Nothing to shocking here, though still nice to see.

Paul Thurrott, besides having a WP7 developer device to play with, is traveling to Germany for a bit (some guys get all the breaks). He was curious as to how WP7 will handle both phone and data roaming, so he shares his experience.

In short, throwing in his AT&T SIM card along with a travel plan, the phone switched to roaming with no problem as evidenced by the traditional roam triangle. Even better, data roaming is off by default--you have to go into settings to enable. While that seems like a not a big deal, Thurrrott compares it to the older iPhone experience, which according to him was far from ideal (it's now fixed).

Now the interesting question is how much data does WP7 consume, especially with automatic syncing to the cloud for email, contacts, backups, photos and social networking?