Rogers reveals Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 excitement through exclusivities and carrier apps

Rogers has published a blog post detailing what hardware the carrier will be sporting from Microsoft for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, as well as any exclusivities Rogers will hold on said devices. We're already aware of which Windows Phones the carrier will be taking, but the blog post also touches on carrier apps that will be pre-loaded.

The Lumia 920 will be offered in black, which will be exclusive from the carrier (in Canada only). The Samsung ATIV Smart PC and ATIV S Windows Phone will both be stocked, with the former being another exclusive. HTC is on-board with the 8X. Rogers will offer both a blue 16GB and exclusive black 8GB versions.

Rogers My Account

Rogers My Account, available on a Samsung Focus

Software wise, Rogers My Account will be installed on Windows 8 tablets, which will enable consumers to manage wireless accounts directly through the app without the need for navigating via the web browser - perfect for a touch interface. Within the app, one can select and activate a mobile Internet plan, check current usage, view account balance and make payments. We've previously seen this app available for Windows Phone.

Rogers Anyplace TV Live for Windows Phone 8 and Rogers Anyplace TV (on demand) for Windows 8 tablets will also be available to subscribers. With the Windows Phone 8 app, users will be able to enjoy Barclays Premier League football (soccer), Blue Jays baseball, Raptors basketball, hockey, tennis, real-time news (CityNews) and more. The mobile app will come with a $5 /month subscription.

As for the Windows 8 app, on demand content is available through a number of channels, including Citytv, CBC, W Network, TMN, Treehouse, Teletoon, and Family Channel. If that wasn't enough, free movies, trailers, and more is all packed into the app. Rogers Anyplace TV is currently available for Xbox to Rogers customers.

Finally Rogers One Number for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 tablets will enable users to use existing wireless phone numbers to make calls, create SMS messages and video chat with other Rogers One Number users. Synchronising contacts with the service is easy in Windows Phone 8, providing a Skype-like platform for Rogers customers to use.

Some good content on its way, as well as strong support from the Canadian carrier. Rogers has opened up reservations for the HTC 8X and Lumia 920, should one be interested in making the leap.

Source: Rogers; thanks, bilzkh, for the tip!

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