Review: Nite Ize Cargo Clip Case

If you have any experience with Nite Ize, no doubt you’ve seen their rugged, blue collar cases. Although they’ve dabbled in more traditional leather pouches and such, a Nite Ize case is typically characterized by tough rip-stop nylon and a belt clip that is practically indestructible. The Nite Ize Cargo Clip case is another addition to their line of rugged cases.

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If you’re looking for a sleek and professional looking case, this is not the case for you. This is definitely a form follows function situation. The fact that the case is offered in Black, Blue and Mossy Oak (Camo) should be some indication that the whole idea is to be a tough case for a tough lifestyle. In addition to the industrial grade materials, the velcro closure and plastic belt clip are about as sturdy as possible without making them impossible to use. I personally don’t like the extra storage inside the main compartment, as having a pen or similar instrument rubbing up against my phone all the time doesn’t sound like the best idea.

Storage Capacity

Nite Ize’s Cargo Clip Case features another indispensable feature that distinguishes Nite Ize from other manufacturers, and that is the “Cargo” capacity. The Cargo Clip Case features the main pouch for your phone, inside of which is a thin elastic pocket to hold ID or other cards as well as a pen holster.  The back of the case (between the main compartment and the industrial grade belt clip that is the signature of a Nite Ize case) features another pocket that is perfect for a knife or multi-tool. Lastly, an elastic band runs up the back to the top of the case and can be used to attach a small Bluetooth headset.


There’s no doubt in my mind that if you need a rugged case that Nite Ize is one of the few manufacturers that can meet your needs. Of the rugged cases that Nite Ize offers, the Cargo Clip Case is one of the more slim cases that are offered. If you’re looking for a case that is going to hold up to your lifestyle without forcing you to carry something that is going to make you walk sideways for the rest of your life, give the Nite Ize Cargo Clip Case a look. $12.95 is the going rate for a case that would make any blue chipper happy.

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Ratings (out of 5)Design: 5Storage Capacity: 3Overall: 4.5/5 ProsExtremely durableInexpensiveConsNot exactly a fashion statement

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  • I have this case for my Blackberry, I also have two OtterBox's for a Treo 680 and an HP Ipaq 211, and this case holds together much much better. The proof you say, I have had two 1921 Treo 680 cases break and two Hp Defender cases break. However, it does not offer the same type of protection as does these OtterBox's and I have yet to break the 1900 series case from OtterBox I hardly use because of its humongous size. That being said, I have had mine Nite case for quite some time; can't remember exactly when I bought it since I spend so much of my disposable income on all things mobile, but I can say I have been extremely happy with the quality, performance, and diversity of this case.
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  • With a little velcro to help secure, these are the best cases I have ever bought. I have comeplete trust in these (I have 2). My phones never fall out & if you get the other you can add other items that you can also carry with it. 5 Stars.
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  • For those looking for a case to hold their Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 w/Extended Battery, this case will handle it. I use a block of pine to pre-stretch cases for my extended battery devices, but I didn't need to do that with this case. It's a little bulky because of its rugged design but my thick Tilt 2 slides in without any effort and there is not struggle to get the phone out of the case to answer a call. The leather version of this case is a tad tighter, and looks a bit more elegant, but can be stretched to hold the extended battery with a little effort.