Bright Weather offers a visually striking Live Tile and great graphics for Windows Phone 8

What is it, weather week around here? That’s what a few of you may be asking yourselves but hey, we don’t plan these things, we just report on ‘em. Yes, another new weather app has gone live in the Store this week with the name Bright Weather by LevelUp Studio. While not a game changer, we are really liking the doublewide Tile that you see in our lead image and it’s worth taking a look.

Bright Weather offers a few unique things that make it worth your consideration, including pulling data from Accuweather. That’s a good thing as we tend to find Accuweather’s data quite reliable (though you may disagree) and it means we get access to their patented “RealFeel” temperature, which takes into account humidity and other factors for a more realistic current conditions reading.

The app itself launches relatively quickly (about three seconds) and while it’s not the fastest app, we don’t have any complaints either. Once launched, Bright Weather has some solid HD graphics including animated weather e.g. floating clouds, twirling sunlight and presumably rain (we haven’t seen the latter yet). The clouds float along nicely and it is certainly a neat effect, though we find the ReelFeel temperature at times hard to read (i.e. white font against grey clouds).

Bright Weather Features

  • Multiple locations (geolocation available)
  • Weather provided by Accuweather
  • Current conditions
  • Today forecasted weather information such as the chances of storm, or the quantity of rain
  • 5 days forecast
  • 12 Hours forecast
  • Moon phases
  • Dynamic Tiles

The font and layout of the main page fits in with the Modern UI (though obviously the photorealistic weather animation does not). It’s relatively easy to read with your location listed at top along with the date and current time. Certain areas of text match your device’s Accent theme, giving it a nice corresponding capability.  Other information displayed includes percent chance of storms, rain accumulation, UV index and the day’s high and low temperature. Overall it's a very clean look and we like the font, colors and overall UI.

Swiping to the right and you get an hour by hour breakdown of the weather, including temperature and forecast along with wind speed and matching weather icons.

On the third and final pivot, you get a nicely laid out Moon phase listing, which while we don’t often use it’s nice to have anyway.

Under settings we find just Units and Geo-location options. There is no lockscreen support just yet, which is a bit of a shame as we’re sure the developer could do something nice there. Clearly they have the graphics chops to pull it off.

Bright Weather runs for a $1.49 with no free trial. That will probably be the end of the story for quite a few of you who insist on trying the app first—we don’t blame you either. Having said that, Bright Weather is a solid, well designed app with excellent graphics and we plan on using for awhile. While some of you prefer strict text or no photorealistic weather effects, we happen to like it for our Weather apps and aren’t as dogmatic.

The Live Tile is probably what you’ll look at most and we happen to think it’s quite a gem. The rest of the app is certainly nice but not exactly a must-have either, it really comes down to whether you like the looks or not. Regarding the price, we’re going to take a guess that accessing Accuweather’s data probably isn’t free, hence the cost of the app. But at a $1.49 for something you potentially use a few times a day, we’re okay with it.

Interestingly, despite the HD animated graphics, the whole app is a trivial 6 MB in size, which is something worth considering if space is a prerequisite. And yes, it will run on 512MB Windows Phone 8 devices.

If you’re ready to commit, you can grab Bright Weather here in the Store or scan the QR code below. $1.49, no free trial – 6MB – Windows Phone 8 only, including 512MB devices

