Renders of the Nokia 900 show up with AT&T branding?

Pocketnow have images reportedly from Microsoft-partner Christmas card and the featured item is a Nokia device with AT&T branding on board, presumably the Nokia "Ace" 900.

No other details can be discerned from the device except for a front-facing camera (upper left), which seems imperative for US markets now and for 2nd gen Windows Phones. The device is expected to feature a large 4.3" screen, AT&T LTE 4G and some other ample specs making it a decent competitor for the US and Windows Phone in general. Still, it is not clear if this device is just a revamped 800 with higher specs or truly a different device.

More info is expected in a few days as we approach CES where all is expected to be revealed. Our only criticism? We hope black isn't the only color option as it is getting a tad old these days--gives us some reds, whites and blues to make us really interested.

Source: Pocketnow; Thanks, pezman726, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Come on Nokia, you've already come out and stated that you were looking at supporting CDMA.
    Here's hoping for some Sprint love.
  • ont hold hold your breath  Sprint spent theeir dough on the iPhone.   VZN had their chance they went to Nokia World  and came away with  "we wont budge until its LTE "  Now that iots LTE  they are stuill stuck on DEAD HIGH CENTER!
  • Seriously, we need some Sprint support with this device!!! Getting old no news on the Now Network for Wp's. I don't want to jump ship to At&t. Hope CDMA devices with the Sprint logo show up at CES.
  • Once Sprint lights up its LTE network this summer, I'm sure we'll see an LTE WP7 device.
  • It definitely has a different body than the Lumia 800 because the buttons take up much less space.
  • It's just bigger, in general.
  • noooo pls don't put the nokia branding on the side! in needs to be centred!
  • I second that,'Nokia' should be centered!!
  • I think the different color bodies are what will be a key selling point for the Lumia in the US. People are getting bored of black phones. However, let's not forget that Apple has a history of creating colorful portable devices, so I am thinking the iPhone 5 might come in several colors to combat the Nokia.
  • All the Nokia high end phones come with multiple color options. This will 100% sure too. other than if AT&T would not wanna carry multiple colors in U.S. for some reason.
    Seems like the screen is not curved anymore. 
  • Kinda hard to tell what the screen size is from the photo, but it still looks as though it is about 3.7" (viewable), which is fine as far as I'm concerned.  The earpiece is 'lengthier' also.  I wonder what else Nokia was able to add besides the ffc and LTE?  I'd love to see a FM Transmitter included (which in general is widely unknown unless you use a Nokia Symbian device).  It's a neat, unique, and useful feature (at least it was for me when my rental car was missing an aux in jack).
    All in all, this is a beautiful device. 
    For all of you tech guru's - is there any method/solution that removes branding (i.e. ATT logo)?  The logo doesn't detract that much (on this photo) since it's off to the side, but still :)
  • Comparing it to my Lumia 800. The bottom has far less space, but the top got quite a bit space. Sides are not as rounded. The widht is so hard to tell from this pictures. 
    I would go out and say that it got the 3.9" of Nokia N9 at least, maybe 4.3" liked rumored of the screen is wider.
  • This looks great: I want it.
  • where's the love for T-mobile?
  • where is love for Verizion? Verizion is starting to make me really mad. I think this would sell very well on Verizion, if they would sell it. I know atleast 3 other people that would buy that phone. I would buy it right now off contract. 
  • I feel you. The Trophy is entry level but love it because it's the only windows phone available & now they're introducing another entry level device (Nokia 710). This is why I am definitely contemplating leaving Verizon due to the lack of high end windows devices. Been a loyal customer since the beginning but I'll pay the termination fee if other Pickens are good. For the loyalty I'd expect to have the phone that I deserve & not what they think I would want.
  • could you lose unlimited data? I can't lose it just yet. I tell you yhe truth, if I have to stick with the Trophy anoher 6 months, I might have to rethink my decision. I tell you the truth, my Trophy is better then all four of the Android phones I used to have. Go Windows
  • According to other articles, this device was offered to VZW and they turned it down. They have no faith in WP. Their loss.
  • You are approaching the situation from the wrong angle.  Where is TMo' love for you the customer?  Thats the right question.  DT wants out of TMo USA  who owns the other half  take a good guess!  If TMo or anyone else wnats any phone they have to pony up the dough before Nokia is gonna  have the phone made.  TMo was wanted by ATT for their broadband spectrum.  Sprint and VZN want or would want TMo for the same reason.  TMo got 4 billion from ATT when the merger was aborted.  Might there be strings or restrictions attached?  I don't know  but it might be so.  In any event TMo may not have the resources to commit to an LTE ready phone.
