Resident Evil 7 Guide: How to beat Jack Baker in the Garage boss fight

As a survival horror title, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard focuses on ammo conservation, puzzle solving and tense exploration. Resident Evil 7 is also littered with boss battle events which range from relatively easy to the genuinely difficult. The first real test takes place in the Garage, in the Baker family home..

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Spoilers ahead!

The first thing to know is this fight is more of an event than an actual battle. You can defeat Jack without firing a single bullet. Follow the steps below for the different ways to finish off Jack and survive the ordeal.

Beat Jack with the car

  1. First, know the layout of the room. As you enter, there's a car to your right, a handgun on the floor directly in front of you, and ammunition and health pick-ups scattered around the room. There's no need to fire a single bullet in this fight.

  1. The easiest way to deal with Jack is to head straight to your right, and pick up the car key. The best time to do this is after Jack has swung his axe into some shelves, destroying them. He gets stuck in an animation for a little while.
  2. Using the car key, enter the car. You can use it to run Jack over.

  1. Run him over a few times to trigger an event, where he'll jump on the car and cause it to crash.
  2. Dodge Jack until the car's explosion hits him.

Avoid Jack in the car

Now, given how fast Jack moves, it's quite easy to fail to get the car started before he grabs you out of it. If this occurs, do the following.

  1. If Jack enters the car before you get the chance, try to hug the inside of the car in the middle of the room. Abuse the car's turning circle to avoid being hit.

  1. You can slash Jack with the knife during these moments, but either way, he'll eventually destroy the car and be hit by the explosion.


Once the car's explosion has floored Jack, you'll have an opportunity to explore. There is both ammunition and other items to be found in the Garage, so search at your leisure.

  1. Drop the Car Key from your inventory. It's useless now.
  2. Head up the ladder next to the table where the car key was to continue your journey!

Resident Evil 7 is a return to form for the aging series, bringing back the fear, tension, and uncompromising atmosphere that made the series a household name. Capcom is hard at work building DLC for RE7, as well as performing a full remake on the PlayStation 1 classic, Resident Evil 2.

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