RIM and Samsung Settle "BlackJack" suit

RIM sued Samsung because they called their new smartphone BlackJack and, you know, people might get it confused with BlackBerry. Now they've settled, apparently. I thought the suit was pretty darn silly myself - nobody gets to use the word "Black" anymore? - but apparently Samsung did not. Sometimes it's easier to just get the lawsuit out of the way rather than fight the good fight. Me, I like a good fight, oh well. The terms of the settlement are confidential (though some folks have noticed that RIM wants to spell "BlackJack" with a lower-cased 'j' now), so who knows what Samsung gave to RIM. Let's hope it wasn't much.

Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM said in a statement that the settlement of the lawsuit it filed in December includes "immediate provisions for the protection of RIM's valuable trademarks," but that the companies had agreed to keep specific terms of the deal confidential.

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WC Staff