Represent the Windows Phone Warriors in this Endomondo Challenge

We may be wrapping up Fitness Month, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop using technology to stay fit. Here’s a fun little contest you guys can enter and represent the Windows Phone community at the same time. If you use Endomondo to track your runs and workouts, there is currently a challenge being ran by gadget magazine T3.

If you’re reading this site you probably have a Windows Phone as your primary device. And if you’re on Endomondo you should join the group to try and win an iPad mini (I know, I know…). The bigger prize isn’t some mini tablet, but the chance to have Windows Phone users come out as a fitter group. When you join the challenge you’ll opt into being a member of Android Army, BlackBerry Brigade, Windows Phone Warriors, Team Apple, or the Symbian Squad. You’ll probably want to go ahead and join the Windows Phone Warriors.

The average calories burned by each group are calculated and determine the leaderboard for this ‘Battle of the Platforms’. If you’re a member of the winning platform, you’ll then be randomly drawn for the iPad mini. A cherry on top for being a member of the fittest platform.

Join the T3 Battle of the Platforms Challenge right and get the full details here. Alternately, download the Endomondo app for Windows Phone 7.x and 8 users’ right here, use the QR code below, or swipe right in our app.

QR Logo Endomondo

Thanks for the tip Morten!  

  • Just joined the the Symbian Squad..jk..Windows Phone Warriors all the way. Lets do this!
  • Done, with some trash talking....
  • Which to join?  Endomondo works a tad bit better on my N8 than it does on my Lumia.    Leaning towards WP, since the app looks so much better on WP.
  • Don't make me come over there. 
  • Lol! Okay, okay...WP it is :)
  • Warrios? Like Mario's evil brother? Cool...
  • Lol good catch.
  • I don't really do distance running because I prefer sprinting. I love this app but I wish there was a way to easily track sprinting.
  • How doesn't it? If you specify running and then sprint 100m it will track it... Or do you want sprint lap times?
  • I'll have to give it a try. I just didn't think it would be accurate enough because the GPS is only going a short distance.
  • I'm in. How does it work with a HR sensor do doing things like Spinning?
  • You can specify "spinning" as an exercise but it doesn't hook in to any sensors. I think you can alter the distance & calories later
  • If they'd add running in background to the app, I would. I've pleaded with them about this for months to no avail. Won't use their app on principle
  • It works under lockscreen, but yeah it does suck it isn't a background service.
  • Totally agree they need this! So annoying going to another app and having it not check anymore! I know it could kill batter life if it is not closed properly but they should warn people about it!
  • Heck yes, we are going to roast all others (just as long as the Android guys don't ride in the car with Endomondo on :P).
  • I would defintely do this if it only tracked treadmills =/
  • When I'm on the treadmill, I just set the activity to Fitness Walking; I set it Running when I incorporate HIIT.
  • Warriors?!..come out and....
  • I'm a devoted Marathon user... Maybe I can help the cause by taking my old device along on my runs using Endomondo concurrently. Hmmm...
  • Faster to swipe left in the ap ;)
  • I willl win this for you ;)
  • I can't believe I'm so pumped to get stuck in to this. I'll get my kids on their WP's to run or cycle too. Get em to work. Outside is their xbox this week.
  • Endomodo works horrible on Nokia 920, there is no working map of workout !!!
  • Just walked to my car...
    Can I join?
  • Were now number 2. Whooo!!! Only blackberry to catch up to now.
  • I used this app for the first time today. Took a call while out on my ride and when I got home i found that Endomondo had stopped recording my ride at that point! What's that all about?! Used several iOS apps and none did this, they just carried on in the background.
  • It hasnt been updated to wp8 yet, so no background gps logging.. crap.
  • Back to my Garmin, lol! I just emailed Endomondo to tell that how useless the app is on WP8. Got a canned reply saying they are too busy to read my email and reply to it. Have now deleted my profile.
  • You can run with that 920 weighing you down? TROLLOLOLOLOL
  • Just ran my first workout today. It sort of stinks that the map doesn't work while running, but I wouldn't be able to watch it anyway. The buttons are nice and big, and music played fine in the background...luckily I didn't get any calls. When I got home, the workout was updated to their website, which had the route mapped out with pace and elevation tracked throughout. It actually looks pretty nice on the web interface, although I really hope they upgrade for WP8 soon. I think that Runtastic is about to roll out some long-awaited updates for WP8 so endomodo needs to get it in gear.
  • I'm in!   Perfect timing!  I just did a nice long run today in the not-so-lovely pouring seattle rain... fortunately the Endomondo service was gracious enough to let me import the runs I've been doing lately testing out another app.
    Endomondo has been a great partner for us -- DO CHECK BACK to see if they are able to update the app for background processing.  I know they did some work on this, so it's possible they will have positive news in the not-too-distant future. 
    I'll do my best to keep mileage up for the cause!  And I'm sending mail to try to get some folks on the WP team to join in as well!  :)
  • Please don't push them to exercise too hard. We need your team to continue adding more features (and fix the remaining bugs especially the WP7.8 live tile in my Lumia900)
    Nice to meet you. Have a nice day. ^_^
  • Welcome to the team. I may be wrong, but I bet that you're in a little better running shape than the executives in charge of developing our competitors' platforms...and somebody has to make up for my current lack of conditioning :)
    As for endomondo, I'm in the "push them too hard" camp, but maybe I'm a little selfish in wanting the focus to be on WP8 and its features.
  • Joined the WP Warriors team this morning and just ran 7.73 miles (my longest run yet! yay!). <edit... I see now how the tally works... cool!>
    In other news, Rdio, despite the latest update, still does not play well with Endomondo... but now I'm starting to think it's Endomondo's fault. The audio coach feature interrupts the music and playback is completely abandoned (not paused, gone!) so there's nothing more angering in the middle of a run than having your music cut out. Was never a problem in the good old days of Zune and WP7 Endomondo. Much as I hate it, I may need to swap to Android during runs... but at least I'll stay on team WP.
  • I wish I'd read this before now. I just did an 11 mile run this morning and forgot to start Endomondo before taking off.
  • Need background Tracking on WP8 devices.. Until This funcionality miss, It Is in Real very difficult to use at long Range trips.. :-(
  • GOOD NEWS - Endomondo just updated to version 8.1 -- now runs in the background on WP8 phones!  Go grab it!