokia.
  • Plus since Nokia is merging to Microsoft is not a bad idea to take the name Nokia out of it to not create confusion. The app can't be an exclusive to a phone that will no longer be their property.
  • Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.
  • Why are you forced back to using iTunes? No access to other music purchasing services?
  • Digital music no. Xbox Music crashes and gives errors everywhere, Amazon only sells in restricted markets, now Nokia ruined the system they had. The only thing left is iTunes. Well, and Google Play...but that one I still don't fully trust.
  • I haven't had XBM crash every.. What are you using it on W8❔
  • It's a troll, read the comments,  it's clear the troll does not use any of the services it claims to use.
  • No, DJCBS isn't a troll.. He's just mad because of MS purchasing Nokia.. He'll eventually be alright.. I think he's a smart dude, but he's just angry at MS right now and wants to push towards more refinement on MS's part... He ain't going nowhere..
  • Its a great logo! I'm sorry we're not all boring and want music notes.
  • Soup for you!
  • I also had problems making it work after the update, changed my Nokia account region settings. I would say give it a try.
  • Is not supported in my country, so 'till now is useless!
    And for those reasons that's why the piracy growth here!
  • A) The song purchase feature is still there. I checked. Just search for an artist. (EDIT: Realized you're talking about the Windows Store App, not the Windows Phone App. IDK if song purchase is gone, but the phone version still has it, so I'm assuming user error.) B) Idk why its not working properly in your country. Perhaps its just a bug that will be worked out. Have you tried contacting the appropriate support line? C) XBOX Music IS a mess, but for different reasons. I've never had trouble purchasing music. D) I find the logo both fun and intuitive. A set of headphones as a smiley face... Clever. 'u'
  • B) I don't know why and not even Nokia seems to know why. When I reached them they said they didn't know why wasn't the App available and that "perhaps it will be fixed in the future". So they're also completely clueless here. C) So far I only had problems with buying music from Xbox Music. But to be honest, I don't use it for anything else on W8.1. I still prefer Windows Media Player :P
  • just double checked. Music purchase is still there. Have you tried uninstalling, resetting your region, and reinstalling the app?
  • LOL.. You do sound really negative, but I have to agree that it does have a crazy looking smile to it..
  • "Also, the logo is horrible. There's a psychopathic killer look to it that gives me the creeps" Completely agree with this sentiment; I hate the logo as well; it reminds me of an Evil Clown, don't even want to look at it; I wish I could just change it to the old note logo that looked really nice for a music service. It might have been a clever idea to use a fliped headphones that resemble a smiley, but just because its clever does not mean its good. Did Nokia even do any focus group test with that thing? I doubt it.  
  • About the logo, thank you! The first time I opened the updated app on my phone and saw the logo on the screen it was staring me down and saying "I know what you did last summer." Also, they should've just called it "mixtapes," given it a tape icon and called it a day, nobody argues with nostalgia (we still use the wired phone for our calling icon), or even better just called it "zune" lol
  • Lol.. That logo looks like its been smoking bath salts..
  • I agree with original post. The face looks creepy, like a serial killer. The layout confusing and repetitive with no structure. I have stopped using the app completely and have removed it from my start screen. I wish they didn't redesign the app, but add basic functionality like making it easy to create and edit a playlist and be able to drag a slider to fast forward or rewind music.
  • it's an upside down headphones...also you might be thining of "Red John" from the Mentalist lol  
  • For those fools who don't know .
    .go to the search bar type ir song and download tats it...y u all behavin like jerks..logo sucks though
  • Agreed I too getting all my songs from iTune. I try xbox music and Nokia there were just too horrible. Why can't it just easy like iTune
  • Hello,  I am from India. I was a regular user of old nokia music app. I used it to download and listen to latest songs from the store option. But after the rebranding this facility is gone, The current trending music part  is no longer there. I would like to have this feature in the next update of MixRadio. Note: New icon is kind of gay.  
