Review: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for AT&T Tilt 2

One of the first accessories that I purchase for any smart phone that I’ve ever owned is a case to protect my new investment. I’ve mentioned before that choosing a case for your phone is very similar to the process of choosing the phone itself. A large part of the decision is based on your lifestyle and how you use your device.

OtterBox makes some of the most rugged cell phone cases on the market, though they sometimes sacrifice in the portability/usability department. The OtterBox Commuter Series case makes a reasonable compromise between protection and usability.


The OtterBox Commuter Series offers a laundry list of features that provide several layers of protection for your Tilt2. The case comes in three parts. First of all is a standard screen protector that protects the display from scuffs and scratches. The case itself features two sides that snap onto either side of your Tilt 2. This design allows you to still use the sliding and tilting features of your phone. All of the hardware buttons (excluding those on the front face) are covered with heavy duty rubber, greatly reducing the potential for dust and debris to get trapped in the buttons.

My one complaint about the design of the Commuter case is the fact that the power button is much harder to press with the case on. All of the buttons are harder to use, but the power button is an order of magnitude more difficult (though anyone who as accidently turned off their screen while trying to type might find this a good thing).


The Commuter case does add quite a bit of depth to the Tilt 2. This will be a deal breaker for some, though I didn’t find it to be so much of a problem that it was unusable. The best part about the Commuter case is the fact that you can use the device any way you would under normal circumstances while still having the protection of a case. The keyboard slides out just as it would without being inside a case, and the screen is not obstructed in any way.


OtterBox makes some of the most rugged cases on the market. The Commuter series balances the level of protection with usability perfectly. While quality is never a concern with an OtterBox product, price can be. At $34.95, this is one of the more expensive cases available; though in my opinion, this case is well worth the cost.

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  • I was super excited to hear that otterbox was making a case for the TP2, but was dashed to hear that it was for the GSM version of the phone. I have a CDMA version of the TP2. I took a close look at the photos of the tilt2 case and thought that I could modify it enough to fit. By using an exacto knife and cutting out the plug stopper on the bottom I made it fit my CDMA tp2. All the buttons work and the case clicks neatly into pace. It's not perfect but it works.
  • I also ordered this case for my Tilt2, and have been pretty satisfied with it over all.I do have 2 gripes about it: 1) The case seems to alter the acustics of the speakerphone on the back. I have heard from some people that my voice is somewhat muffled where with the case backing off, I don't have that problem. 2) also with the speakerphone, the mute button does not have a transparent passthrough to show the color of the LED (to see if it is muted or not). This might be rectified by using an xacto knife to remove the rubber mute button on the cover, but I haven't gone that route yet.
  • I have the praetorian silicon case from boxwave for my tilt 2 which does not cause distortion that I have noticed and offers the same protection for only 20.00. I like it although I dont use the physical kb very much and wish I could a one piece silicon case that would fit.
  • what a pathetic review :/
    you didn't even talk about how it handles stylus, what kind of screen protector, does it have a mesh cover for the mic or speakers, does it cover camera with its own plastic? god what a pathetic review. I'll get more information from reading their marketing site than from this.
    you think 4 sentences if a justifiable amount to talk about usability for a phone?! I call this review nothing more than a payola!
  • There is a cutout for the stylus. I didn't particularly test/use it that much because I frankly don't use my stylus much anymore. The screen protector is a standard clear plastic film; nothing to write home about. The mic and earpiece are largely uncovered, while the speakerphone on the back of the device is covered with a plastic grille. The usability of the doesn't change much with the addition of the case. Beyond the power button, there's not much to write about. Was there something specific you were wondering about?
  • I have had this case for about a month or so. Fits my Tilt 2 perfect. I do however have the 1 complaint of the power button being hard to push(Its considerably harder to push). You will never turn it on without knowing it(this might be good for some, but i find it very annoying, but bearable for the protection. Until this case came out, I had the Seidio innocase and holster. This case is WAY better as I have dropped it about 3 times with the Otterbox case on it with no issues. Also,the Seidio innocase broke on the top the battery(a common review complaint about the Seidio case) in 1 week and I never dropped it. Seidio did offer me a new case, but this one came out and I never returned it I also had the Praetorean crystal case and hated it. The level of protection is also inferior to the Otterbox.
    FYI....The Seidio Holster for the innocase works flawlessly with this case on a Tilt 2. This I uses every day, am always on the speakerphone and never had an issue of muffling as the others review had stated. Overall in my opinion, for protection I give it 5 stars. Best case out there period
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  • Has anyone had issues with the case preventing the Tilt 2's screen from going dark when not in use? The light is always on! I took the case off out of curiosity and sure enough the screen went dark after sitting untouched for a few minutes. I've checked and re-checked the phone's settings, but that's not it. Any suggestions?