Remember the Name, a Windows Phone app to help putting a face with a name

Remember the Name is a Windows Phone 8 app designed to help those who often remember a face but the name seems to escape them. The app taps into three social networks to create a memory game to help you remember who you know.

Granted for Remember the Name to help your put a name with a face your contacts have to be in one of these networks but the memory skills could carry over to those who aren't.

Remember the Name taps into three social networks, LinkedIn, XING and Facebook. You'll need to go through the customary permissions screens once you select the network and then a series of flash cards are generated.  The flash card will display one of your contacts/friends profile picture with three name choices. Simply choose the right name and your in like Flynn.

If you choose wrong, the flash card will flip and display the contact's information, location and occupation. If you choose right, you get a congratulatory message. Either way, you'll have the option to send the contact a "hello" message. If you don't want to send a message, just hit the directional arrows on either side of the flash card.

Games are composed of ten contacts and at the end of each game you can view the details of your performance. You can bookmark contacts you have trouble remembering or are critical you don't forget. These will be displayed on Remember the Name's main pages.

Remember the Name can be a useful app in putting a name with the faces of your social and business contacts. There's really only two downsides to Remember the Name. Not everyone you need to remember may be in your contacts and not everyone uses a picture of themselves for their profile picture. It's not the app's fault but you may begin associating a business associate with a picture of their pet cat.

Remember the Name is a pleasant memory building app for putting a name with a face. Hopefully other networks will be added to the app as it grows but for the time being, it's not too shabby as is.

There is a free trial available for Remember the Name with the full version running $.99. You can find Remember the Name here in the (opens in new tab) Windows Phone Store.

QR: Remember the Name

George Ponder

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  • Works well on 7.8 too! Great app.
  • This app is so fantastic--assuming people have profile pictures with their face...
  • Not avaliable in Turkey.
  • It's currently only available in german and english speaking countries. The reason behind is the creation of alternate names, which we need to add by each country.
  • Cant remember her name
  • Me neither man.. Me neither
  • Haha, yeah, more like 'remember the name that's associated with this profile pic'
  • Interesting idea. I'm going in.
  • Runs well on Windows 7.8
  • Hey George, the saying is "in like Flynn" not "Flint." Actor Errol Flynn was so successful with the ladies, the phrase conjugates one's skill with the ladies. In Like Flint is a James Coburn movie, to my understanding, directly parodied the phrase.
    Unless this was an autocorrect gone wrong, then I apologize.
  • Never knew that. Thanks. I guess this site is not just about phones :)
  • There's more information if you do a web search, I'm sure. Glad to bring some fact tidbits. I certainly didn't mean to be a jerk: The anal retentive Virgo in me is just a stickler for the details. Thanks for reading what I wrote as the information altruist I am.
  • Works well. And actually helps remember names. Will be greater if there will be support for more networks.
  • Hi yimeng, happy to see you here. We got some work todo. You are available next week? How is the build conf? Cheers reto
  • I imagine users have to allow apps to access their profile photo for it to show up in this WP app?
  • Hi George,
    thanks for the great review. More networks will be added in the near future.
    The Name behind Remember The Name :-)
  • Not available for me, probably because of region (Slovakia). Why is that?
  • It's currently only available in german and english speaking countries. The reason behind is the creation of alternate names, which we need to add by each country.
  • Ah, thanks. There are some Slovak and Czech name day apps in the store who's developers may help you with Slovak and Czech alternate names.
  • Great idea for an app!
    I'll stick to my method though, calling men - pal/man/dude/buddy, and women - sweetie/chica/girlfried.
  • Unique concept....and best of all it is available only for WP users......