Riptide GP: Renegade will be released as an Xbox Play Anywhere title

Vector Unit, the developers behind the Riptide series of games, has revealed that the upcoming Riptide GP: Renegade will be an Xbox Play Anywhere title for Xbox One and Windows 10. That makes Riptide GP: Renegade on of the first in a relatively small stable of Play Anywhere titles that's sure to get much bigger in the coming months.

From Vector Unit:

Riptide GP: Renegade is going to be one of the very first third-party titles released with the "Xbox Play Anywhere" label. That means you'll be able to buy it once and you'll get it on both Xbox One and Windows 10. You'll also be able to sync your game progress. earn Xbox Achievements and Gamerscore, and play online multiplayer across both Xbox One and Windows 10. (And of course, don't forget that the Xbox One is the ONLY version that lets you play local split screen with up to SIX players!)

The announcement comes alongside an update on the game's expected release timeline, with Vector Unit noting that both the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions are now in final certification testing. While there's no solid release date set just yet, that's good news for those who are awaiting the game following delays. In any case, assuming all goes well with the certification process, we should see an official release announcement relatively soon.

Are you planning to give Riptide GP Renegade a shot? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Badass good, looks like F-Zero
  • Looks good, I think there's other 3rd party games announced as Play Anywhere but they are only in Game Preview (Getting a bit worried we haven't seen Game Preview launch for PC yet, as if there is a problem)
  • I hope they release it on mobile
  • The end of the video specifically states, "Coming Soon to PlayStation4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and Mobile"
  • "Mobile" didn't include Windows 10 Mobile originally but meant iOS and Android. We will find out soon enough if Vector Unit made this the the first Xbox Play Anywhere title that runs on Windows 10 Mobile as well. I sure hope they did. My money is ready.
  • Windows 10 is on mobile though.
  • Found this on their support page
    Will RGPR be available for Windows 10 mobile?
    We are still looking at the possibility of whether or not to include Windows Mobile. If we do, it will definitely be Win10 mobile only (not earlier versions)......
  • I hope multiplayer will be true cross platform not like GoW 4. It's hard to find players on every game modes on PC.
  • Have you got any filters on to prevent playing with Gamepad players or anything like that?
  • No there is no such option like in Rocket League sadly. I wouldn't mind playing against console people as I play with a pad anyway on PC and Xbox One
  • Same here, I used to use KB+M for PC games but now I just don't bother as I feel more comfortable and relaxed with a gamepad these days. If I throwback to older games like the old Rainbow Six titles then I still like to use KB+M, or if I fire up Counterstrike or Day of Defeat every now and again
  • big AAA publishers like Capcom, ea, activision & ubisoft ect will have an irrational fear of losing the potential sales of the small # of gamers that purchase 1 game on both the PC and console to support play anywhere right now. However, i fully expect indies to lead the way and embrace the feature before the AAA guys.
  • I'm far for likely to buy a game I otherwise wouldn't have just because it's PlayAnywhere. I almost never buy the same game twice on console and PC. Minecraft is the only time I've ever done that.
  • Microsoft has already a solution for that. Just charge the (way higher) console price for PC versions and make sure there is no retail box or alternative key reseller that can offer discounts. That way, PC gamers who have no need for a Xbox version, are forced to pay way more for the game than they otherwise would do, making up for the lost revenue. It's genius!
  • wtf. this game looks like a 360 game. wtf is with those graphics?!!!?
  • I'll definitely buy this to support the developer for going with Play Anywhere.
  • I miss wipeout racing.. those were fun games. This doesn't look as fun to me :(
  • I'm ready.
  • Does PlayAnywhere mean I get to play the same game on on W10M, W10 PC and X1 too?
  • For now, Xbox one and PC. They might add it to Mobile too. Not sure.
  • The company has stated that they are still evaluating whether to release on W10M, but like this guy says you don't need to release on Mobile to be part of "Play Anywhere" only PC and Console are required to get that badge
  • And as allways its out on android first hope ur smart to release it to phones to
  • This one looks really interesting. I might get this one.
  • Cool, but I won't be spending $60 or whatever on a Vector Unit game. Their games are a lot of fun though. I play the Riptide games on W10 quite a bit.  
  • I don't think they'll charge that much. It would be as bad as Skryim priced at £50 for digital :-o Quite a shocking price really. Digital will always have higher prices for the foreseeable (Because where else are you going to buy the games if you want it digital) but £50 for a remaster digital when it's £34 (sometimes as low as £32) on disc is just awful, it costs almost as much as Battlefield 1, and MORE than Battlefield 1 if you take into account EA Access discount
  • I hope there is a W10 only version for $10 or something. I don't even own a One. I read on Wikipedia that there will be an Android version of the game, and that probably won't cost a lot. If nothing else, I'll buy it for my phone and tablet, but I like these games on my PC a lot. 
  • It does look like it will be a cheap game. A budget release for sure at pretty much indie prices is my guess/hope
  • Found this on their support page
    Will RGPR be available for Windows 10 mobile?
    We are still looking at the possibility of whether or not to include Windows Mobile. If we do, it will definitely be Win10 mobile only (not earlier versions).
  • Might as well just buy it for support on the devs in return for supporting such a consumer friendly feature. Gj MS.