Rogers to release the Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone in November for Canadians?

Canadian network Rogers is to stock the Samsung ATIV S, according to an unconfirmed source who tipped MobileSyrup. The Samsung Windows Phone was unveiled at the company's event earlier this year at IFA in Berlin. Bell is also reported to be looking to launch the ATIV S, which will provide more affordable choice for Canadians should both carriers compete.

This has yet to be confirmed, so be sure to take with as much salt as desired. While the ATIV S is a flexible Windows Phone, it sports a massive 4.8" display, dual-core CPU, 16 / 32GB expandable storage (SD Card slot) with 1GB RAM, 8MP rear shooter, NFC, and an impressive 2,300mAh battery. It's certainly not light on offerings.

Rogers is also reported to be supporting Windows Phone by launching four devices. We're already aware of two - the Lumia 920 (an exclusive in Canada) and the HTC 8X (an exclusive on the 8GB model). If this rumour holds out and the carrier announces the Samsung ATIV S, then we could well be looking at a possible fourth (Lumia 820 or HTC 8S?)

We're still yet to see pricing being leaked or revealed, and we'll withhold excitement until we're certain consumers will be getting as good a deal they can possibly get with the 3-year contract beasts. It's an exciting time for Canadians and Windows Phone, however. 

Source: MobileSyrup

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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