Rogers officially announces Samsung ATIV S, confirms Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X

Today Rogers announced that they'll be the exclusive carrier for the Nokia Lumia 920, the HTC 8X, and the Samsung ATIV S. Apparently the 920 and the 8 GB 8X will be exclusives. Rogers will also be offrering the Samsung ATIV Windows tablet as well. 

Of course, there's no information on specific prices or dates just yet, but we'll keep our eyes peeled. Rogers president Rob Bruce says that the devices will be priced "competitively". We at least know that the 920 will be landing sometime in November, and we've had an inkling that the ATIV S would be launching in the same time frame. The 8X was also announced not too long ago, so not a ton of surprises here, but Rogers and Microsoft are definitely cementing their partnership today. Bruce said that there's going to be a big focus on Microsoft products from here on in, though they're still about offering as much choice as possible. We're at Rogers HQ right now, so with any luck we'll get some hands-on time later today (though I'm not holding my breath). 

Source: CNW

  • Decisions decisions...
  • I really hope it's early November, I don't know how much longer I can wait.
  • Also of note:  you can now reserve the WIndows 8 devices using Rogers 'Device Reservation' feature in My Account.  I reserved my Lumia 920 today
  • Thank you! Is there any pricing info on it yet? Edit: Well, reserved one anyways. I really hope it's at least a little less than the 32GB iPhone 5. I'm going to ask what the early upgrade fee is all about, I have less than a year left on my contract and for any other phone it says there's a $150 "early upgrade fee?" I thought you were eligible for pretty close to new contract pricing after 2years with no penalty? Either way I'm excited to have it soon.
  • nope, they changed it close to the start of this year.  It's now the full 3 years before it is paid off.  I fought with them about this earlier in the year when upgrading my wife to the 710.
  • Rogers Customer Service yesterday wanted me to pay $170 early upgrade fee!!
    Call and ask for Retention, they can wave the early upgrade fee.
    You only have to pay off the FLEXtab Balance.
    Got my wife a white 710 yesterday for $0 on a $15 voice plan new 3 year term.
  • Should I play dumb and call in before the 920 is officially launched then? I'm thinking of calling, asking wtf that's all about, say I'm going to cancel my pre-order then because I was unaware I was going to get charged that, and see where it goes. 
  • I had 20 months left with my contract on Fido..and i was able to get out of contract for 50$:)...Call client retention.
  • Could you reserve a color choice?
  • Unfortunately no, just black. Personally I would have liked a grey or white one, but black still looks slick.
  • Nice, sucks yall are only getting black, but at least getting it unlike Verizon. I can't wait to get my white 920. Those 8x's look nice to but I love my Lumia 900 so sticking with Nokia
  • Looks like the exclusivity is for Lumia 920, Samsung ATIV Tablet, and HTC 8X 8 gig (not 16 gig) based on the press release.
  • Still waiting news from Virgin if they get the 8X I'll have to get the 8X as much as I want the 920 I don't see myself switching to Rogers(way too expensive I pay way more with Virgin) but when I touch a 920 I might change my mind!
  • We need WP on VM USA!
  • I know T-Mobile better get the Ativ S or I'm going with the GS3..!!
  • I hope they get it as well. I wouldn't default to the GIII though, I would keep my hd7 and wait it out for the next round of WP8's. Its funny, T-Mo calls me almost every other week saying I'm up for an upgrade. That has been happening since last December. Really wanting that Ativ. Come on T-Mo, announce it already!!!
  • Seriously. Even after scoring such a big partnership with Microsoft, they ended up looking like fools because of the way they are offering their phones.
    - One major complaint that people have with the 8X is that people don't think 16 GB will enough so what does Rogers do? Offer a 8 GB one.
    - The reason why the Lumia 920 stands out so much is due to the vibrant set of colors being offered so what does Rogers do? Offer it only in black. I am seriously starting to think that they don't want to sell products. Every deal they sign, they screw it up. Good job. And I seriously hope the 8X and the Ativ S make it to the other two (Bell/Telus) or Microsoft can forget about gaining any market share here.
  • Well said! +1
  • agreed, I may hold off a bit to see if they offer color in a short bit.  but I do look forward to schooling some reps on the camera of the 920, heh:)
  • You are really whining about only having one color? At least the Canadians are getting lumia 920.... And have confirmed by thr carrier.
  • Well. To be fair, despite a lot of people with taste that want colors (including myself), black is still the most sold "color", er, monotone globally. But well said.
  • I want to reserve a 920 on Rogers, but I don't want another black lumia, I want some color. I wonder if there is truth to the 1 month exclusive.
  • anyone knows if buying an ATT 920 will work on Canada FIDO?
  • same network pretty much so it should, but aren't there rumours of nokia selling unlocked in the states the same way as other countries.  If this comes to truth, I'll buy direct from them and cut out the carrier all together...better app support:)
  • Thanks ExcaliburII ,
    Havent heard of any rumours selling it unlocked, especially with this ATT exclusive crap. The only choice its buying it from ATT , ebay or rogers.
    Also..Im running out of patience..too:)...on ebay will be probably available later November at a premium price. So , the only real choice remains..ATT or Rogers. Rogers will probably be selling with 100$ more than ATT. Eg: GS3.
