Report: Evernote experiencing higher average revenue per Windows Phone user than Android

According to a report over on CITEworld, Evernote is currently witnessing a higher average revenue per user on Windows Phone, when compared against Android. While Google's platform has a rather large install base, leading to an overall increase in revenue, it's interesting to note that Windows Phone owners spend more money than Android consumers. it's a familiar situation and why developers tend to favour the likes of Apple and iOS.

This type of statistic is exactly what Microsoft needs to have its mobile platform stand out against the competition. Just because the install base is lower than that sported by both Android and iOS doesn't necessarily mean developers cannot walk away with a decent enough ROI. The fewer users installing and actively firing up an app could ensure the developer breaks even should users spend more money per Windows Phone.

This would help build confidence in the platform for developers who have yet to jump aboard, viewing Windows Phone as a potential risk. Instead of developers focusing on the number of downloads apps accumulate, they could look at just how much money each user is parting with. According to CITEworld's report, Evernote is also seeing increase usage of its Windows Phone app.

It's noted that Blackberry sits behind not only iOS and Android, but also Windows Phone in terms of revenue per user.

Evernote CTO Dave Engberg has stated that while revenue generated on the Windows Phone platform is modest, it's well worth the effort. Microsoft is still well behind the likes of both iOS and Android, but should the company receive such love stories from other developers, it should spark interest from others for big name apps to make their way onto the Windows Phone store.

