Ringtone loader coming tomorrow for Windows Phone 7 [Hack]

Chris Walsh and co. are getting very close to releasing the very first side-loaded homebrew app for Windows Phone 7: ringtone loader.

That should come to many as a worthy installation, even if the rumored update from Microsoft will contain such functionality. Not much is known at this time about what it can/can't do, but we imagine creating ringtones from your Zune library will be the cornerstone.

Of course you'll need to use ChevronWP7 to unlock your device first. Yeah, Microsoft would prefer you not to (shocking) but you're adults, we'll leave the ethical issues up to you.

Source: Twitter

Daniel Rubino

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  • I am a little confused about ChevronWP7. Does it actually change or modify the software in any way? Or does it work like the Android Sideload program? If it's the latter, then I would probably be willing to try it out as long as it doesn't affect my warranty or risks bricking.
  • It basically enables "Developer mode" aka allows you to load up to 10 apps (for now) like you were a developer testing your own software.
  • Ahh, that makes sense. So it's not like you're flashing your own firmware or anything, it's just sideloading the apps that don't go through the Marketplace/testing unfinished apps.