Today in the WPCentral Store, we’re running a special on a case for the Lumia 1020, the Incipio Feather Snap-on. We’ve looked at Incipio’s stuff before and while they can be pricey, they’re solid quality. I happen to have and use this case, so figured I’d do a quick video on it.

The Incipio Feather comes in Cyan, Cherry Blossom Pink/Magenta, Black and Iridescent Gray, with the former two being the best looking, in my opinion, especially if you’re rocking a yellow 1020. What makes the Incipio fun is the cover for the 1020’s massive camera. Now, some may be immediately turned off by this decision to cover the camera housing, which is fine, but I kind of like the different look from standard cases. Hey, Incipio had to try something new, right?

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That cover helps protect the front lens element too, seeing as that it has a raised profile. While scratching the 1020’s camera housing or front element is not a huge concern, for those of you who do want protection, this is not a bad choice.

Other than that, the case is fairly standard. It has a soft touch feel to it, protects the corners and edges, which is super important for small drops, and it really doesn’t add anything in terms of bulk.

Check out the short video hands on with it, and if you want one, you can grab it today for just $16, where it normally runs for $25 from our Store. Remember, the Store does do international shipping, and they take Amazon payments, Paypal and Bitcoin! (All sales help support our site to keep it running)

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Have this case already? Tell us if you love it or hate it below!