QR: Bright Weather

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • I prefer Amazing Weathers wide tile, its Beautiful.
  • I prefer Weather by MS because it truly feels intergrated into the phone.  What I mean is no splash screen when you launch the pinned tile for the city you choose.
  • I hope they will also release an app similar to beatiful widgets on android. With battery status, Wi-Fi, GPS toggles, etc.
  • I don't understand why there are a zillion weather apps being released everyday when there are still so many apps that are non existent on wp, its like we are all stargazers and desperately contemplating when our ecosystem will evolve to rival the present competition.
  • " many apps that are non existent on wp"
    Examples? Otherwise just rhetoric. Devs can't make first party apps, so that has nothing to do with an indie dev making a weather app in their spare time. Two, it doesn't harm the ecosystem to have yet-another-quality app on the Store, which this is. Three, we have the largest Windows Phone forum on the planet with a developer section--why not voice an app request there instead of complaining in comments?
  • Very good response. P.S. What is the phone being held on the second to last picture?
  • Well pertaining to my statement concerning about the user experience of wp in general in terms of app ecosystem, what do we really have? A pathetic excuse for a fledging Facebook app with a broken notification system. A fb messenger that is incapable of recording chat from the website or even has any worthwhile functionality. A plagued version of WhatsApp after months and months of delayed waiting. No official instagram, pinterest, youtube or even a half decent gtalk client. A broken gmail client that is incapable of even forwarding attachments in a mail. A limited deplorable browser, and no option to even get alternatives. A notification system that will be developed when other platforms have gone through 2 more upgrade cycles. You fail to get the reason behind my rant, i am blaming Microsoft for being lethargic and not this website or the indie devs. Most probably the new CEO will do somewhat better instead of keeping their thumbs up their backside.
  • Its really sad you blame the OS developer instead of the actual companies that you want to have apps for. I rarely see anyone blaming Google or Apple when they want a certain app on those OSs. If companies that make significantly less than these companies can support WP, there is no excuse for these you mention to not support it. So send your complaints to Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Instagram, and pinterest.
  • Last word,
    Most of your complaints are misplaced. Sounds like you may be better served on another OS.
  • Let's make simple - if you do not like WP8 do not use it. Find ecosystem that suits you and stop complaining. I moved from android and I found everything I need. Basicaly I managed to move everything from Google to MS without any loss (did not had gmail, but contacts, calendar and all files are with MS now). Of course there are shortfalls, but look at android. They spend few years to get something decent and only on flagships.
  • And i don't even want to start mentioning the lack of games.
  • What genre do we not have? It might not be your top choice or something that is available on iOS/Android, but we seem to have most every genre covered. Do we need 20 variations of the same game? I don't see what that really gets people...choice, sure. Chances are though that only 1 or 2 of those are actually regularly updated, highly downloaded/highly rated.
    Outside of 1st party apps, I really do not see what the big deal. I only wish Daniel would keep highlighting free apps! I have three weather apps on my phone right now and can't justify buying this, but it does look nice! The three apps from last night were awesome. Showed them to my wife and she immediately downloaded them, too.
  • You're one of those chronic whiners who can only see the negative. You'd be better served by iOS and Android so just go.
  • Funny that everyone spelling out the truth is immediately called a whiner and sent elsewhere. Pure Fanboyism doesn't make WP a better system, properly responding to criticism by acknowledging a problem and putting resources into fixing them does.
  • Atleast, you understand. These so called loyalists even fail to understand the fact that i actually want this platform to be on par with iOS and Android, instead of using the phone by just promoting the camera capabilities. Nokia doesnt market WP8, it markets its imaging capabilities, had they adopted another OS hardly 10% of the people that actually whine would exist. There is no point in reaching the individual companies when Microsoft itself has the resources to ensure the growth of the ecosystem.
    Anyway, to come to a decisive point. I wish my nokia 920 ran iOS. Atleast then i would have any app that i wanted on a beautiful phone.
  • Its not like Google is making WP weather apps instead a YouTube app.
