Review: HTC Battery Bank

All right, many of us would rush out and buy a can of sardines if it had the HTC logo on it. I personally have a pair of fuzzy dice emblazoned with their logo proudly hanging from my cubicle. All of the fanboy tendencies aside though, they really do make quality stuff.

For some, constantly using our mobile device while maintaining a charge can be a constant balancing act. HTC comes to our rescue with their Battery Bank (BB G3000). Having a portable charger that gives you an extra boost without being tethered to your car or a wall can be the difference between making or losing a big sale for some people.

If you have a similar thirst for power, read on!


HTC’s Battery Bank offers a 2680 mAh battery, and is advertised as providing "the ability to charge your device up to three times.” While that is probably stretching it for most modern devices, often the boost that is provided is enough to make it to the next proverbial watering hole.

Unlike some competitors in this niche (Freedom Mobile Power comes to mind), HTC’s Battery Bank utilizes a standard Female USB connector to power your mobile device. The Bank itself is charged using one of HTC’s ExtUSB connectors, allowing you to use a mini-USB cable or any HTC charger. A mini-USB cable is included, and can be used for either purpose.


The beauty of this device over some of its competitors is that you aren’t limited to a mini-USB connection. Power is output at USB 2.0 standards of 5VDC and 1000mA, so there shouldn’t be any issue using this with micro-USB or proprietary USB cables.

An added bonus is the LED power meter on the side of the Battery Bank. This meter stays lit when charging, or activates after the button is pressed in order to give you a quick read on your power level.


Most of us would agree that HTC makes quality hardware, and the HTC Battery Bank is no exception. I would’ve liked to see a larger battery, but it does provide a good weight vs. power capacity balance. If you can frequently be described as power hungry, you can get an HTC Battery Bank of your own for $69.95 from the WMExperts store. If that doesn’t sate your thirst for power, seek professional help immediately.

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Ratings (out of 5)Features: 4Usability: 5Overall: 4.5/5 ProsStandard USB ports (well, mostly)Good balance between capacity and size/weightConsPretty expensiveI would've liked to have a charger provided
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