  • negri electronics for 700, or expansys usa has all the color options inus the cyan given its an at&T exclusive but they have the grey on there too :)
    Negri or expansys are your best bet if not on a contract in rogers and at&t, and since rogers in only in black that is not an option for me in canada i want grey or yellow.
  • I will pay the extra and get unlocked international lumia so I don't have to live with a black one
    .. You would think they would pay off their own red logo with a red lumia!
  • Is that the rt Samsung?
  • nope w8 pro
  • I was all set to drop Bell and move to Rogers for the 920 but looks like that's not happening, I don't want black.
  • What's the goal of the exclusive?
  • It's an HSPA vs GSM thing. That's why Rogers always gets the same phones as AT&T. When phones get announced on Verizon, then they often come to Telus / Bell.
  • Gotcha. So when a good phone goes to Rogers, you run to Rogers. If one shows up on Telus, you go there. Same with US carriers. A run around game more or less, unless you don't give a rats ass about tech.
  • *CDMA vs GSM
  • The big three, Telus/Koodo, Rogers/Fido, and Bell/Virgin all share the same frequencies so the only reason Rogers gets the exclusives is because they go after them.
  • I am really coming to hate the word "exclusive".
  • LOL
  • What about Telus?! Arg. Spread the love!
  • This! Booooo Rogers, booooooooo!
  • Ativ s coming to India. At last something headed our way.
  • Well looking at the device reservations on Rogers - you can reserve:
    Lumia 920 (black only)
    8X Blue 16GB
    8X Black 8GB
    reservation fee is $40, but not able to find full pricing yet.
  • Well I just switched to Rogers from Telus since it's obvious Telus doesn't care too much for Windows Phones. Sadly, I downgraded my 6gb plan to a 3gb with Rogers and will be paying $8/mon more now. Hmm, hoping a promo comes up soon.
    The color selection on the 920 is also killing me. If Rogers doesn't pull off some last minute color alternative last minute I have to go for an unlocked one. I'd actually sacrifice tethering and more just to have the color I want. Black on the 920 sorta defeats the purpose of having the 920.
  • Any word on if this has the same configuration as the AT&T 920 in terms of available frequencies?
  • ROGERS! .... discount doublecheck. YOW!
  • Not exclusive again? I want it on Telus, sigh...
  • Me too
  • I feel stupid complaining about the black only thing, but it actually is important.  When you're committing to a 3 year contract, you want to be happy with the phone you get.  You don't want to see all the other colours come out 3 months after and wonder why you're stuck with something you settled for.
    Two of the prominent marketing elements which Nokia has stressed when promoting the 920 versus the iphone 5 (or any other smartphone) are the camera, and the stylish, vibrant colours of the 920 as compared to the dull colourless world of the competition.
    Nokia was upset that HTC "imitated" the unique, colourful look of Lumias, yet Rogers only offers black?!?! I don't get it.  Maybe they're worried that the sales won't be that great and they'll be stuck with some colours that nobody wants and they can't get rid of. Perhaps after they assess the actual success of the phone in general they'll start adding in some other colours.
  • Simon, nice to see you on WPC. Say hi to Kat for me. Does anyone know if the L920 will be crippled in anyway?
  • I'm still crossing my fingers for an alternative 920 color miracle. A lot of us have been blasting Rogers on their twitter and FB pages the last few weeks about the color situation. Someone even sent Elop an email directly and from the looks Rogers and him have actually acknowledged the color situation and were apparently working on something for us.. He was very vague but it sounded like he was working on bringing another color choice. Now I don't know if that would even happen for launch, my bet is it would be months later like the cyan 900.
  • Just wanted to give my fellow Canadians a tip.  If you want a Rogers phone, but want to use it on Fido (which has cheaper plans), then simply buy the phone outright and use it on Fido.  You don't have to unlock the phone.  I did this with my Focus cause I didn't want to pay the riduculous $50 data plans so  I just bought the phone off craigslist for 250 and got a cheap unlimited texting plan with Fido.
  • I'd rather have an at&t logo than a long ass name Verizon in front of your phone
  • Honestly, the black only thing is a blessing in disguise. If you compare the black 920 and every other 920, it looks so much better because it doesn't look gigantic and fat but all the other colours do.
    Last thing Windows Phone 8 needs is for isheep and fandroids going around and saying eeewwwwww, the WP8 flagship is so fat and big. Word of mouth and the buying products that are accepted mindset goes a long way in deciding the success of a product.
    The world needs to see the slick looking black ones and not the fat looking white ones.
    ps, I am aware that they are the same size but the Black one just looks a lot slimmer due to the slimming effect of black. So suck it up for the team.
  • Anyone else think it's hilarious that the Rogers reservation photo has a cyan 920, when they will only be offering black?
  • If you look at the Windows key it looks like it's actually a Lumia 900. 
  • Ahh. I thought that might be the case. Still a pretty douche move on their part.
  • White = Apple fanboy colour = No way
    Black = Plain but works everywhere (Saab?)
    Yellow = Wicked cool and attitude (Lotus Elise)
    Red = Stylish and hot (Ferrari)
    Grey = Fits everywhere but a bit boring (Volvo)
    Red it is :)
    I guess noone is giving the inferior samsung or HTC a thought unless cash is the issue