  • The Weather developers loves the Windows Phone core feature: live tiles. Weather apps are the PERFECT example to make WP shine like a radiant sun or a beautiful moon in the middle of all the mobile systems... :D
  • Excellent reply.
  • I clearly understand why there are many weather apps. There are people with talent and creative who decided they want to support this platform. Those who don't I personally don't give a hoot about them.
  • I would like a weather app that had an interactive radar as good as what you usually see on iOS apps. Every single one in WP falls short.
  • The best weather radar app I've ever seen is on WP8, Weather Radar Tile.  It gives you an animated weather map that you can zoom-pan to get right down to your neighborhhod should you choose.  Plus it has a live tile with the current radar, and you can get to a pan-able zoom-able radar map iof the continental US.
  • I would rather have an ugly weather app hat has all the bells and whistles then one that had rain drops and has no features. Just saying.
  • ookay...though I'm not sure why that's the only choices given, lol--false dichotomy, man. Clearly you can have an app that is visually appealing and has features, no?
  • Lol. I just need radar, and alerts! All.these apps lately, I get excited and then sad.
  • Function over flash is almost a personal motto. LOL
    Anyway, a weather app without accurate information (Bing weather) and no radar (most weather apps) is a no go for me.
  • White Men Can't Jump, wining ugly is better than losing looking good.
  • Bing Weather doesn't have accurate data?
  • Not for me (or my area), the temperature is almost always wrong.
  • Im sorry but Weather Flow has the best live tile of all time
  • Perhaps, but it lacks anything resembling an actual forecast, imo.
  • Or an accurate live tile
  • Yes, so sad. Best/beautiful live tile so far but unaccurate.
    I will call Rudy to make a perfect match between these two things and launch the best Weather app so far seen. :P
  • +1. Rudy, please have radar and alerts!! I have purchased all your apps. I will buy this as well.
  • Now add to this:
    - A Instaweather/Ciel feature;
    - An upload to Instagram/6tag (with hashtags) and other SNs (like 4sq and FB);
    - A lens integration;
    - Stunning lockscreen. Sending this to Rudy RIGHT NOW!! :P :P :P
  • Yes!! THIS. Weatherflow is very nice, but the forecast is meh.
  • Yo, Bright Weather, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Weather Flow has one of the best live tiles of all time! One of the best live tiles of all time!
  • £1.29? i think not
  • Bing Weather is tooooo simple for me, specially the live tile (and dont ever have a double wide tile!!).
    And Weather Flow is my favorite, but it NEVER updates in the correct rate selected time!! For example: I select to refresh every 1h but somitmes it only refreshs after 4 hours and even more!!. Now is 5:13PM in here and the last time WF have updated was 3:51PM. This is bad for me. I am thinking in change my Weather app.
  • Weather Flow stopped updating completely for me :( I followed the suggestions in the app's FAQ and sent an email when none of it worked. So I uninstalled it, thinking re-installing it might help, only to find that the app store "forgot" I already purchased it. ...sometimes it's really frustrating to be on this platform.
  • Yes, exactly!
    I still using Weather Flow beacuse of the lockscreen option.
  • Same here. I can't get any weather app live tiles working with any degree of reliability. The date stamp on Amazing Weather HD gets months old sometimes.
  • You can make suggestion to the dev here: Sadly this site seems rarely been used so currently my idea is the only one popping up there. I personally have no Problems with Weather Flow, it always displays correctly. It could use more features though. So far I've always reverted to WF since other Weather Apps always had some kind of flaw that annoyed the hell out of me. The App in this news is missing the try option, so I will not spent money to test the app and not getting it back if the app does not suits me.
  • Good to have choices on the platform. Android is run over with weather apps but I don't hear anyone complaining when I lived in those google slums.
  • That's a nice weather live tile but I'm fine with using The Weather Channel app for my tile purposes. I use Weather to go for my lock screen and while it can sometimes be kinda wonky when it comes to updating the bing background, I rather like it.
  • awesome app, thank u for sharing
  • Nice dev....good for wp
  • Whats with all these "pretty" weather apps with no radar?
    I'll stick with free Weather Bug with adds...
  • I *think* radar data can costs devs money to least the good kind. 
  • You're probably right about that!
  • Daniel, I recall there was a news article a while back on an advanced radar app. I haven't heard anything since. I'd be willing to spend a good amount of money to get such an app
  • Any lock screen support?
  • Nevermind. Just reread the article. Don't want to get chastised by you for not thoroughly reading your every word. Lol
  • +1 :)
