Indie hit Rocket League could eventually head to Xbox One according to tweets from the game's developer.

Rocket League is a high-octane sports-hybrid currently taking PC and PS4 by storm. It puts players behind the wheels of rocket-propelled cars in addictive soccer-like matches with drop-in multiplayer.

Responding on twitter, the Rocket League team stated that they're open to heading to more platforms:

..."Thanks -- and we're open to coming to more platforms. It's all about time, demand, and resources (we're a small team)."...

Thankfully for Xbox fans, it seems that Psyonix Inc doesn't have a console exclusivity deal with Sony, despite the game being free for PSN Plus members.

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So if you want to see the game appear on Xbox One, respectfully let the devs know on their official Twitter account! If you have a capable PC, you can check the game out now on Steam for a very reasonable £14.99.

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