Review: Smartphone Experts Sync & Charge Cable with Tips

Geeks (like myself) tend to have a lot of gadgets. Those gadgets tend to come with an assortment of cabling for power, audio and synchronization. Trying to sell a geek more cabling can be like pulling teeth, unless that cabling helps cut down on the existing cable clutter.

Smartphone Experts produces a number of Sync & Charge solutions for various Smartphones, including several that offer retractable cabling that allows for easy storage and transportation. The problem with these types of solutions can be that they are locked down to one device manufacturer or model. This problem is handled elegantly by this option.

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The idea is a simple one, to offer as much functionality in a small package as possible. Smartphone Experts’ solution to this is to give you one retractable USB cable (USB-A Male to USB-A Female), and then offer a number of tips that convert from a standard USB interface to a variety of standard and proprietary connectors.


I’ve used a number of retractable cabling solutions and this one is similar in many regards. The cable, when retracted, wraps neatly around the spindle; each side of the wire wrapped on top of itself. When extended, the wire is rather flimsy (which is necessary to enable the cord to wrap in the tight enclosure). I would’ve liked to see some sort of pouch or carrying case for all of the tips that are included, as having each one floating around in my gear bag tends to make them hard to find.


Overall, this solution was put together well. I would’ve liked to see some more generic tips in the selection. Honestly, for the price, this product is worth it if you have even one or two compatible devices.

The included tips are:

  • Treo Sync & Charge Tip
  • Treo Charge Tip (Charge only)
  • miniUSB (This one is worth the $9.95 for all of you HTC lovers)
  • Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Headset
  • 5V Power Barrel Connector (Can charge TomTom GPS Receiver)

Some other tips that I would’ve liked to see are microUSB, and one or both of the proprietary Samsung connectors.


Smartphone Experts does a decent job of giving you a convenient option for syncing and charging your devices. As stated, I would have liked to see some more generic tips, and a pouch would have been nice; but for $9.95, this product is well worth the cost.

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