Source: CITEworld, via: The Next Web; thanks, Peter, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Not surprising considering the tons of Evernote alternatives on Android and the lack of any on Windows Phone.
  • Wow, what an impressively irrelevant comment.
    We have One Note- the most important Evernote alternative. The recently released Typr is another. I'm sure there are more.
    Even if Evernote were our only option,WHICH IT IS NOT, the point is that PER USER revenue is higher. That's important no matter what the "alternatives" or even user bases are because this is PER USER.
  • Request ppl not to ever reply to such self proclaimed critics who think that they are the voice of the average customer.
    Edit: ah damn someone already did.
  • self proclaimed? Do I need a degree to post my opinion here?
  • At the level you seem to think you are at, ya you do.
  • Yes.
  • One note is preinstalled....
  • I just wish they would update it for WP8
  • They've done it!
  • Good to hear.
  • Considering that this is happneing with Evernote, I think this is more so bad news for Microsoft than it is good. This means that less people are using OneNote.
  • I use both. OneNote for me and Evernote for work. OneNote is better, but it needs to open up more so Livescribe and others will integrate their products with it.
  • Me too. I use both One Note and Evernote. Both for personal use though.
  • This a great point. An app may be downloaded thousands of times but whether its used at length beyond the initial download is equally if not more important. If WP8 users are willing to spend money (as is the case with some apps available for free on iPhone), developers should take heed. I myself am willing to pay out that cash as long as the app is well designed. Sadly I haven't found a use for Evernote yet but its still good news.
  • Why would anyone in Earth user Evernote over Onenote on WP? OneNote is native and way cooler.
  • @Vladimir Byazrow: To each their own, comrade. I need to see what Evernote is about before I pass judgment. Maybe it does more than what it says. I could be wrong.
  • there were no judgment.
  • @Vladimir Byazrov: I didn't mean to use "judgment". I used the wrong word for "opinion".
  • Um..Evernote offers a better cross platform solution?
  • Yes, I get it. OneNote doesn't have this advantage.
  • Slightly.
  • By cross platform what are you referring to specifically. I guess is you want access on your Mac, iPad or android tablet I can see that. If it is just your phone and PC then OneNote is incredible.
  • Yeah, but you can use OneNote on all of those devices.
  • People may be switching from another platform and accustomed to Evernote. I tried both and prefer OneNote, but again, to each his own.
  • I think it just helps users transition easier to the OS, I.e. people who have evernote accounts and use it on their pc lets say for awhile now, and on their iPhones or Android devices and now have moved to WP, it helps cuz all your notes are online and already there. To switch to OneNote would be a hassle for those who have used Evernote for a while. That's just how I see it I guess, although I use Onenote :P 
  • primarily because i cannot get onenote notes onto my pc from my phone. my version of onenote is too old :(. so the reverse is also true.
    Also it is somewhat limited in features. for example i cannot remove a note from one noteboke and stick it into another. cant even copy paste. this is highly fucking frustrating. thats why
  • I love OneNote and use it for work and personal notes all day everyday, seriously; however, my wife has a MacBook and there is no OneNote app for mac, therefore our shared notes are migrating to Evernote, today actually. MS needs to promote mobile office but also create a full office suite for mac users. Evernote's multi-platform use is a problem for OneNote...
  • Well, this is Microsoft. They are like this in everything. What you gonna do?
    Maybe when I will switch to Apple I will also stop using Microsoft products altogether.
  • OneNote has a more than capable web app for users who do not have a native solution. Cry about it all you like, but I don't see Apple's best tools being developed for Mac.  Microsoft isn't going to give everybody the best of their experience although, they do work hard to give everyone some form of access and use.   The free office web apps are a perfect example of this.
  • I'm not crying about it. I know about the free web apps, my wife wants a one-click app, as do most people who aren't technically inclined. I'm doing so for her convenience. Happier home vs MS loyalty. Work hard and just include the OneNote app in the suite. You already have an iOS app and you are a software company.
  • Create a shortcut to the webapp page? Or can you not do that with a mac
  • Upgrade the Mac to Windows. Problem solved.
  • Well, you say "what Microsoft needs to do..." as though Microsoft hasn't, at least, provided Mac compatible apps in the past. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac exists. The windows phone connector for mac is better than the pure windows one currently. The web apps are there because Microsoft cares about people who aren't on their platform, and I think it can be demonstrated that they do a fairly good job of brining first class applications to non Microsoft platforms. Bing for iPad, My Xbox and smartglass, OneNote for Android. Some of these apps are even better than their Windows Phone counterparts(much to the chagrin of loyalists). I have no complaint with your choice or reason to use evernote. If it's easier, have at it Hoss, but don't make the implication that Microsoft doesn't care about other platforms. When Google and Apple starting bringing first class apps to Windows, then you might have the beginnings of an argument against MS by comparison.
  • First of all good comment. I like seeing replies that are actually inviting debate. I realize that MS has made the effort through web apps and especially office to mac starting with 08'; however I'm really zeroing in on the note platform. Evernote vs. OneNote, where in the case of multi-platform, MS has a web app that cannot be used offline by mac, and Evernote has an app, just like the PC version that can be used offline as well as a web interface. It just seems silly that MS doesn't have a OneNote port. All that said, to your point of overall cross platform apps by different companies I think MS does quite well and better than most; unfortunately the OneNote experience isn't great outside of Windows. My wife wanted a mac as it meets her needs for work and personal use, and we'll adjust this one small need to make our tech work for us.
  • Which is rather amusing, given the fact that Windows Phone users have arguably the single best note-taking app in OneNote. You'd think Evernote would be struggling on the WP platform.
  • Isn't OneNote also on iOS and Android?
    I've seen these kind of statistics before. Windows Phone users simply buy more stuff then Android users. Which isn't all that weird. WP might not be big but that also means its not running on all those 100 dollar tablet and 50 dollar pre-paid smartphones. Android is running on those devices and consumers who go for them usually arent the most tech savy or tech engaged.
    Some of them dont even know they have a smartphone or that you can install apps, if you show them once how to do it they think its nice but they'll also forget about it because they dont care much about it. These people make up a large part of the consume-base (its the same with Windows PCs). Windows Phone doesnt have that 'problem' but I'm sure Microsoft and Nokia wish they had it. But with devices like the 620 and 720 I think the average revenue per user on WP8 will decrease while its marketshare will rise.
  • Thats because of the massive piracy problem in Android, Windows phone has very few pirates :)
  • I use one note too,perfection in simplicity.
    Also, I spent a total of 2 dollars during my stay with android(roughly 2 years) and I've already spent much more than that on WP apps. I'm not sure why, but I can actually justify spending it here.
  • Wrong.  You were advertised to and made a lot of money for Android developers lol that's why the add model on most of the top free apps makes more money than the revenue for the top paid apps.
  • What, they get money if we just open the app? Even if we have the free version. Is this a stupid question. Before you answer, remember there aren't any stupid questions, just stupid people.
  • WP is easyy
  • Windows Phone users don't have the inherent "everything should be free" attitude that a lot of Android and iOS users have - that's at least my opinion.  I like spending money on apps and games to support developers.
  • +1
  • + 42
  • +999
  • And there's try almost always
  • I am more than happy to spend a little to get an awesome app. After spending so much time talking with WinPhanDevs and seeing how much time, effort, and passion goes into creating these pieces of art, I can't imagine not offering compensation! I think in general, people have become too expectant and feel as though they are owed something for nothing. I couldn't agree less! Spend a buck or two and help a developer out, they deserve it!
  • + 1
  • Really nice to hear this type of news. Hope this encourages more devs to create apps for WP8
  • I use it every day, best note taking app till date
  • I prefer OneNote. :)
  • MS still has a big issue, they abandon too many Users when they create a shiny new thing in order to push people to use it against their will. Case in point - Outlook Notes and Contact Notes.
    Once One Note was released they began to push its adoption without providing a migration path for their installed base of Note Takers. Really, would it be so hard for them to write a tool to migrate the notes from their existing Customers to One Note? I have thousands of them, containing information that must be tied to the Contact in order to be useful. I'm not going to migrate them manually.
    When Evernote updates its Note taking solution, they don't tell you to flush all your existing data, they migrate it it. They have to, and always will. Wait a few years till you have a huge One Note database and MS decides you need to use a different new program of theirs but you can't migrate your data. Then you'll be wishing you used EverNote instead.
  • Good for Evernote. Hope it sparks interest from more developers. But... OneNote all day everyday! :)
  • This is a duh? to me. Windows phone is for business and productivity. Android is for fun and a bad user experience plagued with security issues and risks. EverNote, OneNote, office, stable email program, limited carrier intrusion, slick UI makes WP8 a winner. It is sad more people don't see it this way.
  • id been giving evernote 1 star since it came out because of bugs and my bias.  OneNOte is better.  Good to know its making more than android though considering POS android is for the poor script kidz who likes to boast about their current hacking skills (email password reseting).
  • I haven't tried Evernote since early 2000s. It seemed like a poorer version of OneNote. In fact, I think not having OneNote integration with my phone was a big hurdle for me in adopting the BB Z10. I use it for everything.
  • How does Evernote make money in the app?  Do you have to continue to pay for services?
  • Its not surprising but that Dev kit they gave out FREE to developers that will also make Droid and IOS Apps and Windows phone apps, and them saying, If you make one for them, make one for us.
    As far as Blackberry that moron that said that the IOS is outdated, I personally hate the I-phone, but saying the blackberry is better then it, is like Dude what are you smoking. Blackberry is on fumes. a little too late, they better pray Microsoft buys them out and rips their trash system out and replace it with the windows phone OS.
  • I use evernote because I could use it in both ios and windows phone. But I really find it much more useful in WP. The fact that I can make lists and put it in front saves me a lot of time in opening the app and searching for it.