  • That 4 billion was for the degraded reputation it got when ATT said they would be their bed partners announcing they would terminate their 3G phones etc. They actually lost handsets because of it ATT even got an HD7 seems that reputation is still lingering for them...
  • Ahh yes the Unicorn
  • i dont like how the screen does not smoothly transition into the surrounding enclosure unlike Lumia 800.It looks more like HTC TITAN glass panel with Nokia pillow enclosure.
  • I agree, the glass looks flat unlike the curved glass of the 800
  • @danygandhi...Even if the glass turns out not to be curved, I really don't think it is going to be a deal breaker.  Currently, the only phones out there with curved screens are the Dell Venue/Dell Venue Pro.
    What sets the Lumia 800 apart from all other devices on the market is mostly due to the body design/shell and the polycarbonate material; the curved screen is just icing!
    As long as the screen tech has Nokia's CBD, curved screen or not, the device will be a stunner and a huge seller for ATT.
  • Dislike this design.
  • How do u want a black slab to look? Geez
  • Please please PLEASE let this come to T-Mobile too, I really want a Nokia Windows Phone and would rather not have to get the 710!
  • Not going happen  IMHO  see my comments above.
  • Why does AT&T get all the phones?
  • because they have the balls and believe in WP7 unlike verizon which is not currently happy with the specs and network support
  • Short and simple  money talks and bs walks  ATT has the money VZN has the money also but they passed The big question to that is why?
  • Word!  The only reason I can think of with Verizon not going for the higher end Nokia device is perhaps because of their previous relationship with Nokia - I don't think it ended well.  So perhaps this is a trial; baby steps.  The Lumia 710 may be a 'low risk' device for Verizon.  If it goes well, and Verizon still opts to not go high end with Nokia, then definitely shame on Verizon.
    Still begs the other questions:  Why hasn't Verizon approached HTC about another WP device, 3G or 4G?  Why hasn't  Verizon EVER approached Samsung about a WP device?
    At the end of the day, Verizon, while the largest carrier, simply doesn't have a lot of faith in, or respect for WP.  But that's OK, because ATT, the 2nd largest carrier, will gladly take WP fans ready to jump ship from Verizon, T-Mo, and Sprint.
  • HTC and Samsung both have lte WP devices coming. Verizon said no to all of them. "We're waiting for an lte device".. Bullshit! What they really mean is "we don't believe WP will take off and we're waiting for it to just go away".
  • I think it looks good may have to get it especially if it has LTE on board.
  • I hope this is true 100%.
  • Can't they "do an Apple" and get rid of the carrier logo? even Palm/HP managed to hide the logo and put it on the back mirror instead
  • Oooh!.. Wow!! Eyes wide open....Hands cold...rubbing hands...covering the mouth....blowing air.....wishing for it to be true!
  • pretty amazing looking device. too bad I can't upgrade until next november 2012 but at least by then Nokia would have released a newer phone.
  • Yes,yes, yes, yeeeessss! *goes and smoke cigarette*
  • microsoft needs to stop this fucking exclusivity BS AND put every single fucking phone to every network.
  • MS is not the source of exclusivity deals.  Apple did that with the iphone  but the manufacturers  and carriers are responsible with windows phone!!!!! Its up to Sporint and Verizon and Tmo to get the phones on their networks  MS can not force that because they do not manufacture the devices!
  • i really hate ATT.
  • Thats nice to know!  Ihave been with them for 12+ years I am happy with their phones and services.  I dont like everything about them but I like enough not to switch.  That does not mean I think your opinion is not valid only that mine is different from yours!
  • Bring it I'll be first in line
  • fufufufufufufufufufufufufufu att you make phones ugly with that carrier logo. 
  • I have an at&t logo dead center just above my screen on the Focus S and I don't see it at all..know why? I'm too busy actually using my phone. Even when I show my phone off to people it doesn't make a difference because the SAMOLED+ screen is the highlight of the whole thing. With that said, if one little logo is the price of admission for Nokia to sell their gorgeous phones in the US then ring me up.
  • SOOOO happy that I turned in my Titan on day 30 of return policy...
    I loved the phone. so much better than the 3gs (except the apps of course)....
    but yes, I wanted a Lumia anyways
  • not a bad descision but the titan is not a bad phone by any means.  Looks like you will have to live with your 3gs for a couple 2 months it looks like. 
  • Where is the love for Telus Mobility, Bell Mobility, Rogers wireless. No love for Canadians Microsoft. (I know it is up to the carriers, they should get these beauties.)
  • I didn't want a new design I wanted the Lumia 800 in its full glory with a front facing camera and larger display this is perfect glad I didn't buy the titan. This baby will be my next handset! :D
  • I (VERY QUICKLY) stitched together images of the rumored Lumia 900 and compared them to the Lumia 800 here:
  • Come on verizon, this would be the only phone you could get me to sign a 2 year for...