  • DJCBS is famous today, although i agree with him apart from being in love hate love relationship with Nokia. I cant access nokia music too, the logo is not preferred but majority is never wrong. Would wanna see it either comes to my country cz or i ll start hating Nokia-- aahh just kiddin ;)
  • About the psychopathic logo, i agree
  • =)
  • Yes!
  • I thought it was un upside down over the head headphones...
  • Me too. I am sure that played a part in it. Until I saw the upside down headphones, it reminded me of the damn Walmart smiley.
  • That's it❕ It does look like the wall mart smiley face.. Lol
  • Err.. Read the second sentence of the story.
  • No
  • I hate this new logo it sucks,nokia pls change the logo asap
  • Lol, the second to the last looks like the cereal guy. I like the MixRadio logo, exactly what I thought of the logo whenI first used it. Never used Nokia Music though.
  • I dont like it at all
  • I actually like it. Never cared about names (here maps) or logos as long as it works im a plus subscriber no problems what so ever.
  • I still think google play is stupid.
  • Google play, iwork, imore, ipad, iphone, htc first, here maps, drive, and all other stupid names but they work.
  • Been using Nokia MixRadio as my main music app and am more than pleased with it now that they have added the like and dislike feature. Big fan of the logo! Was hesitant about it at first, but it has really grown on me and it makes the app feel like it has stronger branding to it.
  • I like it. It's fun, lighthearted, and it's a pair of upside down headphones.
  • I love everything happening, awaiting the future anxiously, 2014 getting closer, I see Nokia and MS awesome integration, we are the early adopters here, so we have to be patient because the future holds something awesome.
  • I think it is brilliant
  • "Youthful and fun"? More like creepy and gay. I actually thought about ditching the whole service cuz of this new piece of crap icon.
  • Pathetic & homophobic that's what describes you
  • ^Agree with ogracia^
  • I'm with orgracia on this one. He calls himself lonewolf for a reason I guess.
  • Lol, chill bro.
  • Ditch it. It won't miss you.
  • Its cool with me. As someone said, I thought it was upside down headphones at first... jejeje
  • It sucks !!!! Old was Gold..
  • I might not be a big fan of the service, but I LOVE the interface. I wish that microsoft would adopt a similar style for the Windows Phone Start Screen, except it would be grouped in a vertical syle like default now. That way we could set a wallpaper or somthing in the background with all the extra space (the Dark and Light themes can really get boring after a while) But anyway I now that okia way trying to be witty and all, it was a nice try, at least for the novelty of it.
  • While I like the new icon, I hate that the small live tile is bright pink, it clashes with the rest of my home screen and looks out of place.
  • Just change your theme to bright pink and it'll fit right in :P
  • I hate it!
  • I don't like it. If you see the logo by itself, you have no idea it is for a music service.
  • Yeah it doesn't look like the apple music icon anymore so I'm happy
  • I like Ike!
  • Its kind of meh..for me, I don't care about the logo/icon as long as the service works. Anyway I think Ike is not liked that much here going from the numerous ratings in WP store as here in India, Nokia music was kind of the only place where you can buy music easily(yes including itunes) and the new update has lots of bugs that has made buying music almost impossible. I think this update could have first been released in the countries where nokia music was used as a replacement to spotify or other internet radio services, as a mix player its great as an online music store,it sucks( I have gone to nokia care so frequently just past week as there was some activation problem of my unlimited nokia music). I feel nokia should update the app soon with more option for buying music and ironing the bugs,ASAP then maybe IKE will be likable.
  • I liked the app, everything is as before with new features
  • I like it..except why does it have to be pink...
  • Same here, I think it's a great logo but the pink just ruins my home screen. Also I don't understand my nokia has been making all there app just a single colour instead of changing to the theme colour. If they just changed it back to making it change to the theme colour then everybody would be happy!
  • I like the rebranding and the app itself got a new usefulness for me. But I gotta be honeste and say the new icon, this Ike character, freaks me out a bit...
