Review: Astraware Casino

  While smart phones were designed for productivity, it is hard to resist using them for recreation.  Consumers have a wide range of gaming software to choose from to help them pass the time in waiting rooms, airports, and anywhere else.  Astraware has been at the fore front of gaming software with such popular titles as Bejeweled and Zuma.  They have introduced a casino software package that is stuffed with casino games that is sure to help you pass the time.

Of their offerings, I'm particularly fond of Astraware Casino for Smartphone Edition ($19.95) (Also available for WM Professional). Read on for the full review!

Astraware’s Casino has eleven popular casino games including Texas Hold ‘em, Video Poker, Roulette, Slots, and video derby.  You earn trophies as your winnings increase which allows you to increase the maximum bet and possibly loose more of your funds.  There is also a financial institution in the game to help you manage your fortunes.  The bank will allow you to deposit and withdraw your winnings and if need be take out a loan.  I like this feature because it allows you to stow some of your winnings away in case the tables tap you dry.

As you enter each game for the first time, a text box will appear that offers the basic instructions for each game.  If you need additional help, gaming instructions are available through the main menu.  The main menu will also allow you to personalize the color schemes, adjust the sound, change the language, and turn on/off animations.

Another nice feature of Casino is the ability to track some gaming statistics.  I can see how many games I’ve played, my winnings and wager totals broken down by each individual game.

Graphics for the games were good with the cards and symbols in the games easy to read and understand.  Navigation was easy with the multi-directional button of my Samsung BlackJack II.  One nice thing about the program is that when you switch games in the middle of a hand, you aren’t penalized and game progress is saved.

One word of caution though, Astraware’s Casino has the same addictive qualities of most of their games have.  I sat down with the trial version (30 minutes of playing time) and before I knew it, I exhausted my minutes.  If you like casino styled games and are looking for an entertainment package to help you pass the time, Astraware’s Casino is worth a look.

Astraware Casino for Smartphone Edition ($19.95) (Also available for WM Professional)

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Ratings (out of 5)Ease of Use: 5/5Graphics: 4.5/5Navigation: 5/5Entertainment Value: 5/5Overall: ProsLarge game selectionGraphicsConsCan’t transfer winnings to your VISA account ;)
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