Resistant Evil Resistance beta launches on Xbox One, Jill Valentine confirmed as future hero

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil 3 Jill

Source: Capcom (Image credit: Source: Capcom)

What you need to know

  • Resident Evil 3 remake is the next big title from Capcom.
  • The game should launch soon on April 3.
  • Resident Evil Resistance is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that's part of the package.
  • You can preorder Resident Evil 3 for $60 on Amazon.

The Resident Evil 3 remake is almost here and it features a remake of the game and a new multiplayer experience called Resident Evil Resistance. We all know that Resident Evil 3 focuses on Jill's struggle to get out of the city, but Resident Evil Resistance is a lot like the canceled Fable Legends. It's an asymmetrical multiplayer game that places one player in the role of an evil "Mastermind" who tries to kill the handful of survivors.

If you're interested in the multiplayer game, there's a beta going on right now. You can take a look at how to sign up for the Resident Evil Resistance beta on Xbox One and PC in our guide. The game seems like a lot of fun, but it's unclear how balanced it is at the moment.

Jill Valentine's escape from Raccoon City is fraught with danger, but she still has some dependable allies to rely on... as well as some enemies to watch out for. Jill won't just be the star of Resident Evil 3, though – she'll also be added as a playable Survivor in Resident Evil Resistance in a future update.

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The new trailer provides a detailed look at Jill's story through Resident Evil 3. As the trailer description says, she's coming to Resident Evil Resistance too! Are you interested in the game? Will you be picking up the package on April 3? Let us know.

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