  • I hate the pink tile... Just throws off the theme color of the start screen... Maybe if we had a choice of black tiles I could handle the pink. With the Microsoft buyout one of the music services was bound to get trashed and it sure as hell wasn't gonna be Xbox Music no matter how crappy. Once again MS gives the naysayers fuel for the fire. *sigh*
  • For me it works just as before so I have no point in hating the new re-branding ! and well I also seem to like the new lke icon
  • I like it. I like it s lot. Got no problems whatsoever, the app is working perfectly and the new icon is funny and the pink color stands out from all the other icons (except for the PicHitMe one).
  • Seems cool enough. I think it works.
  • Great design. Love it.
  • It baffles me why no other market entrant can create a music access platform that replicates seamlessly across all platforms. Clean design for navigation of a users' own music regardless of device is the baseline priority upon which all other considerations should be added. I never will use the 'mix' function in Nokia music apps so I find it off-putting that this rebranding focuses on this. I now have to swipe to the right to get to my music and as before the music navigation is still too clunky. The Nokia W8.1 pc app has the same navigation problem. The only reason why I use it is because it is the inbuilt default music app but it won't be competition free forever. Please would someone out there [apart from Apple] show Nokia how it should be done! I'm waiting for something MUCH better than this. And yes, the logo and pink accent colour was money wasted on whoever you paid for that infantile graphic design work. You have been warned!!!
  • WTF cares what anyone thinks of the design. If someone doesn't like it go create your own damn company and create your own logo. Just enjoy the music.
  • Most. Dumb. Statement. Ever.
  • Yes.  Your comment is the dumbest one yet!  JA!
  • yuck Even after being warned there was headphone imagery, I still did not see it naturally.   I don't wear my headphones upside down.
  • You don't?! You're missing out as the music sounds sooo much better like that :P
  • I had a pair of phones that wrapped around under the back of my head, they were perfect for bike riding, Jabra Bt20s (pretty sure that's it) some of the best bluetooth headphones I've used for the price.
  • The new Nokia music works really good for me,especially the offline radio. It seems faster to load without any many radio players out there give offline free music that works like an online radio? you kidding me? L don't understand why people care soo much about naming or logo as long as it works as its supposed to work. If you don't like it don't use it.simple as that and stop nagging like a kid because Nokia can't impress everybody.
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Nokia Music wasn't broke, it was brilliant. And by the way, when the hell are Microsoft going to give Xbox Music a decent interface in Windows 8 again?? Full-screen artist images on my Surface please. All I get now is some joke of half an image, often cropped halfway through the artist's face, and the list of songs underneath. It's a JOKE! Do any of the MS execs actually use their products??
  • Well, there's definitely a backlash about it. I'm not using that app at all. It seems they were trying to make it familiar going from one system to another (Android, iOS, and apparently Now XBOX ONE!)
  • Seriously? How about something even more radical? - Differentiation! That was what set the Zune desktop player, then Xbox Music apart. This situation where you just get images of the top of someone's head is just embarrassing! If they're so determined to have half/half with image and titles, then at least SCALE THE IMAGES TO FIT!!
  • I hate it all, I used to use it all the time and since the update I have un pinned it and and not used it since
  • Needs mouth bisecting through middle of the round head (just like Ike from south park)
  • I'd rather it be a headphone! I get what they are trying to do but it isn't very humorous. 
  • Not a fan of the new logo, it looks bush league to me, then again all I care is the functionality of the service, and that is still intact.
  • I love it! The icon is hip, modern and creative, like windows phone.
  • Hip, lol.
  • I like the Nokia Mix Radio, primarily for the reason that it works for me now. Earlier I couldn't access Mix Radio because I bought my phone from one region and using it in a different region. So, Nokia Music never showed me the options of Mix Radio, Music Store, Gigs, or whatever, I don't know. I could just play the music on my phone. But now, I can play songs and mixes from any artist and album. So, Mix Radio is the best thing for me :) :)
  • If I ever start using extasis, I want this logo on the pill. Lol.
