Obviously Windows Mobile 6.5 dominated the bulk of Microsoft's announcements at the start of Mobile World Congress, but we've also seen My Phone and, to a much lesser extent, Marketplace.

But the Windows Mobile Team blog chimed in today, pimping some of the bennies for developers:

  • An easily discovered on-device application that is installed on every Windows Mobile 6.5 device, and includes prominent placement on the Start menu.
  • Global marketplace distribution (30 countries) with flexible payment options for end users through both credit card and mobile operator payment methods.
  • Single source developer-focused web site for sign-up, publishing, and management of applications in the marketplace.
  • Transparent set of policies that clearly articulate the types of applications allowed in the store.
  • Streamlined, yet flexible workflow for getting applications published to the marketplace.
  • Leverage existing Microsoft developer tools, such as Visual Studio, for faster time to market.

Otherwise? Not a whole lot yet. Try to make do with Windows Mobile and My Phone for now, m'kay?