  • What's the app right above this one in the first picture of this post? Where its showing the day sideways?
  • Simple Calendar
  • Thank you!
  • That's Simple Calendar.  They just featured it yesterday, I think it was.  Really a nice tile.
  • What's up with all these weather apps lately lol...gimme more Halo type games please :)
  • Wasn't it Dylan in Subterranean Homesick Blues who sang....You Don't Need A Weather App To Know Which Way The Wind Blows. LOL
  • Thnx for all the weather tips Daniel. I'm still looking for the perfect weather app so this is great.
  • Agreed. I am very picky. :)
  • The Accuweather app does all of this, minus moon phase, and it's free. No free trial, no dice.
  • I'm going to give it a shot, because I'm currently using Amazing Weather HD, and yesterday morning it told me it was raining.  Not even close.  Dry as a bone in the KC area.
  • No trial... Tut tut
  • Bing Weather + free = >
  • Tinder like app for windows users ;-) skymap like apps? Not sure if they exist for WP
  • What is it with apps with no trial? Are developers that confident with their work? I would happy pay even £2.29 to support hard work but come on, this is probably third app reported in last 24 hours on this site that doesn't have a trial! It ain't like there is a 28 days refund policy on the money!
  • Someone want to make a killer weather app? Allow user to pull data from their source of choice. I prefer weatherbug because its the most accurate having weather stations at local schools. Have radar and allow user choice where it pulls data from, I prefer the NWS as its always more timely than anything else I have found. At least with user choice they can get whatever best serves them for reliable and timely data. As u could guess, I use weatherbug and radar live tile, between the two I'm able to stay on top of the weather. Here in Kansas, it can be a life and death issue.
  • Does anyone know of a weather (or dedicated) app that will show the local pollen count on a live tile? A search in the app store for "pollen" didn't turn up any useful apps, but perhaps someone has run across something. Geographically, I live in the US, so local to another place won't help. :)
  • Heavily inspired by HTC Hub?
  • Exactly my thought.
  • I like how it says "Your free ticket to an amazing weather experience!"  Then they charge you $1.49 :)
  • Calm down bitches, it's just a nice Weather App.
  • It's from the same people who made Beautiful Widgets on Android. Its a great and useful app there but I think this weather app will bomb on WP.
  • I can't get the long!!
  • You have to pin it from the settings option within the app itself.  If you pin from the app list it won't show the weather or allow enlarging, at least that is what I experienced.  
  • Vieather is a good simple alternative with a live tile that fits perfectly
  • Looks beautiful, although the reviews seem to contradict your review.
  • Three reviews by not so bright people. You have to hit the "Pin" within the app to pin the current location (or city) to your Start screen--that one can be made a Live Tile (doublewide). Those knuckleheads are pinning the main app to the screen.
  • Lol, you tell rm Dan!
  • I figured that was probably the case. If it showed humidity and had radar I would definitely buy it.
  • These weather apps are great, better than most of the android and IOS options, thanks for sharing!
  • I thought the logo looked like the one from Beautiful Widgets. I am really happy to see this on windows phone 8 and I am going to buy it to support them. This is one of the big android standby things. Always used them when not on HTC sense that had such beautiful widgets.
    I am such a weather freak, I think I've bought and tried all the apps for wp. I agree on accuweather having the best accuracy. I don't like their app though. I really liked Breez yesterday, so this is going to have to compete with that.
    I don't like bing weather or other weather apps that show Los Angeles as my weather and don't have anything more specific than that. This is a huge area with tremendous weather extremes. I need something that pin points my community.
  • Your Start Screen hurts my eyes Daniel.
  • God, No one makes better weather hub than the HTC, I so miss my HD7. They were so Cool! Tou I appriciate this dev on bringing this hot app
  • Beautiful graphics for sure, but no live and animated radar again.  What is it with the weather app developers on WP?  Is it really that much to ask that one of these apps would integrate that particular feature?  
  • I am done with weather apps and their wide live tiles. I love Bing Weather, have it on my laptop too and the tiles get updated together when the weather changes so I'm happy with that.
  • Get error while fetching info and don't get the full width tile. Letdown (ativ s) :(
  • Still no wind info on live tile. No weather app has wind info. Or if it has, it doesn't have forecast. I hope one day developers of Weather Flow  will put wind info on live tile.
  • I know one that does have wind info on the live tile - "Weather To Go" ;-)