  • No.
  • I love it!!
  • I like it, however, where can I see local gigs?  Not just the ones from music that I have "favorited" but random, local gigs??  Did I miss it in there somewhere?
  • I only use Xbox Music, so I guess you can put me in the don't care category.
  • Yeah, XBOX MUSIC > anything else out there right now for me.
  • No, I don't.
  • The frown face icon must have been a joke.
  • Pink? Seriously?
  • I gotta admit, I do prefer the old logo a little more but this new smiley isnt so bad that I'd complain about it. Just gonna take some time getting used to i guess. I do like the new design though on the WP version, looks great and I really think it was due for change a while ago.I think people should give nokia a chance, theyve really put in some good work this past year and i see a lot more good coming from them in the coming year. :)
  • Great redesign! The previous look was dreary and cheap.
  • Yea im not a fan of the logo, it doesnt look right for some reason!
  • Like the new icon a lot. Knew instantly that it resembled upside down headphones. However, I have a hard time knowing where I can buy music now
  • I like the logo but not the name of the app (Nokia Mix Radio).
  • nice logos, but still I wonder, why they didn't take this:
  • Seriously?
  • I like it. And I wonder how someone who says the app isn't available in his country can know so much about how it works and its usefulness. But I like Ike.
  • Ah, well, this service is not available in my medieval country so... I'd love to have Nokia Music/Mix/Whatever, regardless of the design of its logo :)
  • I like the new icon. The service is pretty a-ok for my needs. Sounds as if my needs may be a bit diff from many of yours.
  • This service is not offered to some regions and i Hate's an useless service
  • Nokia Music won't play any of the albums I've downloaded through my XBox Music pass on my Windows Phone 8, but it will play albums I've purchased and downloaded from iTunes.
  • The re-design is an okay decision, besides from the name change. But I also think Nokia should be dealing with bigger problems: The lack of functions. We're talking about a pre-installed music player now, so obviously most people will use that one for listening to their favorite tracks, but that might not happen if you can't swap/switch the queue-list, easily jump through the middle of a song or even deleta a song from your mobile device through Nokia Mixradio. So please Nokia: Don't focus on design before functions.
  • I started using it and have the app pinned to my start screen. The tile updates with album covers. The logo is good and pink.
  • Its a freaking logo. Why are people getting so upset about it!!!???
  • I don't really understand why people get butt hurt over a logo, it has absolutely no bearing on the application beneath it, which is pretty great, I still have issues with WP8's terrible music grouping on the phone which breaks up my albums on there and prevents me from listening to the from start to finish, but MixRadio works perfectly, and the amount of new music I have discovered just by punching in a random artist from my collection is sensational... albeit costing me a lot of money (I'm still a CD kind of guy, much rather buying CD's and ripping them at a quality bitrate than being at the mercy of someone elses predefined compression).
  • That being said there is one thing that does bug me and it is a carry over from the previous Nokia Music. There needs to be a button in the "what's playing" screen that takes you directly back to your music collection, for those people who don't solely rely on the "radio" functionality (which is me, I much prefer listening to albums rather than songs becuase I'm generally in the mood to listen to a particular artist, not genre). Going back can be quite cumbersome, and not wonderfully responsive (maybe the newer 2gb phones will alleviate this but still it's irksome and not very fluid for me).
  • The logo is very bad. Stupid grin happy face (upside down headphones), on pink!
    What happened to local gigs?
  • Hate Ike but still love the app!
  • The thing is slow as dirt. It takes forever to back up out of the menu to the higher level. Switching to Xbox music
  • I like the new logo but hate the name "nokia mix radio" I have no umidea why that name is fancy to them.
    Ang how are we suppose to pronounce the name lol
  • Firstly I love the Nokia Music app. I use it on my windows phone. But the new updated version is not good to work with. Only the UI is improved. Also it's very hard to download songs from the store. You've to search the artists or albums to download. You cannot listen to particular album in the mixes. All the mixes are played randomly. In the previous version whenever we went to store it would show us latest releases, but now it's not possible, also there is no section where feeds about new releases of various artists are available. I've my music subscription but can't download songs because I don't know what's new in the store. I've to find it on Billboard or vh1.
