"Remote" lets you control iTunes using WP7

On the off chance you are a WP7 user who loves iTunes, you can now have your cake and eat it too...kinda.  "Remote," an aptly-named new app by Komodex Systems, let's you browse your computer's iTunes Library and let's you play, pause and control the volume via WiFi.  You can also use your phone's keyboard to search for albums and artists. 

"Remote" recently popped up in the Marketplace for $1.99 and requires WiFi and the installation of a desktop client on the computer you want to control.  It works with both Macs and PCs. Of course we have to wonder what kind of commie you would be to run iTunes over Zune, but hey...we're accepting around here. Kinda.

Source: Zat's Not Funny; via: Engadget

Seth Brodeur
  • Is there one to control Zune or Windows Media Center yet?
  • Quite a few, actually, IIRC.
  • I havent seen any application that controls Zune, Media player and Media center yes but nothing for zune, actually needed it this morning and checked.
  • Are there any FREE apps to control Zune or Windows Media Center yet?
  • Not sure, will see about doing a roundup.
  • Seth, don't forget about Mac users (like me), they have no 'I prefer Zune over iTunes' option ;-) It's a nice app.
  • Fair enough point ;-)
  • I've been using it for a few days now and it's a nice app. I like the Zune software better but until it supports airplay or something like it, I'm sticking with iTunes for my media playback.I do still want a Zune remote app though.