The rebranding of Nokia Music to MixRadio; say hello to Ike

It's common knowledge that Nokia has rebranded its popular music streaming service to MixRadio, but what's behind the new icon, called Ike? Design Studio worked with Nokia to produce the new logo, which is a "negative space headphone-shaped smiley face device." The goal was to create something youthful and fun, while sporting an authentic look.

The new logo received mixed reaction from consumers, but the end result hasn't been crafted without care. For example, Nokia was the party who suggested using both smiley face and headphone icons. The two companies have also worked together in the past, which helped reflect other branding and work produced for Nokia.

See a handful of ideas below: 

Nokia MixRadio

Some icon ideas for the rebranding

For Design Studio, Ike (the new icon) is an emotional representative of Nokia MixRadio. A new wordmark was designed and both combine to form the new logo. Ike can be rendered in any texture and can also be used across numerous media, an obvious requirement for the branding of a product or service.

Nokia MixRadio

Are you a fan of Ike?

Source: Design Week

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