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Resident Evil Resistance is the multiplayer game being bundled with Resident Evil 3, which pits four Survivors against a terrible Mastermind, who is studying their escape attempts for evil science research. While closed tests with selected participants were previously held, there's an upcoming open beta that will allow anyone interested to dive in and check it out.

The beta is now live on Xbox One as of March 27 and will run through April 3. Unfortunately, the Steam beta was pushed back due to technical issues, but after only a couple days, it's now available. Here's how to download it.

How to download the Resident Evil Resistance beta on Xbox One

  1. Go to the Xbox Store.
  2. If you don't see the demo there, use the search function.
  3. Search for Resident Evil Resistance and scroll to the demo.
  4. When you see it, select the demo.
  5. Hit download.

    Re Resistance Beta XboxSource: Windows Central

Alternatively, you can find it on the Microsoft Store right here. Now, keep in mind, you won't be able to access the beta until March 27. Still, you can go ahead and get it downloaded.

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How to download the Resident Evil Resistance beta on PC

  1. Open Steam.
  2. If you don't see it on the front page, search the store.

The Steam link doesn't appear to be live yet.

The beta will take about 10.24 GB of space, so make sure you have that much free space on your hard drive. In the meantime, if you're interested in checking out the demo for the main game, it's live right now on Xbox One and PC. Resident Evil 3 is set to release on April 3.

It's back!

Resident Evil 3 remake Xbox One boxart

Resident Evil 3

A glorious remake

Resident Evil 3 is back and more gorgeous than ever. The package not only includes the remake of the original game, but the multiplayer game Resident Evil Resistance, as well.

Updated March 31, 2020: The beta is now live on Steam after some delays. This article has been updated.

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