Quick Review: Terrapin faux-leather flip case for the Nokia Lumia 925

With all the Nokia Lumia 1020 cases we’ve been highlighting recently, we figured we would spread it out a bit and focus on the Nokia Lumia 925—a phone is dire need of protection. We say that because the Lumia 925 is probably the most elegant of all the Lumias but it is also fragile. The tradeoff for the cool, smooth aluminum is a frame that can be easily dented, scuffed or chipped.

Luckily, we have no less than five case reviews for you this week on the Lumia 925 with the first being from Terrapin. Their faux-leather flip case is a sophisticated “wallet” type that offers a decent amount of protection from drops but is also nice enough to wear with your finest dress clothes.

Featuring simulated leather and hard plastic shell for the body of the phone, the Terrapin case runs around $9 for the Lumia 925. That price point should tell you that you are not getting something that will last forever and indeed, the reinforced cardboard for the flip cover and the fake leather suggest that.

But for $9, we like this case a lot. It offers a level of classiness that the Lumia 925 deserves and is a nice match for the device. With the magnetic closure to keep the cover latched, you can avoid using a screen protector.

Of course, there are tradeoffs too. Taking a photo is now a little cumbersome as you have to keep the flip cover out of the lens’s line of sight and obviously answering your phone or responding to a text message takes an extra moment. But the benefits include being able to toss your phone into a bag and having an all in on solution for protection. The plastic snap on case protects the vital corners and you still have access to all the necessary ports. The case is also easy to remove, should you need to swap it out for another more rugged variety.

For those reasons, we’re liking the Terrapin faux-leather flip case for the Nokia Lumia 925. Indeed, of all the cases we’re looking at this week, it’s one of our favorites. Make sure you check out the posted video review to see it in action.

Daniel Rubino

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