Recapping Mobile World Congress 2009

It was the hope of many Windows Mobile users that Mobile World Congress 2009 would make up for the lackluster showing at the CES in January. While some may think different, Barcelona was a cornucopia of announcements, displays and rumors of what the rest of the year holds for Windows Mobile. Coverage of the event by our own EIC Dieter Bohn was logged not in yards but in miles, and it's time to wrap up all the stories he tracked down.

Read on for a breakdown of all that went down in Barcelona.

Device Announcements

While HTC may have been the biggest bang heard around the MWC grounds, it wasn't the manufacturer with new phones on display.


Windows Mobile 6.5 was the big announcement and largely matched up with the numerous leaks that appeared in the weeks  before the show. The jury is still out on whether 6.5's going to be anything to write home about, though Dieter was less than impressed.

Other news

LG stood up and joined hands with Microsoft, pledging to make Windows Mobile the company's main smartphone OS and to crank out 50 new devices by 2012. We also saw a commitment by industry leaders to seek standardization and continue to strive for more effective and efficient technologies.

  • Verizon Launching 4G Test Sites Later This Year
  • HTC Prototype Stolen
  • The Micro USB Standard

So, providing everything stays on schedule, we've got some exciting new phones and an incremental upgrade to Windows Mobile on the way this year. And we'll be on top of it every step of the way.

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