Review - Poetic Atmosphere Case for Nokia Lumia 1020

When it comes to cases, everyone has their favorite. My new daily driver for the Nokia Lumia 1020 would be the Poetic Atmosphere Case, which fetches for a modest $9 on various websites (it’s also available for the Lumia 928).

Head past the break to see our hands on video and some high quality photos of this accessory in action.

The Poetic Atmosphere Case is a "crystal" type, meaning it’s relatively hard, though it’s far from cheap or brittle. What makes the Poetic case enticing is the soft-touch grey trim found along the edge. It adds some class, elegance and makes the case feel even better in the hand.

For those concerned with the Lumia 1020’s camera housing, this is one of the rare cases that offers a nice lip to protect the black metal from touching any surfaces. While that feature is not necessarily needed in my opinion, it is certainly a nice touch.

The case does feature a lanyard cut out, though you’ll want to remove the lanyard before putting it on and the re-attach it, as threading it through the cutout is difficult. The buttons are covered with the grey trim, but Poetic did a great job as the buttons feel natural.

And yes, for whatever reason, it does have the wireless charging cutouts. It’s just something you’ll have to deal with.

Overall, the Poetic Atmosphere case is an excellent choice. It’s affordable at around $9, maintains the color of your 1020, it feels solid and definitely not cheap. Plus, it’s just different enough from all other knockoff cases out there to grab attention.

If you’re need a crystal case, you can’t go wrong with the Poetic Atmosphere. Want more suggestions? Check out our other Lumia 1020 case reviews.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Really nice looking case. I like it.
  • I've a few 1020 cases and been disappointed. This looks nice, might be worth trying.
  • I bought two other poetic cases and only occasionally use the thin black snap on one. I thought this one looked too cheesy but the images look nice with phone inside. Might purchase eventually.
  • Amazing looking case :)
  • Obligatory "why does it have a cutout for wireless charging?" comment.
  • It is a really strange mix of industrial design knowhow and incomprehension of a simple feature.
  • I thought the same thing, you wouldn't want to attach a wireless charging case on top of it lol.
  • I bought this case back in August from Amazon, and I love it! It is starting to show some wear on the backside, just from putting the phone down and it sliding around on tables.
  • It would be nice if they had one for the 925
  • Need one for my 920, come Poetic guys give us some love......
  • I run all my nokias naked not even a screen protector because good design shouldn't be covered up
  • Ditto, and I'm rly rly careful
  • I say go naked or go home! :P
  • Makes me wish I had a yellow phone now. I figured black would be a safe be then I could cover it with a yellow case...
  • I was septic buying a yellow phone, always gone with black. But it was the best choice I ever made.
  • Septic? Ewwww
  • Ah me too, thought it was a bit too much but dont regret . I love the contrast with the black knobs its so beautiful.
  • I ordered the Lumia 928 case based on this review of the 1020 case:D.
  • 420 woot woot
  • Finally you guys review it. It's the best case in my opinion. I just wish they had more colors like the one for the Ativ S.
  • I just wish they sold the poetic atmosphere case for the Ativ S in other countries then the US and the UK. I can order it from Amazon in the UK, but the shipment to the Netherlands is somehow more expensive then the case itself. So.. No, i won't buy it out of principle.. Shame actually, since everytime I see cases made by this brand they make me want one. Eventually i settled for a aluminum Ebay bumper, which also looks nice on the ATiv S.
  • Very swish
  • I just tried it on the wireless charging plate to test if this cutout had a hidden use and guess what.................................. :D derp
  • Wish they made one like that for the 920  
  • I have one and its a great case especially the protection around the ring of the 1020 Camera.  I love it with my White 1020, but I've been using it for awhile since it first came out and notice one annoying problem with clear cases, pocket link.
  • I don't like Lumia to be covered, still ordered one.
  • Why is there an opening for the wirless charging?
  • To torment you
  • I am tormented. Oh dear.
  • haha just found this case on a website a few days ago. very fast and great update WP Team
  • Ah me too, thought it was a bit too much but dont regret . I love the contrast with the black knobs its so beautiful. I think the blue plastics should be black btw.  
  • can I have the link for you glance background?
  • Just got this case....nice but the cheap rubber hangs on the bottle a little...expected a little better quality from poetic!!!
  • I like it.  I hate cases in general but since buying the 1020 off contract I can't imagine exposing it to harm.  My cheapo clear case is turning a bit yellow.
  • Sub.