    I think Nokia should make some improvement with regards to this, otherwise it's better than iTunes.
  • Its creepy
  • I used it plenty over this weekend as a test, and when I say "plenty" I mean a solid 10+ hours every day for 3 days in a row. I've used the pre-set stations, and a handful of my own settings, and I've been nothing but impressed - as have been other listeners.
    Maybe being in 'Merika makes a difference, but I'm personally happy with the change. The biggest thing I've noticed was the song choice algorithm is really solid - out of three bands it chose plenty of others that I like, and those in didn't like, it removed, yet stayed on course.
    The icon - did it HAVE TO be friggen pink!?! I could care less about the smiley face, but PINK?!? :/
  • The only complaint with the app is the missing store link and new releases section. It just means I have to look at some other source to know which new album or song got released and then search it on mix radio app. That makes the app useless. Earlier it was the store section that was used the most. Just want the store section to return in the app. Who cares about the mixes, when u can download full songs. Frankly speaking it was coz of this stupid update I had to download song from other source which I hated the most but left with no option. Seems my subscription will go waste.
  • I just plugged in Davey Graham and the program gave me a stellar English traditional folk revival mix. That is awesome and out of the ordinary. I like the program interface - fairly intuitive once you get into it.
  • I had to stop using Nokia Music from a long time as it is slow as hell. I have some 1500 songs on my 520 and it wont even be able to clearly shuffle them and lag a lot. Whereas the default player worked just fine.
  • I'm not crazy about the logo or the color.  However, the main thing is if the app is functional.
  • I don't care for it but... Are we really making all this fuzz over a new icon?
  • When I saw it, I thought it was so right and so obvious. Genius.
  • Just rotate it 180 degrees so impression will be headphone first, smiley face second. Not the other way around. I'm not a design person so whatever.
  • Why the dont make normal touch seking bar? So like music player app is useless.
  • "Negative space headphone-shaped smiley face device". Or in other words, "creepy smiley icon"...
  • I am ambivelent towards the logo but i miss the local gigs bit
    Also why oh why in the name of all things sacred did they make the now playing tile pink? Pink! Bloody pink.
    Pink is not a neutral colour
  • I'm in Malta and, until this latest update, Nokia music worked fine with offline radio and gigs and all. I did switch the phone region to US/UK to get the updates but all features worked. With this new update all has been disabled and I can only use it to listen to the music I have loaded on my device.. Sucks pretty bad at the moment. Anybody have a workaround or any way how I can revert back to the previous Nokia Music? 
  • I'll draw a curtain on the little shitstorm at the top there and say that MixMusic would have been a better choice of name. Radio has obvious connotations that detract from all the functionality of the product.
  • I may be one of a few, but I like the new icon and design. Icon stands out better than before, and with the old system I got a lot of songs I did not like. Since the revision I have had 2-3 in total. I would prefer Xbox Music if I could listen free on my phone, but Nokia filled that gap for me. Wife has Xbox Music Pass, she is plenty happy. I guess everyone will just have to find what works for them.
  • Nokia music in everysense whther icon or content was much better than current Nokia Mix Radio. I am not able to see New Releases. Actually Nokia Mix Radio was part of Nokia Music earlier. Could not understand why Nokia has revamped and dwongraded Nokia Music.
  • Ya that's release.etc store is removed...if that feature is brought back app will be gr8
  • I didn't recognize the headphones until I read this article. It's a shame they made it pink too and not the accent color. I think it breaks the intuitive approach WP stands for. Not fond of it.
  • good stuff nokia. love it! everything you do is always cool ~
  • Dont really care, can it play music? Good, job done
  • Just got my first windows phon (Nokia 1520). I hate this face especially on the live tile, it should not be allowed on the live tile as it covers over what is playing.